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Kendra "Boa" Galanis

Kendra “Boa” Galanis is a player character played by ShotJon.

Kendra “Boa” Galanis
Species: Separa'shan Python
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'8“ = 172cm
Weight: 345 pounds = 157 kg
Organization: Freelancer
Occupation: Bounty Hunter in training
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunters

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8” = 172 cm
  • Tail: 11'4“ feet = 344 cm
  • Mass: 345 pounds = 157 kg
  • Measurements: CC

Build and Skin Color: Kendra is fairly tall for a Python. She has tanned skin, almost dark. On her body are well built muscles, made by active live she held. Her back, shoulders and back of her neck are all covered by brown scales, same as her very very long tail. Only change on colours are green stripes around her tail every foot or some, coming all the way to her shoulders.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kendra has slim, almond shaped face with distinct cheek-bones. Her nose is small and she has thin pink lips. Kendra has yellow eyes, with thin black slit.

Ears: As usually Separa'shan, Kendra's ears are elongated and bit pointy towards the end.

Hair Color and Style: Kendra has very long chestnut coloured hair. It reaches almost to the base of her tail, or where nepleslian would have her buttocks. Kendra colours it bright pink with white highlights though. She usually just lets it hang, but she puts it into pony-tail or braid sometimes so it is not in the way.

Distinguishing Features: Kendra has about inch and half long nails except for index-finger. These nail are actually stick-on and she can take them off when needed. They are made from thing durandium and can be used to make thin, painful cuts in self-defense.

Kendra loves jewels and colours, she loves to wear bright clothes, especially red. Among her most favourite things is gold and nice looking feathers.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kendra likes to have fun. In past she lived with priests and had to follow strict laws of conduct. She escaped though and ever since lives in a moment. She does not like rules and cares little for laws. If she wants something she takes it. That said she does not like to cause too much misfortune. She is not afraid to steal something, but would much rather steal from someone who would not miss it too much or can just buy new one.

As for fun Kendra loves alcohol, sex and company. She does not get too much of a second ever since she left Separa'Shan lands for Nepleslia. Her motto is “You could die tomorrow” and she lives by it. If she has money she spends it. As for making money, she likes to go the easy way as she is rather lazy.

The Python girl also loves adrenaline and fun. She is not afraid any brawl and knows how handle herself well. If you draw a gun on her she gets callous and gets rid of you without mercy. If she can choose who dies, she will choose you rather then her.

  • Likes: Fun, Laughter, Gold, Feathers, Sex, Silver, Gold, Money, Sleep. Some more gold.
  • Dislikes: Manual work, broken nails, gritty colours.
  • Goals: To make ton of money and come back home as a Queen. Or something silly like that.


Family (or Creators)

Priests and Priestess of temple of Pythushun, The city of Apollo


Kendra never found out who her mother or father was. As a young snakeling she was found in front of gates of temple of Pythushun. An orphan. It was a rare thing. Temple helped pairs who had too many children with charity, but sometimes a pair showed, up that rather gave the child away. Since most did not have heart to get rid of them while they were eggs, they waited for children to hatch and then chose few which they put away on the steps of Orphanages or temples.

Kendra was one of those we ended in a temple. She was raised by monks and priests and in few early years she did not see much of the outside. Not until later when she started helping with work Acro'shan, in delivering notes and messages. While she walked The City of Apollo with the young monks, she was amazed by the things she saw, mesmerised even. It was change from ever silent and calm temples. A place of life.

The young girl then offered to help more often, hoping to see more of the city. Few years later she started sneaking out in the nights, to the city that never slept. Merchants haggled for price all the time, day and night. It was there with the market, where Kendra started meeting other children, looking for adventure. Together they run amoc in the City, playing and occasionally stealing. Kendra found how much fun this was.

She hated the days, which she spent by learning from the priests or training archery. She did that so they do not suspect anything. So they won't find out about her sneaking out every now and then in the nigh. It bored her and she did not have too much interest, but she did it anyway to please the priests. She would rather ran in the streets. That was why she ran away at age of twelve, leaving only a not of thanks behind her.

Leaving the temple

The life seemed good for a little time after she escaped. She had drawn the picture of her life so colourful, but shadows started creped up on them. Once when she tried to steal a trinket she liked, she was caught by a guard. And it was getting worse and worse from there.

While locked-up she got in with much worse crowd. People who really did bad things, but she was young and rather naive and let them talk her into joining up. A bad choice indeed. From there were a number of years she spent in the dark. Life of stealing, violence and prostitution. Those criminals made sure to exploit her in all the ways they could.

