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Koizumi Chieko

Koizumi Chieko is a player character played by BionicSamurai.

Koizumi Chieko (小泉恵子)
Koizumi Chieko
Species: Minkan
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (Born May YE 11)
Height: 165 cm (5'5)
Weight: 54.3kg (120lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 07B Biologist
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Soyokaze

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 165 cm (5'5)
  • Mass: 54.3kg (120lbs)
  • Measurements: 35-24-36 / 32C

Build and Skin Color: Chieko has a softly curving body, with light peachy skin that darkens to a light golden brown after a day in the sun.

Eyes and Facial Features: Chieko has hazel, almond shaped eyes with long eyelashes. She also has roundish face with high cheek bones and a ski-jump nose. Her mouth is towards the smaller side of average with slightly thinner lips.

Ears: Chieko has kept her rounded human ears.

Hair Color and Style: Chieko's hair is raven black and cut shoulder-length with her bangs pulled back with the rest by a maroon suede hair band.

Distinguishing Features: Chieko has a heart shaped birthmark on her left butt cheek that she decided to keep after her switch.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Chieko has been determined and inquisitive all her life with a tendency to ask, sometimes, uncomfortable questions when she is on a roll. She has done much to curb her querying tendency over the years and now it only happens when she's getting close to someone. The young Minkan is otherwise very well meaning, especially when she teases.

Chieko tends to have a slightly mischievous smile unless she is reading, observing, running an experiment, or needs to look serious, which tends to make her look more focused and driven. She is also much more disciplined than she was, even compared to after the Battle of Yamatai. This can make her seem intimidating whether off or on duty, only the qualities causing it being the thing to change.

  • Likes: Information, learning something new, getting dirty, exploring, mountain biking, rock climbing, sex, dancing, performing science demonstrations for others, spicy food, comfort food, exotic food, white rum, red wine, warm sake, electronica, comedy, a warm place to sleep.
  • Dislikes: Boredom, no one to bug, Mishhuvurthyar (unless she gets to disect it), “unnecessary” silence, clingy guys, being useless.
  • Goals: To do research for the Empire and teach (on hold). To help push the NMX out of the sector for good.



  • Isamu (Father)
  • Ayame (Mother)
  • Taro (Brother)


Born a Human in YE 11, Chieko grew up in Mei, Yamatai as an only child. Because of this, she often ended up spoiled with attention and encouragement in her curiosity. She doesn't have much memory of the Second Elysian War; but the time she spent indoors during the Third was a bit much for the young explorer.

When things cleared up, the young Human got into riding bicycles, making friends and goading the other kids into following her around for fun. Unfortunately, Chieko's idea of fun was her making dares as an experiment to both see whom would do it and what the results would be. As she got older, she got smarter about what kind of dares she made, allowing her to more effectively reuse followers until the Fourth Elysian War came to interrupt.

During both the Third and Fourth Elysian Wars, Chieko ended up reading or researching on the net more and more as her parents had increased trouble answering her questions. Also during the Fourth, she started really getting into science and managed to talk her parents into letting her do some experiments with acids and bases, electrolysis, plant germination, crystal growth. The list went on long enough that through middle school and on into high school, science became what the young Human aimed for.

After graduating high school, Chieko made the switch to the NH-22C Yamataian body - partly to keep up, but also partly because she was curious about what it could handle. She took up mountain biking, rock climbing, and other typical physical pursuits of the young. She even cut herself a few times to test her healing ability; but stopped before counsellors began looking at her funny. The young woman was pleased to see the new body serve her well outside the classroom; but the digital mind was a marvel for in the classroom and the lab - a fact that clinched her love affair with it.

Also, part way to Christmas, during her first year of college, Chieko found out that she suddenly had a little brother. This much younger sibling was interesting for a little while; but after a few babysitting stints when home for vacations, he started to get boring. This would soon change when he got old enough to talk and wander around, giving his elder sister more options for playtime.

