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Ketsurui Kikyo

Ketsurui Kikyo was a Star Army Intelligence officer and daughter of Ketsurui Ayame. She was played by Jenn.

Kikyo was at once named Faith Tomlin the daughter of Steven and Laura Tomlin, two rather wealthy business people. Sadly when she was ten years of age both of her parents died in a freak accident. Her only surviving family was her fathers sister, Amelia Tomlin, a roguish woman only about 11 years older than Faith. Amelia was in the profession of assassin to the highest bidder, and taught Faith everything she knew. Eight years after coming under her care, Amelia was killed by a target of hers, someone she underestimated. Faith got her revenge by killing the man but after Amelia's death her heart turned cold to the world. She became a killer without remorse, not caring who her actions affected.

Faith continued her work as an assassin, though one with a stronger base of morals, she worked mostly for the government. Less than a year ago she went on an operation to assassinate a New Dawn member but sadly the job turned bad and she was killed. Using her ST backup the government transferred her into an NH-17S and she joined SAINT in gratitude. She also took the name Kikyo to avoid any association with her former actions.

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