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Kira Kaiabura

Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: Created YE 32
Height: 5'1โ€œ
Weight: 101 lbs
Organization: SAoY
Occupation: Infantry/Technician
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: Fifth fleet

in Roleplay

Kira is an NPC played by Kai.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'1โ€ Mass: 101 lbs Measurements: B cup Build and Skin Color: Kira is built somewhere on the scale between 'scrawny' and 'curvy' tending more toward the scrawny side when it comes to her limbs. Her skin is a typical Yamataian whitish-pink, and she seems to have some freckles, though they are very light.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kira has an odd juxtaposition of round, Nordic eyes and the thinner, more heart-shaped Yamataian face. her eyes are a dark brown with blackish streaks in them.

Ears: Kira's ears are equilateral-triangle shaped Neko ears, whose backs are covered in quite a vibrant teal shaded fur.

Hair Color and Style: Kira's hair is wild, if nothing else. only going down to her jawline, the ends are somewhat roughly cut, and she sports an 'ahoge', which is, a tuft of hair pointing straight upward. Her hair is mostly Teal, with a 'starburst' of purple in the front. The Ahoge is part of the purple part of her hair.

Distinguishing Features: Wild hairdo, 'scrawny' build.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kira has quite an upbeat personality. She is very intelligent, and will happily chatter about technological things all day if you allow her. She has an odd way of thinking about things, and often sees machines as if they were alive.

Likes: Machines, Yamatai, Chicken. Dislikes: Broken machines. Hamburgers. Goals: Build something incredible. Whatever that means.


Family (or Creators)

Kira, as with the vast majority of Nekovalkyrja, was born in a cloning facility, but instead of being run by Pnu-Gen, it was run by Ketsurui Zaibatsu. Created in the same batch of nekovalkyrja as Hotaru Oonishi, She views her squad as the only real family she has.


Kira is a typical Technician/soldier, and was created to be such. She hasn't had much of a life aside from being trained and assigned to her squad.


Kira is well versed in power armor combat, as well as those skills required of every nekovalkyrja. She specializes in Technical areas, and is capable of fixing just about anything wrong with a machine, provided she has spare parts. In the field, she can often make replacement parts from available materials, but these are usually very rickety and only enough to allow a machine to return to base.

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