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Kessaku Irim

Taisho Kessaku Irim is a tough and ruthless Nekovalkyrja who leads the Star Army of Yamatai First Fleet. She has very pale purple-gray skin and light pastel green hair. Irim believes in survival of the fittest, discipline, preemptive strikes on anything threatening, and tough love. Irim's the type that doesn't concern herself with her image. She sees herself as a weapon of the Empire and barges in where ever and whenever she feels. She has a superiority complex (VERY Neko supremacist) and is not above extreme and unethical measures.

Kessaku Irim

  • She has strong ties to the Star Army Intelligence community and protects it and its darker programs (SARA too) vehemently. Irim was the original founder of Black Spiral.
  • Irim's favorite melee weapons are a pair of oversized butcher's cleavers. Her fighting style has been described as “berserk.” She's a beast. She also leads from the front of her troops.
  • Irim tends to dominate her sister, Kessaku Anri. She was a bridge crew member of the YSS Yui.
  • When Irim was young, she survived a “Project Sweetheart” competition where she had to kill 99 other Nekovalkyrja. It is rumored her knives were used to win this.

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