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Ken Miller

Ken, also known as Dragoon to some package carriers, is currently the Pilot of the SRSS Yggdrasill. He is a known drinker, and good with a gun.

Real Name: Kenji Motori. Changed for reasons unknown.

General Information

Species: Yamataian, formerly Geshrin

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Family / Creators: [To be redone as soon as player gets a chance]

Employer: Toshiro Yuki

Occupation: Mercenary/Pilot

Rank: Elite Crewman

Current Assignment: SRSS Yggdrasill

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 11β€œ (1.79m)

Mass: 169 lb

Measurements: N/A

Bra Size: N/A

Build and Skin color: Slightly muscular, Flesh color

Facial Features and Eye color: No real facial features, has red eyes

Hair color and Style: Blue hair, large, spiked, and swept right

Distinguishing Features: Dragon tattoo on right arm, black and spiraling down to his hand, so visable most the time in tee shirts or less. Also has Blue Cat ears.

Psychological Characteristics


He is very protective of his ship, and doesn't let most people drive it. He can be hard, but is fair in the long run, and loves a good drink.

Likes: The drink, real women (not the kind you find hitting on guys at bars, or on corners), kids

Dislikes: β€œescort” girls, light beer, people trying to steal his ship, large industry. Prefers to stay out of Power Armors.

Goals: To survive in a world where most people are either pirates, army, or worse. Hopefully a family one day.


Born Geshrin, Ken was a courior of major goods in a large shipping corporation. When the Yamataian model bodies came out, he decided he needed more then a new body, but a new life. He quit after buying his ship from the corporation, the Alucard. He is now looking for a group to help him crew it and replace some of the stuff on it. He hopes to live up to the dragon tattooed on his arm, a symbol of his family. Known as Dragoon to those who have seen him fight in protection of crew or cargo. he is also planning on upgrading from a Equine to a Vampire class ship, through any means. It does help that he has been saving up for such an upgrade. He doesn't care for his Equine, being less reliable then most fictional spacecraft.

After being picked up by Toshiro and the Yggdrasil, Ken has become it's pilot. After helping out a captured neko (Kairi), he is now taking some relaxing time with the crew on Lor. expect much sleeping.

After escaping an SMX advance on Lor and arriving at Midori no Umi's Storage facility. Whilst wandering the station, Ken encountered an exotic pet shop. He took the opportunity to buy one Kurio the Talking Penguin.

The shopping spree for the group had just begun, as while they got some new ships to hold more cargo, Kairi had returned with the Alucard, mostly fixed up and ready to go. it was slightly dampered as a bullet wound from an earlier event started to cause him to limp. Knowing this to be bad, Kenji went under the knife with the ship's doctor to get it fixed.

A while latter, Ken went on some adventures with the crew, and split up with them for a while, to attempt some bounty work. Now he returns to the crew, no more richer, but definitely no worse for the wear. Kurio returns with him, quite happy to be back with friends.


Leadership: Being the captain of a large corporation cargo ship teaches you this kind of thing, especially at the Ketsurui Fleet Yards

Fighting: He took some martial art classes, and is well practiced in Kenpo and Tai Justu

Entertainment: Being a frequent at bars, Ken has picked up some drink mixes, and learned to tell a tale or five.

Physical: At the same gym where he took martial arts lessons, he pumped some iron. He is an average swimmer, and a good climber

Engineering: Ken comes from a long line of gunsmiths, and has taken up the same as a side to his usual jobs. His main pistols are his first custom job, financed by his parents.

Starship Operations: He learned from the best at the corporation, so that once he got placed as captian of the Alucard, he was more then proficient

Vehicles: Ken also happens to be a decent d

river, from hurring to work all those days waking up late.


4980 + 300 = 5280

5280 + 300 = 5580

5580 + 300 = 5880

5880 + 300 = 6180

6180 + 300 = 6480

6480 + 300 = 6780

6780 + 300 = 7080

7080 + 300 = 7380

7380 + 300 = 7680

7680 + 300 = 7980

7980 + 300 = 8280

8280 + 300 = 8580

8580 + 300 = 8880

8880 + 300 = 9280

9280 + 300 = 9580

9580 - 200 = 9380

9380 + 96000 = 99380

Current Inventory:

Brown Coat

Sapphire Duster

Mini Fridge

Frozen Food

Bartender's Cabinet

Awareness Altering Gum

Gun List:

2 conventional style custom made pistols

3 shot guns

1 flechette rifle

5 Energy pistols, common style/make

To be updated


Ken's Real name is Kenji

He changed his name to avoid the publicity that comes with the family name, perfering to be a small time business man.

On his back Ken has a small tattoo of a cheeta. It is unknown why.

Ken also has a spiraling dragon that runs down the length of his arm, the head ending just before his wrist. It is black, blue, and silver. It is unknown if this is a family marking or if he just thinks it's cool.

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