The young Yamataian ended up majoring in xenobiology with a minor in chemistry, graduating with some spectacular results. She proceeded to go for Graduate school in order to get her masters and when the Minkan came out she made the upgrade again. Unfortunately, this time Chieko ended up having to test the new body out in a real survival situation when the NMX came in the Battle of Yamatai.

When Chieko got to the refugee camps she tried to help out where she could, taking instructions from medical staff as things went. When the NMX had been fought off and things calmed down, the young Minkan found herself less than ready to go back to school, as if she were seeking only what the Empire could do for her. She then, looking to the sky one day, deemed it necessary to make sure such devastation never came to her home world again.

In YE 34, Chieko signed on to the Star Army of Yamatai to see what she could do for the Empire instead.

YSS Eucharis


Chieko arrived on the YSS Eucharis while the crew was exploring the second planet of the HX-12 system. Here she had an opportunity to get samples of the life on that planet when one of the teams returned with a bunch of it on their Power Armor. This soon lead into that mission's debriefing and a setup for their next mission.

Mission 20

Chieko just got back from wandering around a manufactured planet with Hanako, Takeyu, Bors, and Izokia, after seeing the sights and learning about their standard of currency: energy and dreams. Upon the away team's return, some new faces were present and who knows who may catch this particular scientist's predatory eye.

The night proved to have some entertaining discussion, but feeling little thread from the Dreamworld, the scientist risked a little sleep. The dream she had was as strange as it was enjoyable, though the next morning Chieko found out that she was the lucky one of the crew. These nightmares resulted in quite the discussion at breakfast, a discussion the young academic was rather hesitant to enter due to her experiences.

Another excursion to the Dreamworld surface soon went underway, with members of the Hidden Sun Clan having shown up to investigate as well. The representative of the world however, seemed less enthused about the visitors' free will and this time the affects of the planet came on in full. The drug laced air caused many in the crew to do some rather peculiar things while others, including Chieko, managed to get injured due to the altered states and inebriation.

After regrouping, more problems occurred, as drones started to be detected on the Eucharis, as well as the ship it self was being allowed to sink. A fight broke out to disable and dispose of the invading appliances as the Hidden Sun representatives worked their ship to prevent their allies from sinking. This crisis narrowly averted, Hanako gave orders to escape the planet with all speed and leave the system behind.

Post Mission 20, Hanako's World

After the insanity of, apparently, the last few missions. The Eucharis was ordered back to home port to give its crew some liberty. Seeing all the things that could be done on Hanako's World, Chieko has begun to organize things in her head as to what she would like to do, and hopefully whom she would like to do them with.

Immediate plans changed when a marching band arrived to greet the Eucharis and the young scientist got the chance to perform some drill for a change. This lead up to a series of promotions for the crew - including one for Chieko from Santô Hei to Nitô Hei.

After the ceremonies Jalen Sune announced his retirement and invited everyone to dinner that night at the Princess Dunes Restaurant. Partly because of this, our new and shiny Nitô Hei decided it was time to pick up some more civilian clothes than what she had brought with her from Planet Yamatai. In the end she managed to drag along the two technicians, Deziarra and Kale for a little shopping trip before dinner.

Post Mission 20.1, Princess Dunes

After a short rat race of a few hours managed to get her newly acquired possessions into her suite at the Ketsurui Resort Hotel. Chieko now makes her way down to the Princess Dunes Restaurant to give the Executive Officer she barely knew an appropriate send off into retirement and possibly mingle with her crewmates in a more relaxed environment.

Mission 21, Return to Ether

After a nice long break of shopping, hiking, and drinking, Chieko is back aboard the Eucharis with the rest of the crew and headed for new adventures. One such adventure seemed to be winter survival under the reluctant Nitô Heisho Misato Suzume. Noting what they would be in for, the scientist tried to get herself and her gear set up as best as possible before heading out.

On the surface of Ether, half the team began scouting around while the half that Chieko was on began target training. During this time Misato ended up showing a volumetric representation of a Ripper Power Armor. This put the young academic into panic mode, causing her to begin firing on the image. It did not take long before other team members had her calmed down, but with that she ended up slightly less than impressed at the Heisho in charge.

