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Ketsurui Chiharu

Ketsurui Chiharu was originally a NH-7a created in YE 03 by PNUgen for military use. She was a former Star Army of Yamatai Fleet Admiral and commanded the YSS Yui and the YSS Ketsurui Chiharu before she was killed over Ralfaris in an attack by Elysia in YE 25. After her death, her spirit was thought to have possessed Shoki to negotiate the end of the Fourth Elysian War.

Since her death in YE 25, she is revered as a kami of the Yamatai Star Empire and the Yamataian religion of Shintoism has been built around her with the Temple Of Chiharu built in Kyoto in her memory. Ketsurui Yui renamed the Kitsurugi clan the Ketsurui Clan in her memory. She is also known for designing the dress version of the uniforms.

At the end of YE 39, Chiharu returned to the public spotlight, alive, beside Premier Ketsurui Yuumi in a bid for Yuumi's re-election as Premier with Chiharu running alongside her as Vice Premier after being dead in the public's eyes for 14 years. After a series of communications and meetings with the populace of Yamatai, in YE 40, Chiharu was elected Vice Premier alongside Yuumi.

Chiharu to Jack Pine in Aren't you dead?
“But war… we all do things that haunt us. It's not nice and neat, it's quite messy as you know. There is no outrunning the past- it is always with us. The only thing we can affect is our future and the path we take to get there. The book of my life is also stained with blood.” She added softly as she watched the man beside her.

“It is my hope, that my nation can learn from the mistakes of the past and move forward into a better future. Yuumi and I are relics of Yamatai's bloodier and more brutal past but we both want something better than a nation of graves. I have hope for us.”
Ketsurui Chiharu
Name Kanji : 血涙地春
Name Translation: Tears of Blood/bitter tears; Earth/ Many Spring
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Date of Birth: 1日 2月 YE 03
Date of Death: 17日 9月 YE 25
Date of Rebirth: 29日 4月 YE 29
Date of Public Return: 35日 9月 YE 39
Organizations: Star Army of Yamatai ; Yamatai Star Empire; Ketsurui Clan
Current Placement: Living Kami of Shintoism; Vice-Premier of Yamatai

Chiharu in Roleplay

She was a player character and GM PC created by Kim in Feb 2003 as the captain of the YSS Yui until Wes returned from deployment to Kuwait. Her death led to some unique roleplay scenarios in the years to follow to include a notional concept of a spirit realm, the feasibility of ghosts within the setting and the idea of transhumanism with two follow on characters Ketsurui Michiko and Wasuremono Koharu.

Chiharu's Body

  • Hair: Mid-back length, wavy, dark chestnut brown
  • Eyes: Almond shaped, Deep crimson
  • Ears: Smooth, fur-less, elven style nekovalkyrja ears
  • Height: 5'4” (163 cm)
  • Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Measurements: 34-26-35 (87-66-89 cm)
  • Bra: 32B

Chiharu is a Nekovalkryja with a lean athletic build, long torso and limbs. She possesses a mix of Yamataian and Nepleslian facial features that gives her the general appearance of being Yamataian without specifically identifying which region of Geshrintall she might be from. Her thick, dark brown- (near black) wavy hair flows to the middle of her back. Her bangs frame the sides of her face. Her dark red eyes are almond shaped.

Chiharu's Personality

Chiharu is a sweet, and caring woman. Her high intelligence shows in her words and actions, but her charming personality keeps her wisdom from driving people away. She tells it like it is, and is the type of person not to let wrongs go unfixed when feasible. She holds herself and her crew to high expectations of maturity, professionalism and modesty that sometimes feel unreasonable in a society of sexually charged libidos where it isn't felt to be improper to be publicly affectionate during work hours. She strives to maintain a sense of order and routine during what she feels to be chaotic and disorganized times.

Her previous experiences as a prisoner of war have left her reluctant to get sexually involved with anyone or to even let anyone get too close, for fear of losing them or them being used against her. With this fear, she tries to distance herself from those she loves and cares about and internalizes her emotions. Sometimes, the stress gets to be too much for her and she loses control over her emotions for a short period of time before she's able to talk herself back into control. She keeps a journal of her thoughts and daily events as both an outlet and to feel like she is actually living her own life.