It went like this until she was 16 years old and met someone from her old life. A man who was a child when she knew him and young man by now. He recognised her on the treat and talked to her. At first she sent him away, but he way coming back, trying to open her eyes. This went all until Kendra's 'boss' caught a wind of it. He caught the boy with Kendra and started to teach him a lesson. Kendra finally got a epiphany. As she saw the person she spent few last years beating that nice monk.

Kendra snapped. She jumped the violent bastard, wrapped herself around him and suffocated him using her strong constricting tail. The monk was unconscious, but Kendra did not wait around and ran away. She ran away. In fact she hid on a trade ship and left the planet.

Into the great unknown

As a stowaway she ended up on Nepleslia. Finding herself in new world. Luckily she knew a bits of trade, so she was not completely lost. She found out though, that was a crime on her planet, was sort of… normal here. Thiefs were everywhere and everyone had a gun. It was also a lot more dangerous, because when you steal something, rather then calling for police, nepleslian merchant started shooting to kill.

It was still new and Kendra hoped life will be better here. A bit by bit, it got better. Nepleslians were less racist then one would expect. If you were not a neko or an Elysian, they took you quite well. Unless you started making troubles. So Kendra made sure to hide most of her trouble.

As a thief and occasional hitwoman she learned her living among Nepleslians. She did not like one thing though. She still lived on the bad side of the law and she would like to utilise her skills, while not being in danger to have her head blasted off by bored-out nepleslian cop, that suddenly felt like doing his job.

Bounty hunting seemed like a thing to do. So Kendra found herself a bounty and went after it. A 2000 DA job on a starliner, along with a pass as a marshal. Should be easy enough. Get there shoot some guy in the had and have a drink to celebrate job well done.

The Starliner

Kendra joined the flight and was seeking her prey. Unfortunately the liner was attacked by pirates. Kendra decided to not stick around, armed herself and got together with man called Desmond. Together they picked 3 other warriors and fought the pirates. The pirates themselves had a problem as Bounty Hunter called Amanozako infiltrated them and started killing them while on the Starliner, by staging a coup. Being hit by Amanazoko and her traitors on one side and Kendra aco, on toher the pirates were soon annihilited.

Along the way Kendra rescued three flight attendants and together they stole the Pirate shuttle, moving back to the Pirate Ship. An Issoku freighter called Iron Ferret. On the Frighter was yet another BH in hiding, who eliminated the rest of pirate crew. After some diplomacy Kendra made a pack with all the people and became captain of the Iron Ferret.

The Star Captain

Being a captain was not easy. The ship was not in great state so the team landed on Delsauria. There they were attacked by a gang that had something to do with now dead pirates and ex-owners of the ship. Kendra was shot and had to stay back in her room. During that time she went and talked with new crewmembers. With ended up with her using sexual diplomacy and spending night with Amanozako and Lapas.

Then she went on a shopping trip and set up Desmond as her second in command.

The Bounty Huntress

Tanking the mantle of a leader, Kendra got the team their first job on Delsauria. It was for a local policeman, who was interested in raids commited on desert caravans. He hired the hunters to protect caravan that foolishly went into the desert. Kendra also received a dropship as part of payment.

The hunters lead by Desmond were flown to the caravan, while Kendra stayed on the dropship ready to get back and provide backup. Desmond linked up with the caravan that had hired mercs lead by merc leader named Jaina. The two groups merged.

In the night Hunters were sent to the nearby outcrop to provide ovetwatch and scouting. There they were attacked by some lizards which kept them busy, while bandits hit the main camp. Hunters dealt with the lizards and ran down to defend the main camp.

Bandits attacked using buggies and some kind of drill tank. Mercenary with anti-tank gun was killed, but Hunters managed to fight through opposition, acquire the RPG and destroy the tank with it. When Kendra arrive the fight was over, but no hunter died so it was rather succesful.

The Fortress

Hunters decided to the deal with the gang that attacked them when they landed on Delsauria. Desmon with help of other found out where the Gang's base was. After talk of local police, they accepted it as a hunt. Along with Jaina's mercenaries who were called in hunters assaulted and handled the gang. They managed to subdue their leader and finish the mission.

After this mission it seemed like change of scenery was a good idea, so they packed and flew to Dawn station to do some jobs for Origin.