Soon a switch over was needed to let the other half of the team work on their firing while the first half worked on getting a shelter built. This effort was quickly hampered by an incoming storm which changed plans a little. Instead of getting practice done now and checking out the NMX base later, they ended up piling into the Troll to investigate as a way of escaping the weather.

Once at the base, it took some doing to get in; but with a well placed tank round, access was soon granted. Inside the place was littered with dead combatants and felt - rightfully so - like a grave yard. This was about when Tekayu figured now would be the best chance to mess with the away team and continue the training.

The chief engineer setup a volumetric scenario that had everyone ducking and running for cover until the reality of the situation came through. This also brought about a decision to finish up the training mission and head back to the ship. Chieko was no longer disappointed at having to leave the freezer and returned happy to be someplace warm again.

After lunch and the debrief it was decided to bring the Eucharis back to Yamatai in order to facilitate some transfers on the docket. Chieko, soon found out she would also be transferring and took the time planet side to visit family. Upon reporting for duty after her leave, the scientist found herself being taken out to a new ship, the YSS Soyokaze. She was also not alone; Tekayu and Misato from her previous assignment were also on the shuttle being transferred there as well.


Be(i)rth of the Soyokaze! (0.1)

After annoying her fellow transfers with pictures of her little brother on the way up, Chieko stepped off the shuttle onto the hangar deck of the YSS Soyokaze with hope for more adventures and discoveries. She understood that it's mission was more of a sword for liberating remaining worlds under the fist of the NMX; however that could not preclude a lack of things to do and investigate. On the contrary, this still offered many chances to do such things. Keeping this in mind, the young scientist takes the time given to her to get settled and aid in the new ship's preparations.

Fly Me to the Moon! (1.0)

The ship is ready and the time has come. The Soyokaze's mission has been put into effect, and a Mishhuvurthyar controlled moon is first on the list. Chieko, with her superior, Ishikawa Chiasa, her science team, and their assigned backup; are soon sent in a shuttle to assess civilian conditions and if their evacuation would pose a non-conventional threat to the ship. A trip that would be interrupted by a slight crash into the moon and needing to be picked up by the locals.

Once at the Moon Town, however, despite all scans and detection methods available, everything looked fine and the go ahead was given to start the evacuation. News of this spread quickly; though, unfortunately this resulted in almost stampede like action in the civilians. Working to get this under control, Chieko managed to snap and issue a few threats if the pushing did not stop. Despite this, the evacuation managed to be completed with the efforts of Ishikawa Chiasa.

Civilians evacuated, and the space battle looking to have been completed, Chieko now had to deal with what she had done and a Lab that needed to be repaired.

Moon(ie) Fever (2.0)

Days of work and still all Chieko and her team could manage was the clean up of the mess in the Science Labs. Reagents, stains, and indicators had all smashed and mixed into a toxic swamp of broken glassware and equipment which all had to be dealt with before any repairs could be started. This clean up had been completed just in time for Kana, one of Chieko's team to begin falling ill - and with many others also getting sick the ship ended up on lock down as well.

In the middle of all this, the young biologist got called to the Medical Lab. Apparently the doctors are at a loss for what was causing this problem and her more theoretical expertise was now needed. Her expertise, however, hit a snag when the first way to deal with the virus required starting off with an electric charge to overload the mechanical part of what was discovered to be a bio-mechanical hybrid. Thankfully Meiko Lee, a medic, and Tekayu managed to come up with a way to disrupt communications of the virus. This provided a second, safer way, to make the biological component vulnerable to hemosynth, and thus possible to eradicate from the crew and the ship.

Upon return to “civilization”, however, the crew of the Soyokaze were initially debriefed by SAINT before they could even dock. The operatives took everything away relating to the virus and left with the order that the crew was never to talk about it. Thankfully that was all though, and soon everyone was able to leave the ship for some seriously needed time off.



