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Kessaku Irim

Taisho Kessaku Irim is an NPC played by Wes. She is a long-time fleet admiral who is an “enforcer” for her boss, Ketsurui Yui. Her nicknames include Ice Lady (a moniker bestowed by her underlings), and The Butcher.


Irim started her Star Army career as a crew member on the YSS Yui in YE 22. During that time she had the rank of Chusa.

In YE 23 she was promoted to Taisa and given a starship command.

Irim was promoted to Taisho and commander of the Second Expeditionary Fleet circa YE 24 to YE 261).

In YE 25, when the Fourth Standard Fleet's commander, Taisho Heram J. Wazu, refused to modify Qel'noran Shipyards ships to use the PANTHEON computers invented by Irim's sister Kessaku Anri, Irim put out a hit on Wazu's mother, who died in a mysterious explosion. Wazu subsequently resigned from the Star Army and the computers were installed. The killer was never identified by law enforcement.

When Ketsurui Yui was elected Empress in YE 25, Irim became the Master Fleet Admiral and commander of the Star Army of Yamatai. That year, a starship class, the Irim-class Heavy Gunship, was named after her. Irim's City is also named after her.

During Irim's reign as commander of the Star Army, she brought the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor into widespread use in YE 25, and required all Star Army soldiers to be trained in use of power armor.

In YE 27, during her time as head of the Star Army, Irim took a personal interest in gunship designs and authorized the S3 Gunship development project, which resulted in the Sakura-class Light Gunship. During test flights, Irim personally piloted the prototype YSS Swan. Later that year, Yui gave the throne to Ketsurui Ayame and returned to her position as commander of the Star Army, and Irim returned to being a regular fleet commander.

In YE 30, Irim stopped the Motoyoshi Bakufu at Pisces Station and also arrested the station's commander.

Since YE 39, chibi plushies of Irim have been sold at Doki Doki YSA!. There are also cosplayers of here there.


Taisho Kessaku Irim is a tough and ruthless Nekovalkyrja who leads the Star Army of Yamatai First Fleet. She has very pale purple-gray skin and light pastel green hair.

Irim believes in survival of the fittest, discipline, preemptive strikes on anything threatening, and tough love. Irim's the type that doesn't concern herself with her image. She sees herself as a weapon of the Empire and barges in where ever and whenever she feels. She has a superiority complex (VERY Neko supremacist) and is not above extreme and unethical measures. She is “lawful evil.” Irim leads from the front, and by “From the front” I mean she doesn't let her rank stop her from going to the enemy ship and choking their admiral until their eyeballs pop out.

  • She has strong ties to the Star Army Intelligence community and protects it and its darker programs (SARA too) vehemently. Irim was the original founder of Black Spiral.
  • Irim's favorite melee weapons are a pair of oversized butcher's cleavers. Her fighting style has been described as “berserker.” She's a beast. She also leads from the front of her troops.
  • Irim tends to dominate her sister, Kessaku Anri. She was a bridge crew member of the YSS Yui.
  • When Irim was young, she survived a “Project Sweetheart” competition where she had to kill 99 other Nekovalkyrja. It is rumored her knives were used to win this.
  • Friends with Fensalir Kelrina
  • Has a lesser-known sister, Kessaku Eris

Kessaku Irim


OOC Notes

Artworks by Wes, Helloimtea (DA), and Raph

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