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Kenobi Izotz

Kenobi Izotz is a player character played by Readlliea.

Kenobi Izotz
Species & Gender: Anthro male
Year of Birth: YE 20
Organization: civilian
Occupation: toy maker
Rank: n/a
Current Placement: Shinjuku Market District

Preferred Plots

  1. Main plot open
  2. Figments of Fantasia (Side plot)

Physical Description

A young harp seal styled anthro, his tail flippers didn't change into legs though so he's often seen in a wheel chair of sorts. He keeps a majority of his white fluffy baby seal fur look, with black around his nose; which is also black. His hair stands up in a few tuft areas due to the thickness of his fur yet it doesn't interfere with his swimming or the natural use for his coat. In some areas, there's a creamy look to his fur where it tried to change colors and this becomes more clear when you get to his torso. Everything form then on has changed to that of a adult seal, various greys both light and dark dot the rest of his body.


Kenobi is a generous and kind soul, always wanting to spread some cheer. He can be rather happy go lucky due to his father having sheltered him. In fact, he's over protected by his father and the game set he has was something he procured secretly against his father's wishes due to the online nature of the games. He's very imaginative and often wants to go away from designs. When it comes to his creativity, he struggles with robotics and grows quickly frustrated and willing to give up within the first five minutes due to frustration. When it comes to creating things form fabric and softer materials, he thrives and has the time of his life. Paying very closely to detail and trying to make each item unique. Sadly he is naive and gullible, even a bit socially awkward when out in public as he's not used to it yet.


Kenobi Izotz was born in Neplesia to a geneticists who wanted a child but there was no woman in his life. No lover bounded to him through marriage or outside of it. He just never found the right woman and while adopting was a easy option, he didn't want to do that. He wanted the child to be unique, to be something lovely. So he went with a seal, a creature he hadn't seen much of up close due to where he lived. Getting the DNA was easier than seeing one up close and personal but he always found what he was able to find cute and adorable. So he did the needed modifications to the DNA structure to make them a anthro. Though it was their first time doing this and the child didn't grow legs but their natural tail flippers. Still, the man was happy to just have them and did everything they could to allow them to thrive.

In YE 41, he set up a small booth in the Shinjuku Market District to sell toys.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Kenobi Izotz has the following notable skills:

  • Various styles of sewing; not in the medical way.
  • Maintenance and repair knowledge as he does work on a few robotic toys; his knowledge isn't up to par with those who have gone to college for it.
  • Strong swimmer; due to a seal's natural swimming ability and his tail flippers being normal.
  • Can hold his breathe for two minutes.

Social Connections

Kenobi Izotz name is connected to:

  • Barber Izotz (Father)

Inventory & Finance

Kenobi Izotz has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

  1. Needle and thread; various colors of thread
  2. Spare machine parts like gears and other misc pieces
  3. Two bags of soft material like cotton; to use as stuffing for the plushies
  4. A Folger's coffee sized can holding various kinds of buttons, small glass/plastic eyes, and noses
  5. A few blueprints for plushies in the styles of a dog, cat, bear, and mouse. Seven total plans.
  6. Various amounts of fabric of varying colors. Most are all natural colors in animals; various shades of brown, grey, white, some reds, cream, and black. A couple of squares of pink.
  7. A vce game system and head piece.

“Figments of Fantasia” VR-MMORPG Profile

Name: Obi Harp

Gender: Male

Race: Human





Kenobi Izotz currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case readlliea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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