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Kiriel Zemerias

Kiriel Zemerias (Zemer for short) is an Elysian Patrician who was in love with Ketsurui Chiharu. Throughout the Heavenly Wars, he believed that his pregnant wife, Ariel Zemerias, had been brutally murdered by Chiharu during the siege. It was later revealed that this was a lie perpetrated by Jehenniel and his wife has actually been alive all these years, just hidden. He was reunited with his real wife a few months after the peace treaty with Yamatai was signed.

He also considers the neko, Ketsurui Michiko to be his daughter despite the lack of actual blood relation and the odd circumstances surrounding her creation. He put aside his dislike for Ketsurui Yui for the interim period(before he actually found his wife again) to help her raise, Michiko feeling that it was what Chiharu wanted. Yui and Zemer very rarely speak these days but Michiko tries to maintain some sort of contact with her father(at least through his answering machine) to let him know how she's doing.

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