Funky City

Not long adter the hunters moved to Planet Nepleslia for few more odd jobs here and there. Desmond hired his sister Amelia as the Ferret's pilot. Kendra and Amelia hit it off and it did not take too long for them to become an item. It was a strange relationship, but Kendra held the pilot girl very dear. The biggest problem was how to tell that to her brother.

Before that became a thing another mission came up. To get more information on the gang, the hunters were dealing with before. The information was in a walled compound, fairly well defended. Even though Desmond employed the help of the mercenaries of Jaina Derring again, there was a risk of the information being destroyed, before the hunters and mercs could take the compound.

Kendra volunteered to sneak in first and get the stuff before the assault happens. Desmond reluctantly agreed and about an hour before the attack, the snake woman sneaked in. It was not that hard for the former thief, as the compound had minimal electronical security measures. They most had guards, but she managed to sneak past them. Steal the hard-discs containing the data they wanted and even plant a small satch charge. She hid ina 2nd story and waited for others.

The assault happend a bit later and it did not start too well as the mernaries botched the silent part of the job. The mercs and hunters were made before even getting throug the gates. Luckily they pressed on fast and soon cleared the small office building where Kendra was hiding. There was still trouble with the second building, a large warehouse. The leader of a gang had power armour.



Kendra is thief. She can move very silently, break and pick both eletronical and mechanical locks, hide in a crowd (As much as her exotic race allows), to filch from a stands or pick a pockets. Her slender hands are perfect for that. She also knows how to look completely innocent when she needs to.

Art and Vocation

Kendra knows how to draw very well and is fairly good potter. Skills she acquired during her life in the monastery, when she had to help out. She still liked to work with clay sometimes, making small statues or figures. Painting and drawing is nice too. Not to mention Hanako or Luca pictures sells very well.


Kendra is skilled brawler. She is fast and dangerous, good at both defence and offense. In hand-to-hand she likes to put enemy into arm-lock or using dirty attack like eye-gouging or groin hits. All the better to get around her enemy and use her strong tail to constrict him into submission. Or crush him. She also works very fast with knife and other short blades.

She is fairly good shot with bow and crossbow though, being to score shots even while moving. She is skilled with handguns too, especially with pistols, revolvers, bolt/lever operated rifles and shotguns.


Of course as Separah, Kendra talks well in her native language. She did learn to talk very well in Trade and of course read too. She talks a little in Yamataian and Lorath too, just enough to get direction or buy a bread. Living in Nepleslia, Kenny had to learn how to use communicators.


Kendra knows how have fun. She can hold her liquor well, tell jokes or just have good sex. She is good dancer, of course with her tail she mostly just does belly-dancing.


Kendra is in good shape. She can move fast and is very agile. She mastered her tail, allowing her to use it better for movement, or even in combat.


Kendra “Boa” Galanis has the following items:


Personal items and clothing

  • Leather jacket, red-leather
  • Red shirt
  • Green sleeveless mid-riff T-Shirt
  • 5x sport bra, red
  • Several scarfs and sashes in various colours.
  • Gold-covered headband, with several feathers attached
  • Gold-covered large buckle
  • Gold-covered bracelet, engraved
  • Gold-covered large necklace
  • AwesomeCorp DataJockey Dizzy Dinkaid edition

* Star Army Survival Kit (Old Type) (NMX War, TC: 88-62, IC: 5513-27895-140) * Star Army Tool Locker (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 18-64, IC: 1209-17465-80) * Star Army of Nepleslia Rank Patch (NMX War, TC: 51-16, IC: 822-8121-61) * Stationery Kit (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 45-66, IC: 3027-14643-106) * CFWEP Package (NMX War, TC: 98-6, IC: 547-2157-93) * Camouflage fabric (NMX War, TC: 86-41, IC: 3497-24616-117) * Can of condensed soup (NMX War, TC: 18-44, IC: 831-14929-60) * Car Parts (Salvaging, TC: 29-65, IC: 1942-3242-91) * Heavily Damaged Nariel Assault Battlecruiser (NMX War, TC: 66-59, IC: 3885-29557-118) * Pornographic Holo-Vid by Flash Bang Entertainment (Dirty Delsauria series, “Trouser Serpents 5”) (NMX War, TC: 38-15, IC: 589-4587-49)


Kendra “Boa” Galanis is currently a in the Freelancer.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1105 KS 1895 KS Bought weaponry and armour
550 DA 1660DA Jewellery, datajockey and clothing
4250 DA 3700 DA Bounty Pay

OOC Discussion

The way Kendra handles a bow: notice, how she helds the arrow. Good for firing on the move or while riding something.

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