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The Space Yacht Heion is a Type 30 Space Yacht operated by the Motoyoshi Clan. It was a gift given to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko by Ketsurui Yui during the International Relations Conference of YE 30. It recieved upgrades and refit in YE 42 at the request of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

The ships being built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards have a blended military and civilian feel to them which also makes the interiors and systems adaptable to the needs of an active duty Taisho.

In Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Heion translates to “tranquility.”

The Taisho Boat

Although the craft is privately owned, it is commonly utilized for travel by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko on official business for the Star Army of Yamatai and as the Taisho of the First Expeditionary Fleet. It is often referred to by personnel as the Taisho Boat and is generally under military escort.

Notable Appearances in Roleplay

Mentionable Customized Interiors

In YE 42, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko had all four decks renovated. The existing living quarters and wardroom were consolidated into larger spaces to include her own private suite, three guest suites, and a Dining/Conference Room. The Crew bunk was moved to Deck 2 and the original Crew bunks were converted into an entertainment room.

Deck Contents
1 Bridge (near the front of the ship), Launch Bay
2 Katsuko's Suite, 3 Guest Suites, 1 Crew Bunk, Dining/Conference Room
3 Entertainment Room, Galley, Engineering
4 Cargo Deck

Standard Passageways

The Heion has Standard Passageways as typically seen on ships produced by Ketsurui Fleet Yards, except the color scheme selected is a steel-grey and deep plum purple.

Deck One

This deck comprises the command deck of the yacht and the ship's launch bay.


Katsuko had the bridge updated to a Star Army Internal Small Starship Bridge, Type 40 in YE 42.

Deck Two

Deck two is the most occupied deck on the yacht. It features comfortable staterooms/suites for guests along with an observation-style sitting room and a dining room that can also serve as a conference room.

Katsuko's Suite

Katsuko's Suite on the Heion is a palace-level room of luxury. The suite is decorated in a palette of fawn, violet and soft neutral tones of white and gray. The focus feature is a custom-made large luxurious Nekovalkyrja-style Nest featuring large plush hand sewin pillows and an assortment of silk and cotton coverings. It comfortably sleeps two to four depending on the preferences of Katsuko and her guests. Oil paintings, sculptures and finely woven tapestries decorate the walls giving a warm, home-like feeling to the interior space. Volumetric Windows provide views outside the craft or other locations on-demand.

The suite also features a deep basic jacuzzi tub with an enclosed bathhouse with multiple showers, steam faucets, and two temperature-controlled dip-pools. The room also has a small bar, a small walk-in wardrobe, and an office area.

Guest Suites

The “Guest Suites” are mostly used by other members of the Motoyoshi Clan. The rooms feature nest-style beds, a small desk area and a slightly less impressive bath-house in comparison to Katsuko's suite.

Crew Quarters

The crew enjoys comfortable bunk-style beds, with all the amenities of the other guest rooms just shared with up to eight other personnel.

Sitting Room

The observation and sitting room features large Volumetric Windows, two comfortable leather sofas and several lounge chairs. Potted gardens and a changing array of artifacts on rotation from The Hummingbird Keep Museum and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko's private collection are on display.

Dining/Conference Room

The Dining Room/Conference Room has a very large round table with the mon/logo of the Motoyoshi Clan painted on its surface. For the most part, it bears resemblance to a lot of the more elaborate wardrooms on Star Army of Yamatai vessels.

Deck Three

Former Crew bunks have been converted and consolidated into a spacious entertainment room for guests to enjoy. Crew service areas such as the galley and engineering are also found on this deck.

Entertainment Room

With elaborate entertaining in mind, this room is devoted to partying. A large twelve seat hot tub with royal blue and plum-colored lighting takes up almost a third of the room. The rest is filled with a large bar, comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, and tables and is decorated with selected Oil paintings, sculptures and finely woven tapestries which show off the clan's wealth.


The Standard Star Army Galley was upgraded to current standards in the YE 42 refit.


The Standard Star Army Engineering Bay was upgraded to current standards in the YE 42 refit.

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