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Kobayashi Tai

Kobayashi Tai
Species: NH-22C Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 65 kg
Bra Size: B cup
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Pilot
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: 22nd Squadron - Warrior Emeralds
Orders: Orders

Kobayashi Tai in Roleplay

Kobayashi Tai is a player character played by Kylen and is currently involved in the 22nd Squadron - Warrior Emeralds roleplay.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 1.75 meters Mass: 65 kg Measurements:TBD Bra Size: B cup

Build and Skin Color: Toned and a little lanky

Facial Features and Eye Color: Ice blue eyes, no real features.

Hair Color and Style: Green hair, in a neck length slightly spiky cut. Sometimes it'll get long and she'll wear it in a pony tail.

Distinguishing Features: Tribal wing genetic tattoos on her back.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Headstrong and sure, Tai fights with all her heart against the enemies of her Empire. She isn't with out her whims, though, sometimes chasing after vices with the same heated heart. Very much a HOT BLOOD girl.

Likes: Guys, Girls, fighters, beer, wine, swimming, flying, causing mischiveous pranks Dislikes: Overbearing seniors, people who don't know how to lighten up, the NMX Goals: Rise up through the ranks, maybe lead her own wing of fighter pilots some day.


Family (or Creators)

Ken Miller: Cousin, Salavger Kobayashi Ichiro: Brother


Tai is a fighter pilot with nothing to prove, and everything to gain. Her training is multirole piloting with a focus on Combat Superiority. She used to be a bit of a rogue back during her training days, pulling pranks on senior students, among other things. She's mellowed out some, but she'll still get someone if she thinks they deserve it. She has a strong sense of justice as well.

She is hoping to be put with the illustrious 21st Squadron.



Quite agile, Tai is a natural born sprinter and acrobat, practicing free running/parkour and acrobatics when she has the time. Her time training to be a fighter pilot has helped her become more resistant to G-Forces normally experienced by pilots during high speed turns and maneuvers


* V8 Kawarime Fighter

* Tai is an accomplished fighter pilot and can fly any Aerospace Craft in the inventory.She is proficient in all fighter craft used by the Star Army of Yamatai having flown numerous sorties. She is experienced at both flying and fighting in atmosphere and in vacuum.


Knowing that she lives on the edge of every moment she's in the cockpit, Tai knows that she's quite more likely to die by enemy fire then she is of old age. This has lead to her having been part of a few couples, leaving her experienced in bed, and developing a taste for liquor and beer. On her softer side, she is an experienced piano player, and plays in her off time.


Kobayashi Tai is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian. Shee can speak and write it correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Tai is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc).


Tai has received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons she is trained in include pistols of all types, knives, grenades (and other forms of explosive weaponry) and rifles of all kinds. Tai is in excellent physical shape and has considerable endurance. She is also able to pilot land-based power armors, but must rely on the suit’s A.I. to do anything advanced.

Coming from a family of military veterans, Kobayashi Tai is quite skilled in hand to hand combat, melee, and using small arms. Her preferred weapon out of her fighter is a sword.


Tai knows how to survive in hostile environments. She can build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. Tai can also camouflage herself and is familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Kobayashi Tai can understand and give out tactical commands and work with her troop to follow those commands efficiently. She knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc). Tai is able to recognize ambush points. She knows basic math in order to calculate distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.

Standard Gear



Pistol Belt

  • 1 pistol belt, leather, dark gray, with holster for service pistol

All items in the section below come with a belt pouch, case, sheath or holster as applicable.

Personal Hygiene

These items are expendable and can be reissued whenever needed. These will not need to be returned.

  • 1 Black waterproof shower kit bag with detachable shoulder strap
  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white
  • 1 stick of deodorant (for non-Nekovalkyrja)
  • 1 hairbrush, round type
  • 1 pair nail clippers


Kobayashi Tai is currently a Santô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai. She receives a weekly salary of 50 KS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
3050 KS +50 Weekly Salary
3100 KS +50 Weekly Salary

Pin, Patch, and Medal Box

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