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Kiettisuk "Kiet" Juntasa

Kiet Juntasa is a player character played by Syaoran.

Kiet Juntasa
Species: Iromakuanhe- Cohronl
Gender: male
Born: AR918/YE7
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: -
Current Placement: ISS Shinpi

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height:6'3โ€œ
  • Mass:170lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Kiet has a moderately athletic body with a lean form and lightly developed muscle that is only really noticeable when he is shirtless, a 'boxer build' in short. His skin is a color similar to burnt sienna1), having naturally been a pinkish color but exposed to a lot of sun.

Eyes and Facial Features: His face is oblong in shape with high cheek bones and a thin nose between two deep violent round eyes that's iris seem to glow just faintly.

Horns: Kiet's horns are more rectangular than circular in shape but still have rounded corners. The tips taper down and bend backwards.

Hair Color and Style:His hair is long going down past his chin with orange as the main color, but the high tones look almost yellow while the low tones almost look red, giving his hair a fiery appearance. He often times simply comes and gels his hair back and keeps it between his horns.

Distinguishing Features: His fiery hair and deep purple eyes are the first things often noticed about him. He also has a Coalian type Symbiote colony that idles on his back with the appearance of an intricate henna style tattoo of wings

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kiet is a laid back thrill seeker who's always looking for a way to get a good rush. Though he tries to show off often or talk about how easy things are or how much a natural he is, in truth he's a really hard worker that often times puts in extra effort in secret to maintain the appearance of a prodigy. He is really strict about some things involving keeping others safe though, and wont stand for someone putting others at risk with foolishness.

  • Likes: Endangering himself for the rush,
  • Dislikes: People who endanger others,
  • Goals: He doesn't so much have a goal right now, rather he just wants to keep himself busy.


Family (or Creators)

Prasert Juntasa- Father Malai Juntatsa- Mother


Kiet was born on an orbital habitat with his parents who were merchants who went on daring expeditions and brought back anything they thought would sell. When Kiettisuk was born however they had to change their method, they often times had to deal with pirates when transporting cargo, and they didn't want to expose their child to that while they were still an infant. So they decided to stop participating actively and instead finance the expeditions. Prasert took the time off to teach his soon everything he knew about economics and space faring, hoping that one day he would take over the business.

That day never came however, when Kiet was only seven, the ship that his parents owned vanished, along with many other trader's cargo while out in space. Prasert and Malai had to pay out hefty compensation for the loss of merchandise and they were almost ruined. They managed to hang on though, but didn't have enough money for another ship. Instead they decided to move to Port Aersin where trade opportunities were plentiful.

Though he listened to his dad's lessons, about trade, Kiet was much more interested in all the flying craft present at Aersin. He took to Eyr Ranr culture rather naturally and soon fond himself Sky Boarding as a hobby. It wasn't until he was 15 though did he reach a turning point in his life, when he was scouted into becoming a Quodr racer. At first he was not doing too well, but with lots of extra practice he quickly became a star in the under 17 circuit. His fame lead to meeting Abha Mullur, the daughter of a Mazerinii military officer.

Kiet and Abha quickly fell in love, but kept the relationship secret from Abha's father, he obviously wouldn't approve. As the two spent more time together Abha began to take on many of Kiet's interest, soon starting to do more daring sports like Sky boarding and racing lift cycles. When they were both 17 they decided they were going to enlist with the Astral Vanguard, maybe if Kiet could show himself as an exemplary officer Abha's father would approve. However, before they enlisted they decided to join one more lift board race before they enlisted. During that race Abha got into an accident with another racer that resulted in her death. Enraged, Abha's father upon finding out did everything he could to slander Kiet and his family.

Soon Kiet simply left Aersin for space, trying to avoid causing trouble for his parents. However going into space did nothing to dull the pain he felt at losing his love, the only remedy he could find was adrenaline. So he took advantage of his racing talents and became a fighter pilot mercenary and constalty performing dangerous or risky moves to keep himself from thinking about Abha.

Black Vipers

Kiet was hired by The Taipan as a pilot and mercenary in YE 36

Juniper Raid



Kiet is fluent in Saalsari, particularly the Eyr'Saalsari dialect, as well as trade. He is also familiar with Iroma and galactic standard communications equipment and systems.


While not in soldier shape, Kiet was a Quodr racer and avid Sky Boarder and it's become a habit to stay in shape so that he can perform at his best. He especially concentrates on keeping his reactions and mind sharp for his piloting.

He also has a Coralian-type symbiote on his body that he often uses as protective clothing to lessen the effects of intense Gs or to simply save act as armor.


As a young man he got into more than his fair share of scuffles, this only escalated after Abha's death, not just because of his attitude, but due to just wanting to dull the pain. He's taken a liking to using cloth blades in scuffles and fighting close and personal but he is no fool, he'll use a gun when he needs to.


Kiet is well versed in the operation of Lift Racers and though it will take time to familarize himself with the controls he's capable of piloting most atmospheric aircraft as well as small transatmospehric and space craft.

Starship Operation

He is capable of navigating space properly and operating a starship, though the operation is only book knowledge mostly and he's never done it himself. He's also capable of flying a large star ship but has never done so. In stead he prefers small star fighters, which he is an excellent dog-fighter and racer with.

Technology Operation

Kiet can use Iroma standard as well as 'Universal Standard' computer interface systems. He is also used to doing Neural Dives using organic interfaces.


Having been taught by his father, Kiet has considerable knowledge in how to run a business as well as do proper negotiations and predict the economy. Though he has the knowledge his personality does tend to get the in way a lot.

After having been in several races and dog-fights, Kiet has gained some skill in reading what type of person is on the other side of the screen and using that to predict actions they might take. While he is good in moments of action, he's rather poor with for seeing traps and ambushes.


Kiet Juntasa has the following items:


Daily wear
  • 6 T-Shirts (black red and blue)
  • 2 Slacks (black)
  • 2 Shorts (black)
  • 1 sweat suit (grey)
  • 1 Jacket (Grey with black trim)
  • 1pr Athletic shoes
  • 5 Dress shirt (red, grey, white, black, orange)
  • 3 Dress pants (black, grey, mocha)
  • 4 waist coat (smoke grey, black, burgundy, mocha)
  • 1pr Venetian loafers(black, leather)
  • 1pr Monk strap loafers(walnut brown, leather)
  • 1pr bit loafers (grey, leather)
  • 5 Boxers
  • 5 undershirts






Kiet Juntasa is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1340 KS -1660 KS Starting gear
2340 KS +1000KS Payment for First job


This character is NOT up for Adoption

2) , 3)
Including ones in weapons

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