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Keya_Gildas is a player character played by fesh.

Species & Gender: Female Elf
Date of Birth: 12日 5月 YE 11
Organization: none
Occupation: [Redacted]
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Classified/Unknown

Physical Description

Keya is a semi tall woman with an overall 'pleasing' figure. She has a very slender waist, neck and legs as well as thin arms. Her pointed ears are typically only partially visible under her long orange hair and barely notable at all as her piercing, toxic yellow eyes draw attention.

She apreciates luxury and extensive bodily hygiene as she almost always smells like expensive perfume and tends to dress very fancy, in addition does she often smoke. No one knows where Keya comes from and she certainly does not disclose it but her voice is cold and low with a strong french accent.


Keya is mysterious mostly. She rarely talks to anyone she deems 'an informant' and specifically avoids contact with loud troublemakers. The most daunting thing about her is that she is everywhere an nowhere. Often times people who know her think she left the vicinity long ago only to realize she is right next to them.

When people do get to know her she tends to be cold, uncaring and arrogant, often making snarky remarks at them or telling them that they are inadequate and when she does warm up to a person these remars do not diminish but they will not sting as much anymore. During her 'missions' she is extremely cautios and carefull, always covering her tracks and leaving nothing to luck.

Keya, when detected is an annoying one, often dabbling in things that she should not stick her nose in. She seems to be hoarding intelligence but who her employer is and where this intelligence goes is unknown.


Nothing much is known about the rogue elven spy that pops up everywhere. Agitated governments and law forces have tried their best to capture this spy and find out what her motivations are but from androids to mercs they all failed: Either they were scrapped, disabled, killed but most common of all did they fall for her looks (wich often resulted in their death as well). She is too slippery to corner with numbers and too dangerous to single out one on one, when knife based assassins go after her they get picked off over long range and when a sniper is deployed to take care of her she finds a way to sneak up behind them.

Mystery surrounds this single woman, everyone knows of her exploits yet no one knows exactly what she looks like, everyone knows that she is dangerous but no one knows if she uses spell or pistol, everyone knows the elven spy but no one can catch her…

Skills Learned

-Technology operation. Keya knows how to hack, and steal data from terminals she comes across assuming she knows the language that the programming is written in. She knows how to operate war machines as well such as tanks and mechs but usaually avoids using them due to detection risk.

-Rogue. Keya is a master of stealth and deception. Utilizing many tools and items to throw off opponents or pursuers. She uses cloaking devices and camouflage tools to hide in plane sight or move through hostile areas. Her access to many high tech tools for disguise, deception and stealth allow her to infiltrate compounds and gather intelligence.

-Fighting. Keya knows martial arts making her difficult to fight in hand to hand as she knows grapples, kicks


-Survival and military

Social Connections

Keya_Gildas is connected to:

Keya has no known connections.

Inventory & Finance

Keya_Gildas has the following:

-SI Rogue armor. Tight sitting armor made of a rubber like texture. Colored in dark blue, black and white, among invisibility, temporary electricity disruptions, projecting hologram doppelgangers and offering resistance against low calibre fire arms it also has the ability to 'save' and take on the form of certain outfits. While apearing as a mundane need it is paramount to throw off pursuers and fool others with the ability to completely change an outfit - one of the most recognizable things of a person - in less than 1.5 seconds.

-Overseer 357. The overseer 357 is a versatile 3 round burst handgun that boasts a high firerate during bursts, exceptional range and considerable stopping power. It's throwback is heavy but it isnt for unskilled hands. It comes standard with a suppressed barrel for spy use and has a total of 24 rounds.

-Banisher arm laser. A small laser 'pistol' mounted onto the arm. It is intended to be used as a surprise weapon or in a hand to hand fight. Highly efficient at punching through standard issue armors.

-Grapple hook. On another wrist is a grapple hook; a device with a very powerfull engine to shoot out and retract, pulling the user upwards. It can be used to scale high walls in mere seconds, usefull for an escape but also as an attack. It has a total of 5 fireable grapples as each grapple needs to wind up after being fired.

Keya_Gildas currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by fesh on 02, 06 2018 at 11:06.

In the case fesh becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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