Chieko has been trained in the use of civilian and military telecommunications equipment, including radio, FTL comms, video communication terminals, and the Nekovalkyrja wireless system. She is well versed in standard military radio operating procedures over the aforementioned equipment. She was brought up speaking Yamataian at home, while she learned Trade starting in middle school. Because of this, she is able to use them effectively for the above purposes, as well as in polite and operational conversation, documentation, interpretation, and instruction/reading comprehension, however her Trade is accented.


Chieko has trained in methods of unarmed combat as well as the use of energy based weapons, knives, and power armour. Due to the variability of combat environments, however, she has been trained to use both sets of combat skills in both Yamatai-like and micro-gravity conditions.

Technology Operation

Chieko has a power user understanding of the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships as well as sensor systems. She also knows how to operate any lab equipment that is not highly specialized for work outside her field. Both of these she has learned how to do, both with her hands, and with her Star Army issued SPINE interface.


Chieko has a bachelor's degree in biology, specializing towards xenobiology(Taxonomy), with a minors in biochemistry and genetics.

Medical and Science

Chieko has first aid training from her time in the medical tents during the Battle of Yamatai and from her SAoY training.

Also, along with her biology degree, Chieko has some schooling in physics (first year - kinetics, mechanics, oscillations, fluids, viscosity, wave theory, optics, acoustics, electromagnetism, and special relativity) and chemistry (first year general, second year organic chemistry, and third year biochemistry).


Chieko has learned the mathematics necessary for her studies, along with the fold field calculations she learned in the SAoY.


Chieko has been trained to operate the Type 30 Light Utility Truck, the Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle, and various small civilian transport vehicles.


Chieko has learned a few good tricks in bed over the years and has a flare for making science demonstrations fun to watch.


Koizumi Chieko has the following items:



  • 3 maroon suede hair bands
  • large comedian's paper fan (Harisen)
  • violet lacquered chopsticks with plastic carrying case
  • family portrait
  • white sundress with marigold and dandelion print
  • pair of maroon strapped geta
  • red two-piece swimsuit with daisy print
  • tan cotton dress with copper waist sash
  • copper coloured two inch heels
  • Bamboo Puzzle Box - Star Army honmaru on the outside, red felt inside
Bamboo Puzzle Box
Item Description Reason
Service Moon Town Evacuation Mission (YSS Soyokaze)


Koizumi Chieko is currently a Jôtô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3 000 KS Starting Funds
3 221 KS 221 KS July 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 442 KS 221 KS August 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 663 KS 221 KS September 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 884 KS 221 KS October 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
4 105 KS 221 KS November 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 605 KS 500 KS Tan dress, shoes, and sash
3 937 KS 332 KS December 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 269 KS 332 KS January 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 601 KS 332 KS February 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 933 KS 332 KS March 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
5 265 KS 332 KS April 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
5 597 KS 332 KS May 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
5 097 KS 500 KS Minor shopping and expenses while home
5 429 KS 332 KS June 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
5 761 KS 332 KS July 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
6 093 KS 332 KS August 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
6 425 KS 332 KS September 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
6 757 KS 332 KS October 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
7 089 KS 332 KS November 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
7 321 KS 332 KS December 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
7 653 KS 332 KS January 37 Pay (Nitô Hei)
7 985 KS 332 KS February 37 Pay (Nitô Hei)
6 185 KS 1800 KS Minor shopping, Bamboo Puzzle Box, and replacemnt of lost items
8 649 KS 664 KS March 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
9 313 KS 664 KS April 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
9 977 KS 664 KS May 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
10 641 KS 664 KS June 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
11 205 KS 664 KS July 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
11 869 KS 664 KS August 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
12 533 KS 664 KS September 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
13 197 KS 664 KS October 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
13 861 KS 664 KS November 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)
14 525 KS 664 KS December 37 Pay (Jôtô Hei)

OOC Discussion

Play start - June 12, 2013 (YE 35)

January change to base pay 2 250

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