For the most part, she feels alone but she recognizes that it is her own doing and she does, like everyone else, need someone to talk to and lean on. She hopes that one day she will be strong enough to stand on her own but be able to fully love someone without becoming dependent on them for love and support. She has spent so much time by herself, that she has taken to talking to a teddy bear, Mr Bear, to sort her thoughts.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Interests: Literature, mythology, art
  • Likes: Sake, hard working people, ice cream
  • Dislikes: Angels, being alone, losing touch with old friends
  • Goals in Life: To be a good leader.



Early Years

Chiharu was originally created in YE 03 by PNUgen for military use and entered training under the care of her assigned “father” Ketsurui Ryoichi. She entered service to Armies of the Precious Sword in YE 14 and served under Kitsurugi Yui in the Second Army of the Precious Sword.

Quote from YSS Yui- Mission 1: Meeting Ketsurui Chiharu
The 2nd Army itself was a small fighting force of about 200 Nekos and Elves (it was one of the private armies of the Emperor/Clan Kitsurugi), while the enemy, the Angels of Heaven seemed to be endless. There was even a rumor going around that the Angels had weapon that was equivalent of a NH-2 bioweapon. Chi had heard the stories and was both excited and terrified of what might happen, but still, she joined the Emperor's Army and prepared for the worst.

She could remember marching through the blistering cold snow, dressed in silver armour, gold breastplate and heavy red cloak, with a spear strapped to her back and a long sword strapped to her side. The tireless marches were led by the “General” of the army herself, barking out orders with her white cloak billowing in the wind behind her as marched onwards or when she stopped every so often to appraise her troops with relentless blood red eyes from beneath a mask of grime and red war paint.

She continued service with the Armies of the Precious Sword and led her own unit by YE 17. She was wrongly accused of murdering innocent women in children in the razing of the The Heavens during the Third Elysian War by Nariel Jehenniel, namely for killing the family of Kiriel Zemerias and his wife Ariel Zemerias in YE 18. This was later revealed to have been a lie perpetrated by Nariel Jehenniel to further cultivate hatred for nekovalkryja and manipulate both Ariel Zemerias and Kiriel Zemerias.

Lukina and Bhelith's conversation in Letters to Friends
Lukina asked softly with a smile. “What was (Chiharu) like back then? Before she cast off her chains?”

“A hero,” responded Bhelith. “She really believed. The Grand Star Army. The Army of the Precious Sword. Her life for the empire, that sort of thing. At least, until the war changed her, and fools weighed her down with love and adoration. That is, in the end, what really did it for her, I think. For me it was a little different.”

Bhelith hesitated, and then shook her head. “Chiharu was a creation. In truth, I knew little about her. I did not mark her except that she was marked by one of our deities. It was a strange time to be alive. Gods walked among us, choosing champions. And Chiharu was chosen as an innocent construct, one of Uesu's warrior-dolls. The name has changed a little since then, but you know them well, anyway. Some elves chose to become Nekovalkyrja. I was among them. At the time, you could not tell me out from the standard. There were about two hundred of us in all, but Uesu did not trust those who had volunteered.”

First Disappearance

During YE 22, Chiharu disappeared when her transport ship crashed and was supposedly destroyed. But she had been recovered from the ship's wreckage by Nariel Jehenniel where she was subjected to all manner of torture and abuse for an unknown length of time. Chiharu's memory of her time in captivity with Jehenniel was fractured from the trauma. She managed to escape and was later recovered by the Grand Star Army when she was discovered in stasis. She was taken back to the PNUgen Corporation/WickedArms Industries and eventually received an upgrade as a NH-X Nekovalkyrja. She reentered service with the Grand Star Army and was bounced from ship to ship until she received command of the YSS Now and Forever (GC-04) and the rank of Chujo of the Star Army Second Fleet in defense of Geshrintall (now Planet Yamatai).


Chujo Ketsurui Chiharu took command of the YSS Yui from Kitsurugi Yui at the end of YE 23. She was promoted to Taisho at the beginning of YE 24. The GSS Yui was charged to engage in hostilities against the Elysian Celestial Empire in the Fourth Elysian War.

