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Noboyuki "Baka" Kita

Noboyuki “Baka” Kita is a player character played by Burgmond45.

Noboyuki “Baka” Kita
Species & Gender: Minkan
Date of Birth: YE 07
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Chief Engineer
Rank: Shoi
Current Placement: YSS Imperator

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Imperator

Physical Description

At around five feet and eight inches tall, the muddy-brown-haired Noboyuki sports a simple and nerd-like hairstyle, almond-shaped cobalt blue eyes, and an ever-prevalent smile on his face. His ears are Elf-style.

He dons the standard Chief Engineer outfit, and that is about it. He isn't that visually interesting.


Noboyuki “Baka” Kita, a brilliant engineer worthy of the status of Bridge Crew, is the furthest one could imagine from someone who controls maintenance on the ship. He is, first and foremost, a moron and a klutz. You can always count on Noboyuki injuring himself onboard the ship in one way or another, missing the punch line of a good joke, and the like.

Although he can behave like an clueless imbecile, the Minkan is a man of heart and dreams. Overly cheerful around his crew, and very dedicated to his job, Noboyuki makes it a point to be sure he can always be count on to keep his ship running at 120%, and no less. This deep-seated dedication is how he overcomes his own flaws during encounters.

He often invents in his spare time, loves food, occasional mischief, and action movies. He doesn't like birds, for reasons that he doesn't like to share. His ultimate goal in life is to make an orchestrion.


-Pre RP-

Noboyuki “Baka” Kita was born in YE 07, way back when the Yamatai Star Empire was in its infancy.

Born to a financially successful family, this sheltered Minkan in particular didn't start out as a quiet child. He always tinkered and 'upgraded' various appliances in his house, more often than not causing damage in their wake. It was a blessing and a curse to his parents, whom have been sinking a lot of money into their insurance, however in the long run it did take their mind off of such horrible disasters like The Plague. The moment that Noboyuki passed college (after much blood, sweat, retaking courses, and tears), he enlisted in Mayame Officer School, going to Fort Hankou to pursue the position of Chief Engineer, much to the surprise of his parents.

Noboyuki's first days in Officer School were rough. Students studying the ways of officerhood were competitive in nature, his clumsiness and idiocy was often the punchline of the class, and because of those obstacles he had half of his mind to drop out of the school. The high usage of his classic nickname, “Baka”, did not help him in the slightest. One day, he made a new friend: a pompous and charismatic Elijah Avastus. Elijah admired Noboyuki, not for the amount of times he can faceplant into the homeroom teachers plants (he will not lie, that face-planting streak was, and still is, a very impressive chain of mishaps), but for the moron's tenacity and heart. From that fateful day when Elijah stood up for Noboyuki, a powerful friendship was born. They played off each other perfectly, motivating one another to be the best they can be, played games, discussed a wide variety of topics, and helped each other on their homework.

It was because of this fate-changing friendship that the aspiring officer turned around his grades, bringing out the best work he can possibly make. He even stood out as a competent leader in all simulations, always working to minimize damage and maximizing output. He finally got the recognition he deserved, albeit it was pretty late into the year.

Finally, he graduated in YE 38. He gave his good friend Elijah a well-earned farewell, and promised to keep in touch, albeit Noboyuki still felt afraid of the future. It was right then and there, his best friend gave him the best words that a best friend could give the best: “Baka sounds like 'Unstoppable' to me. Don't you agree?” From that day onward, Noboyuki insisted on having Elijah, and every friend he makes, to call him 'Baka'.

After graduation, he spent a year working as staff on a cargo ship, the YSS Wasabi. Despite the complaints regarding various accidents of his doing, as well as general discouragement for trying act like he was any higher than the lowest officer rank, he had worked hard to improve the quality and longevity of the cargo vessel whilst he was being trained. It was there he got his first rank.


In YE 39, Noboyuki Kita was transfered to the YSS Imperator, filling a empty staff position. Given how he had prior work experience on a massive ship, transferring to another massive ship was easy on the engineer. However, it was filled to the brim with firsts; it was the first time he saw a Ke-V10 "Mamushi" Multirole Starfighter and a Ke-V7 "Ginga" Bomber, the first time he got involved with the Army, the first time he socialized with pilots and crewmates, and so on.

In his first battle against a Kuvexian fleet, Noboyuki Kita was supposed to be tasked with machine management. However, because of the fact that the Imperator lacked a Chief Engineer to give orders, the Engineering Bay quickly fell into disarray. Kita, overwhelmed by the same panic, immediately fell back on the training he had went through in college in order to pull the technicians together and keep the old Sharie fighting. His quick thinking, sharp eyes, and roaring spirit kept one problem after another at bay.

After the surprising turn of events, was officially given the status of Chief Engineer, and promoted to a Shoi soon afterward.

Social Connections

Noboyuki “Baka” Kita is connected to:

  • Father- Ken Kita
  • Mother- Ayaka Kita
  • Best Friend - Elijah Avantus

Skills Learned


'Baka' has proven himself to be extreme with how clear he makes himself to be; he is crystal clear with his commands and his general Engineering knowledge, but he tends to fail in normal conversations. He speaks Trade.

He also knows how to work communication devices, as per all personnel in Star Army of Yamatai.


This guy can fight, however he lacks the form to be any effective. Seriously, an experienced fighter just needs to pinch his ear to beat him. At the very least, 'Baka' can use a handgun.

Technology Operation

Aside from a several blunders with computers in the past, Noboyuki managed to pull through and figured out how to use it, at least.


From basic mathematics, to quantum mechanics, and everything in between, Noboyuki learned all the know-how and the tricks to be a formidable calculator. He also takes advantage of his upgrades to further increase the amount of calculations he can run, whittling it down to a range from seconds to minutes.


A skill in which Noboyuki put to the test on numerous occasions throughout his life, he is at a point in which he can conceptualize complicated blueprints. Like any engineer worth his/her salt, he can also build things, and generally they are very solid in their design. However, his klutzy nature has tainted how others had seen his true abilities.

Maintainance and Repair

If there is one take-away this engineer learned, is that anything can be fixed, because anything can also break. Having to deal with his own inventions self-destructing themselves as they operated at a young and chaotic age, Noboyuki is well-practiced in general upkeep. So well trained, in fact, that he can gauge how damaged a machine really is by looking at it.


Noboyuki isn't one that would recognize as someone in a leadership position, and they wouldn't be in the wrong to think so. Though those that doubted him in military training would be surprised to see the Minkan prove them wrong, utilizing his strong spirit and his expansive knowledge to control the situation and keep order.

Inventory & Finance

Noboyuki “Baka” Kita has the following items:

Currently, Noboyuki Kita has standard issue items, and 3,000 KS to his name.

OOC Information

In the case Burgmond45 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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