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Kianal Adrasteia

Kianal Adrasteia is a player character played by Ethereal.

Kianal Adrasteia
Species & Gender: Elysian (Patrician) Female
Date of Birth: YE 10
Organization: The Elysian Senate
Occupation: Senator, Populares Sacrae
Rank: Legati (Kalikolo Fleet)
Current Placement: Ascension

Physical Description

  • Skin: Pale White
  • Hair: Red-Orange
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Height: 6โ€™2โ€
  • Weight: 100lb
  • Wing Shape: Snow-Goose wings
  • Wingspan: 22โ€™8โ€
  • Wing Color: Pure white, turning to stark black at the tips.
  • Scent: Roses
  • Voice: Commanding yet light, as if a nurse was talking.


Kianal is a very headstrong person, given her occupation and rank. She believes that though the Elysians have souls and should be the greatest species they most certainly are not, at least militarily. She concedes openly that Yamatai are superior but urges that Elysians show their strength, to prove they are in fact the most noble species. Her goals in life is to resurrect the long-gone Elysian fleet. After her position was liquidated, she took up an advisory role and performs her duty diligently and militarily, as is her position. She tends to fiddle with her uniform a lot and act as if the Senate is just like a military installation.


Kianal Adrasteia was born in YE 14 in the city of Harspestus, Elysia Novus. She was born to a wealthy Elysian naval officer, who believed stoically in Kleos and gained much wealth from his war prizes. Towards the end of his service, this belief caused her father to suffer a string of defeats that while didn't bring much dishonour due to Kleos caused his daughter to doubt his abilities. He taught her everything she knew and she took to the Navy with the idea that Kleos would not continue to be the be all and end all of Elysian conflict.

She experienced life as an officer in the Celestial Navy in its final days of existence, rising to Admirality just as the fleet was deemed to be liquidated. From there, she was offered a Senatorial position and took it, rather than join Yamatai for fear of losing her tradition.

Social Connections

Kinanal Adrasteia is connected to:

  • Acaciual Adrasteia (Father)
  • Euthemial Adrasteia (Mother)


  • Communications
  • Fighting
  • Physical
  • Leadership (Public Speaking)
  • Starship Operations
  • Knowledge (Strategy)
  • Knowledge (Politics)

Inventory & Finance

Kianal Adrasteia currently has 50,000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case Ethereal becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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