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Kiyomori Weeyico

Kiyomori Weeyico is a player character played by Charaa.

Kiyomori Weeyico
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Female
Date of Birth: YE 40
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Ittô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

As an average Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 she stood at 5’3“ (160 cm) which meant she weighed 45kg (99lbs). The strands of her hair are currently a dark forest green shade, that due to certain levels of lighting has the effect her hair as being black, but in full light, her normal dark green could be seen by all who look. Her hair was carefully maintained so that it kept out of her face, specifically her eyes, in the style that could be best described as a pixie cut, making it possible for her hair to stay away from her SPINE. Her eyebrows were kept trimmed neatly so as to not cause a distraction.

Beneath her eyebrows and uncovered by her hair were a pair of almond shaped eyes, which were colored with the shade of ruby red coloring. Thanks to the holograms the red color was a lot more noticeable, and at night they had an illumination effect to them, which meant they seemed to glow somewhat.

On either side of her head were a pair of ears, which closely resembled those of a cat, which meant they appeared different from most humans, in terms of how they appeared more pointed and less round, and they had fur covering them as well, but unlike her hair, the fur covering her ears was more silver than green. Her ears and her tail were the only things that had fur, because the rest of her body had skin, which was a blue shade in color that was said to be in the middle between dark blue and light blue. She usually has a calm expression on her face, no big smiles or frowns, that sometimes make it difficult for others to tell her moods.

Being in the military, she had a body that was slender, with the impression of athletics, along with an hour glass figure. Even though due to genetics and metabolism, which never allowed her to gain weight or get out of shape, she strives to treat her body like that of a temple, with respect and care, which meant that she was never stinky due to hygiene issues. Both of her arms ended in hands that had three fingers and a thumb. It was likely due to genetics and how she was made, her feet would have followed suit. Just above her rear end, as the beginning of a long prehensile tail, that was allowed to wrap around her legs lightly.

Due to the training she had undergone, she tends to walk upright, and when she stands or sits she tends not to slouch. She doesn’t have markings like tattoos on her body due in part to regulations and also because she’s uncomfortable with them. On the rare chances she actually feels she has something important to say, her voice comes out as soft spoken, there wasn’t any crackling in her voice as sometimes is heard by those of the wealthy, but it wasn’t so quiet that she couldn’t be heard, but it wasn’t loud either.

Normally she’ll wear clothes which due to enlisting as required meant she had to wear the uniform. Which meant that she was dressed, as was her feet. She also had weapons attached where appropriate. Her rank insignia was where it was supposed to be for all to see. When not on duty, she dresses as appropriate other than swimming. Her non duty clothes tend to be simple, nondescript clothes, though at most its an overly large shirt, since she prefers not to modify clothes so her tail would fit. When swimming she takes the optional part strictly.


Kiyomori is generally a quiet Nekovalkyrja, quiet to the point that she may gain the reputation of being unable to speak, or perhaps mentally challenged, however, with a race as advanced as the Yamatai Star Empire, that’s of course impossible, and it was true. She can speak, and she isn’t mentally challenged, however, she chooses to speak only when she has something important to say, which means she may prefer not to participate in small talk, unless of course a superior tells her to do so. She also chooses not to waste her time insulting another or make some kind of witty comeback, preferring to let her actions and abilities speak for themselves.

As with all Nekovalkyrja, her bravery that was instilled within her manifested as a bold fearlessness that allowed her to charge into combat ready to do some damage and defeat her opponents. She tends to be somewhat cold and ruthless, becoming so detached from her emotions when need be, that being forced to work with an enemy wouldn’t make her worry about who else she might have to kill. That is her loyalty to the Star Army of Yamatai in not letting her emotions cloud her judgement.

How she treats others would have likely depended on who they were. If they were children, specifically civilian ones, she’ll be kinder to them, and make sure they stay safe, anyone else, she’ll likely treat how they treated her. As she had trained and grew as a Neko, she generally follows their culture in how they do things. She prefers to eat quietly and with her mouth closed.


Pre-rp History

During the Year of the Empress YE 40, and the result of the declaration of war, and the need for soldiers, in the capital of Kyoto did the existence of the Type 33 Nekovalkyrja that would soon come to call herself Kiyomori came to be. As confused as she was of her own existence and as ready to do her part to help the empire. It certainly had not taken long for her to follow the directions of her creators, which enabled them to see that everything checked out. Of course the fact that she had a tail was soon noticed. But due to the fact tails were making a comeback, and her own appeared to be prehensile and thus controllable, she was allowed to proceed with her next instruction which was to go and get dressed up and ready for her next instructions, which was likely to go somewhere and learn something before she would learn where her next orders were and where she should go.

RP History

Kiyo was soon given the orders to go and be a part of the Kaiyo crew, where she had met a lot of people, and discovered new friends she hoped to be close to, as well as a sister she had never known she had. Because she was a member of the Infantry, she used a Mindy, so periodically between missions and being around people she took it out and performed a weapons check on some asteroids. She joined her friends Saya and Elenor on a session in the ships Vr chamber, and eventually on discovering her sister, Kara “gravity” Sifsdottir she learned about her family, despite the fact she was a created soldier, the head technician who oversaw the two actually treated them as her daughters thus because of this all those women considered themselves sisters.

Kara had soon brought everyone together for an important meeting where each had to get a call sign. She honestly couldn’t remember too much about what happened, but she did remember her own, however. But life continued on with life on the ship, where she interacted with people, spoke to her family with Kara, and of course one mission against the Kuvexians.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Kiyomori Weeyico has the following notable skills:

  • Ever since Kiyo had constructed her Aether Katana, he has started adding additional training to her repertoire, namely advanced sword sills that Samurai typically uses. She has also chosen to add some Ranger training to her skills as well in hopes to become better than she was.

Social Connections

Kiyomori name is connected to:

Gravity Elder Sister

Asakura Yayoi Elder batch sister

Fujiwara Saya

Elenor Herrick

Wulf Soban Gorgeous Boyfriend!

Inventory & Finance

Kiyomori Weeyico has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.


Kiyomori Weeyico currently has 3000 KS.

One red and green striped sweater with an artist's depiction of the Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship adorned with sparkling lights and YSS Kaiyō is underneath, above some snowmen!


1 Ruby red Drake named Valkyr

OOC Information

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