Later that year, a group of Seraphs furtively boarded the GSS Yui (GD-30) with the specific purpose of capturing Chiharu. This action resulted in the creation of the Chiharu Prisoner of War Medal after the system of awards and medals was established early in YE 24.

Chiharu was held captive aboard the Thunderbolt Fast Attack Frigate, The Light of Destiny, and was subjected to a line of questioning under the care of the Patrician, Kiriel Zemerias aka Zemer in order to uncover what the Star Army's plans were and to learn more about the experimental NH-X body. But Chiharu managed to engage with Zemer on a personal level and got him to regard her as a sentient being rather than a machine or a tool. Zemerias revealed to her the his ship's captain, Nariel Jehenniel, had another nekovalkryja, Iseki in his custody that he had mentally shattered through various forms of abuse.

Her connection with Zemerias also led to the discovery of her locked memories of being tortured by Jehenniel in YE 22. This knowledge outraged Zemer and forced his resolve to help Chiharu and Iseki to escape. But Zemerias had taken too long and Jehenniel took it upon himself to force his methods of “questioning” upon Chiharu. Zemer returned too late to prevent the assault on Chiharu but ultimately he liberated the nekos and executed Jehenniel. Chiharu and Iseki escaped from the Light of Destiny via a stolen shuttle and secured themselves another method of transportation during a brief stay at an Elysian refueling station. They returned to the YSS Yui (GD-30) and discovered that a Seraph had invaded the ship and had disabled the MEGAMI system as well as several members of the crew.

Jon Ishida

Chiharu created the personality of Ishida Jon after she gave the YSS Yui crew liberty on Ralfaris so she could test her shape shifting ability and ability to impersonate another person of the opposite sex and of a different race. The test was a success that ended with another person being recruited into the Star Army of Yamatai, an odd female shapeshifter by the name of Shoki. The Jon Ishida personality was given a body in early YE 25 and became Chiharu's NH-X Nekovalkyrja Twin when she was given command of the YSS Ketsurui Chiharu and the Star Army Second Fleet.


The Elysian Battle of Ralfaris in YE 25 ended Chiharu's life when her ship was destroyed. Chiharu's death lead to a bizarre series of events that eventually lead to a Peace Treaty with Elysian Celestial Empire and the end of the Fourth Elysian War with the assistance of Shoki through Chiharu's relationship with Kiriel Zemerias. Immediately after her death, Ketsurui Michiko was created from what was thought to be an old Soul Transfer back-up from the YSS Yui but a whole new child persona entered a body identical to Chiharu's. In the years following her death, Chiharu's memory became integrated with the spiritual beliefs of Yamatai. People have claimed to have felt her presence or to have seen her spirit guide them through battle or even to have seen her ghost.


In YE 29 the crew of the SRSS Yggdrasill investigated a story about a haunting occurring on the YSS Yui when the encountered they encountered the vessel entering Yamataian space. They discovered that Yui had managed to create a Chiharu clone from the old and damaged YSS Yui back-up after all but it had some how gotten stuck in the ship's nodal system as a result of the MEGAMI being damaged by Seraphs during the Fourth Elysian War.

Once the Chiharu clone was broken from the cycle of being constructed and deconstructed by the ship's nodal system reliving the memory of being taken from the YSS Yui, she was sent to Ketsurui Yui in Kyoto. It was there that the clone decided to re-enter military service as a Shoi to better serve the modern Star Army of Yamatai and changed her name to Wasuremono Koharu to not risk tarnishing the ideal of Ketsurui Chiharu that had been created in the years following her death.

At the beginning of YE 30, Koharu requested placement aboard the YSS Asamoya and joined the ship as a Bridge Officer and pilot. During her first day of Active duty, she kept slipping back and forth in memory which made her exceedingly nervous around her fellow crewmates. She lost her temper with Hasegawa Sumaru during a power armor training exercise and chewed out the poor love sick boy only to later have a bizarre heart to heart with him.

Koharu's conflicts over her identity had caused her to isolate herself from the crew so much that they believed she really didn't have any depth outside of work. They never saw her in anything other than her uniform and ever in any relaxed state. So when they returned from their first mission for leave, many were amazed at how she looked and acted wearing a dress. Josef Kerr and Koharu talked a little as they drank and the Shoi joking made a comment about him chasing her like he chased the other girls on their crew. It took a period of relaxation during their charting of another system for Koharu to start to loosen up enough again to actually talk to Kerr again on a more personal level about herself and flirting with the pilot. Kerr later resolved to continue chasing her until he did finally catch her when she was ready for the chase and not when she was feeling off her game.

