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Kiri is a NPC controlled by the GM Samuel who appears in the XSS Tiavareth plot.

Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Organization: NMX
Occupation: NMX Type 31A Light Infantry
Rank: Master Fighter
Current Placement: XSS Tiavareth

Character Description

Kiri was an oddity among NMX Nekovalkyrja. She showed strong bonds with her sisters, and a rather innocent (And naive) outlook on her role in life and of the war. She was bubbly, happy, and an airhead.

But then she was wounded onboard the Tami's Call in a boarding action to take the Star Army ship. She was saved by her teammates, and managed to recover quickly aboard the Tiavareth. She was recovered, and healed aboard the Tiavareth.

She has purple eyes speckled with white and long purple hair.

History and Relationship Notes

Kiri was born some months ago to serve aboard the Tiavareth. For most of her time, she worked as an Armorer assigning weapons out to the crew and away teams or cleaning said weapons and making inventory. More recently, she has served with the Advance Team in boarding actions. Now, she's second-in-command for the team under Michael after being passed up for promotion during the fight on Tami's Call in which she was wounded.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamataian, Trade
  • Fighting
  • Math

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