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Kmza Lassar-ae Saweyal-Bren

A character played by Primitive Polygon.

Species: Tsumi
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 7“1ft.
Weight: 93kg.
Organisation: Saweyan Church
Occupation: Mechanic
Rank: Slave Auxillary
Current Placement: Tsumi main fleet

Physical Characteristics

Kmza is what would be considered a pretty short for a Tsumi, standing about 216cm/7ft”1. They have ashy purple-grey skin, with a large wave of smokey beige-grey hair, and angular, distrustful blue eyes. Their build is also pretty light for one of their species, mostly picking up around the hips, though their lower left arm and right horn are notably missing. Also present are some rather odd and crude occultist symbol designs around the wrists and left thigh, culminating in a chalice-esk mark that denotes her as a known heretic on the right side of her face.

Clothes are usually a baggy and roughshod mixture of hand-me-downs, favouring anything with large pockets, and generally festooned with all sorts of talismans and relics, hand-made from wood and both animal and Tsumi bones. They tend to be stuck with a large uncomfortable metal collar, though a worrisome serrated knife and necklace-mounted lighter seem just as integral to their person. Their voice is slow, low and methodical, and they carry around a strong smell of engine oil, mixed with incense and an earthy charcoal sort of pong.

Psychological Characteristics

Kmza has constant vivid dreams of a metaphysical hidden spirit world around them, acting immediately upon the details of these visions as if they were unquestionably true. They almost constantly desire to sleep to witness these dreams, and begin to see them in the waking world around them if forced to remain alert for extended periods. This disconnect from reality makes them rather at odds with the traditional Tsumi honourable savage, rather placing their self-worth in some mysterious unknown, otherworldly power.

This of would make them an extremely poor servant if not for an astounding hidden intellect, able to understand, manipulate and construct highly complex machines even with the simplest of tools. It's possible that this is some kind of pseudo-autistic pattern recognition, though Kmza themselves describes it more like psychometry, or the reading of spirit energy trapped in inanimate objects.

On the other hand, they are used to people underestimating them, and have been known to suddenly make highly dishonourable sneak attacks when it suits them. They have little to loose and consider themselves highly resistant to pain… Though are actually more vain than one might expect too, easily bought with shiny trinkets and religiously protective of their rather chipped remaining horn.

It is best not to try and predict their actions.



Kmza did not grow up indentured into the service of others, but rather grew up in a slum town to a family with a lot of other siblings and very little else to their name. Like many in their area, the younger members of the family made a bit of extra cash by scouring landfills and scrapyards for salvageable electronic components to be sold locally. Folk superstitions and belief in luck and talismans was an unspoken truth for many of the youngsters who lived and worked in such dangerous conditions. Even if one was to find something lucrative, there was nothing stopping an older and stronger Tsumi from taking it from you by force. This was very much a situation where resorting to cannibalism wasn't too far from anyone's mind.

They were ten years old when they witnessed two of their older brothers confront a hated rival, only for the three of them to go up in flames when they accidentally set off some unexploded warhead hidden just under the crust of trash. This gave them the idea of creating and selling their own makeshift weapons, ideal for evening the odds with larger and stronger opponents. Electrified shivs, gunpowder-driven pile drivers, makeshift plasma torches… All haphazard and probably as dangerous to the user as they were to the intended enemy. But for some, it was better than nothing.

Eventually, however, around the age of fourteen, this kind of exploit had built up the kind of infamy that was putting both themselves and their family in danger. They were forced to move out and become apprenticed to a rather seedy chop-shop that spliced together parts of stolen cars for a criminal organisation. Certain old habits of superstition and defending themselves in completely dishonourable ways continued to make them unpopular, mostly seen as a hanger-on.

Continued self-taught experimentation with newer technologies was combined with depression and drug use. Soon enough, an enforcer sought to take physical advantage of them and the outsider status, a proposition which Kmza met with a switchblade where it ought not to go.

Nowhere really left to run after that, except turning up at the Saweyan church as an apparent devotee. The priesthood saw right though their lack of lying skills within the first meeting. Kmza found themselves immediately branded a heretic and pressed into service as a labour slave instead.

Purgatory. Kmza had too much blind tenacity to just keel over and die, but hated their life enough to completely withdraw into a brooding, uncaring shell. They accepted their new label as a heretic, so much that it spawned the idea that they had actually been chosen for something special. Apparent tech skills kept them useful and thus alive, but the fact that it was in service of some new, unknown and definitely occult phantom entity earned them constant ire and beatings.

In some ways, they supposed, it was better than actually having to fight for their life…

Then, it happened. The entire planet died in one fell swoop.

But Kmza, with some unseen luck, with some divine guiding hand… They survived? Was this providence? Why where they dragged onto the ship, where as thousands of other more worthy souls had perished? What great task where they retained alive in order to complete?


Technology Operation & Maintenance

Improvised Weapons/Devices & Salvaging

Physical Fitness

Survival / Scavenging

Dirty Fighting


Food Service / Domestic


Kmza has the following items:

  • A rather ragged dust shawl.
  • Jumper, beige.
  • Carved Bone Ritual Dagger. It has a secret pressurised chamber inside, that can store both poisons and flammable liquids.
  • Pneumatic Shears Prosthetic Arm Attachment.
  • Basic tools; Pliers, a small power drill, some screwdrivers, a wire cutter, an adjustable wrench duct tape.
  • Lighter.
  • Several Wax Candles.
  • White chalk.
  • A Pot Of Ink & Feather Quill.
  • Several journals and many, many bundles of paper with mindless scribbles, baffling pictures and symbols.
  • A small wooden shrine containing animal bones.
  • Lots of twine for some reason.
  • Somebody's actual skull.



OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Sure.
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No.

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