“Well, you know what they say about chasing more than one rabbit, Josef. And we both know that I'm a little bit harder to catch,” Koharu replied with a soft smirk as she sipped her coffee. “But more possible for you to catch than others once you chase me long enough.”

“That would be true if I were hunting rabbits,”** Kerr retorted slyly. “I think we both know you're far more crafty and complex than a mere rabbit. No, you're a fox.”

Life after the Asamoya- Retraining at Hotaru

Having left the YSS Asamoya, Koharu returned to Jiyuu System with one of the damaged Sakura-class Light Gunship from their battle group and was greatly disturbed by the events at Halna and the realization that every motivation that she fought under in the past was a lie as a result of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko forcing an admission of the origins of the plague from Uesu. When the United Outer Colonies declared independence, Koharu decided to stay on Jiyuu System and help her newly adopted family build a future without war. She joined the Tokyo Police Force and served as an officer of the peace for several years.

When Jiyuu fell to the NMX in YE 33, Koharu was selected for rescue from Tokyo by Mitsuya Ember, who ordered the Star Army ship Eucharis to retrieve her. She was rescued by Hanako just in time and was transported to Virginia.

Upon arrival to Virginia and seeing the first efforts to build the Star Army Refugee Facilities to for the Jiyuuian survivors, Koharu made a request and apology to Ketsurui Yui to rejoin the Star Army of Yamatai. Yui accepted her apology and from YE 33 to YE 39, Koharu served on Virginia assisting with the Star Army of Yamatai's construction of United Outer Colonies Star Army Refugee Facilities where she assisted the Jiyuuian refugees transition back into life within the Empire. She remained on Virginia until the refugee camps emptied and life returned to normal for the Jiyuuian survivors of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.


At the end of YE 39, Koharu approached Ketsurui Yui about continuing her military career or doing something else in service to Yamatai Star Empire. She mentioned that she was interested in running for Premier and contacted Ketsurui Yuumi for advice. After some discussion, she made the decision to reclaim her identity as Ketsurui Chiharu and run for Vice Premier alongside Ketsurui Yuumi in YE 40. She stepped forward into the public light as Ketsurui Chiharu and fully abandoned the identity of Wasuremono Koharu.

Chiharu during Premier Yuumi's Announcement for re-election
The brown haired nekovalkryja's gaze swept across the crowd, the flashing lights and the growing shadows of the courtyard. Her slender frame was clothed in a crimson and gold furisode graced with white peonies at the bottom edges. She waited for a heartbeat before she spoke, “It is tasogare, the moment when our ancestors believed dimensions touched and spirits could touch the living. I stand before you having crossed the shadows of time. The years I have missed leave a deep emptiness within my heart but I stand before you, whole once more. I am Ketsurui Chiharu.”

A collective gasp confronted Chiharu. Even the youngest among the crowd knew the name, the temple, the blessings.

“I have watched as our Empire grew from the ashes of endless wars. I have seen our history's greatest enemies become our allies. I have seen fragments of our nation rise up and claim sovereignty. I have bore witness to our Empire's heart breaking. We ache for our lost loved ones and we live on, and fight on for their memory,” Chiharu's voice was soft as she continued, smiling.

“I stand before you a lost memory. A prayer, a whisper on your lips. I have been with you and among you, learning your hearts and seeing your struggles. It is my honor to finally stand before you once more. It is my honor to be granted the opportunity to become more than what I was- a fallen Taisho, a war hero, a fond remembrance. Together with Yuumi, I will continue to fight for you, the citizens and true heart of the Yamatai Star Empire as your Vice Premier,” she stepped away from the podium and bowed deeply to the crowd. When she rose, her crimson eyes scanned the people before here. “Thank you for giving me the strength to return to serve you once more.”

Awards and Medals


Certification of Nekovalkyrja Studies (27Mar03)

OOC Notes

Chiharu kimono art work by Helloimtea
Chiharu art work by Wes.
Wasuremono Koharu art work by Zairyo

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