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Chiaki Kokuten

Second Lieutenant Chiaki Kokuten is serving under the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. He is played by Bilgecrank.

โ€œI didn't believe in your reasons. I didn't fight and bleed with my brothers just so we could bind them up and puppet them to some greater purpose. We killed the Reds because we believed in a world where we had the choice to exist, and not just to exist, but to exist the way we wanted.โ€
Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 5th
Pronunciation: Koh-kuu-ten Guy-ah-sis Chee-ah-kee
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 33 [Born: YE 07]
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 6'2โ€œ (187.96 cm)
Weight: 190 lb (86.18 kg)
Organization SMDION
Rank Second Lieutenant
Occupation Marine Commander
Current Placement The 309th

Kokuten's Voice and Theme

Kokuten in Roleplay



  • Father: Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 4th
  • Mother: Triana Hatu Vevius
  • Brother: Hatu Museso Chiaki


Notable Achievements

  • Served on the NSS Alliance, one of the most prestigious ships of it's time.
  • Though not on the on-planet negotiations, Kokuten was present on the ship during the Elysian Diplomacy Conference.
  • Participated in a rather violent Barfight which was broadcast over a wide range of News networks.
  • Kokuten was on the diplomatic team that met with the Freespacers, and then spoke with the S.I. which represented the Polysentience for the Spacers.
  • Saw an Aethersperm live concert.
  • Was acting Combat Medic for the Kennewes Offensive.
  • Met the Blackguard and Master General Pyros Westwood.
  • Became a military-certified Doctor.
  • Traveled up and down the Colonies as a Medical Doctor, setting up hospitals and medical facilities as far as Abjection.
  • Acted as Security Captain of the infamous Squad 35 on the Cirrus Station.
  • Won a Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner in a costume contest.
  • Assisted in uncovering the hand which shadowed over the Cirrus Station.

Physical Appearence

General View

  • Handedness: Cross-Dominant
  • Build: A long-limbed, athletic man suited more for basketball than anything. His arms match his build well-enough not to stand out despite their gunmetal color.
  • Skin Color: Tan-Colored skin.
  • Facial Features: Roughly angular features that is more reminiscent of someone descended from Yamatai.
  • Eye color: Chiaki's cybernetic eyes are typically displaying a deep, green color if he's in a normal mood.
  • Hair color and Style: Brown, spiked hair, along with a short chin-strap beard that's neatly kept.
  • Distinguishing Features: A great deal of scarring that runs up the fleshy parts of his legs, with pock-marking that runs over his torso.

Eyes - Mobile Eye Drones: Black, cybernetic eyes that support low-light, microscopic, infrared, and a shifting color scheme depending on mood. The eyes have protective metal plates behind them to protect the flesh and insides in case the eyes short out or a projectile strikes the eye. They can act remotely of the head when removed and broadcast images to his brain should they ever come loose.

Chest - Centralized Control System: Running smooth along his shoulders and part way up his neck is small gunmetal interface with a wire-spool and a set of ports that accept external wiring. This wired system runs up and down Chiaki's back, monitoring his own vitals, cybernetic statistics, and provides him an interface for external technology. With this particular modification, he can mentally interface with technology, or use it privately by changing the display to reflect within his vision. This also gives him greater control of his other parts' extra functions.

Arms - Hypolathe System: Both of Kokuten's gunmetal-colored arms act as a NAM NCS Hypolathe. His fingers and wrists act as opening points for the nanobots create cutting and piercing edges. Both arms are made with reinforced servos and light-weight durandium for increased strength and durability. These arms are removable without tools, using a multi-step process of interlinked locks that can be disengaged in a certain order to remove the arms from the shoulder base. The shoulder base itself is attached to the main body, but, if not damaged, can make replacing arms an easy process.

Spine - Heightened Weight Allowance: To compensate for the increased upper body weight put on him by his arms, Kokuten's spinal support has been augmented to accommodate the long-term effects of this weight. This is an additive enhancement, rather than a replacement, and supports his natural vertebrae. This cybernetic can be seen along the length of his spine, sporting layered, gun-metal plates that run from his waist to the base of his neck.

Right Leg - Increased Storage Capacity: Chiaki's left leg runs up to his pelvis, tuned to reflect the weight of his left leg, with the exception of a hollow space in the thigh area that allows him to stow things secretly. With proper effort, one could place a hand-gun sized weapon along with spare ammo and rations, albeit it would be a tight fit. The man typically uses it for cigars and booze.

Left Knee Down - Plyometric Upgrade: Replacing both lost feet, Chiaki wears gunmetal-colored prosthetic in its place, vaguely resembling a Nepleslian leg, while preserving all of the function. The hardened gears in this rough looking replace run half-way up the calf, and provided an enhanced control over falling and jumping.

Mental Characteristics


Soft-hearted, wispy, and hard-working, Chiaki is a typically easy-going man. He is genial, amiable, and thus very forgiving of others to a fault. The man tries to lock away his negativity in a place where it can't rise to disturb others. In fact, he goes to great lengths to make sure people only see his good side, as he is very conscious of what others think of his behavior. As a result, sometimes he can seem a bit distant, and even reclusive when it comes to others, despite enjoying their company.

As a matter of upbringing, he is proud and a bit self-righteous. When it comes to work, he is smartly organized, dutiful, and outright dedicated to accomplishing the mission. His easy-going and gentle attitude fades quickly against a breach of procedure or conduct in the carrying out of duties. The man's fire burns hot to take the side of fellow Marines in bar-fights and other street salutations.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Being at the fore, helping others, excitement, his job, friends, family, music, telling stories, cigars, reading.
  • General Dislikes: Being left out of the loop, being restricted, bullies large and small, a hot beer, insects or insect like things.
  • Lucky Number: 8
  • Clothing: Kokuten has come to enjoy more up-to-date styles that pass in Nepleslia Prime, whenever he has to look nice. Otherwise he likes to let his arms breath with something sleeveless.
  • Food: Usually prefers food that has a bit of twang to it. He also likes fairly bitter or tart substances. Excessively sweet things make his stomach churn and turn. Has no preference on hot or cold meals, usually has no problem as long as the food is warm enough to be safely edible.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Goals: To guide those around him, and see Nepleslia prosper. He would like to be a doctor with a practice one day, but higher callings always seem to find him.


Kokuten Chiaki


Birth and Even Before That

Born into a well-off family, raised in a Yamataian lifestyle, Kokuten was cursed with very poor eyesight and defective arms. With cyborg technology becoming increasingly common, Kokuten was outfitted with artificial eyes, and artificial arms by his own father.

As suggested by his name, Kokuten comes from a long line of Chiakis. Each and every one of these Chiaki's attempted something significant in their lives. No matter what it was, they tried to make it greater or at least put their name in it. From this, Kokuten gains his proud and righteous nature that guides him to seek further heights and causes.

Sign'n Up wit' da' Boyz'!

Growing up, Kokuten was fascinated at his old lineage, and wondered what he could do. At his teens he took a deep interest into history and law, figuring that he would be an archaeologist or a lawyer of some sort. He found himself less interested as he grew older.

When he hit his late teens, he attempted to use his creative mind to be an enterainer, to tell stories and jokes. This of course, did not please his father who was, in fact, a Doctor. Kokuten gathered a taste for discovery and excitement, he knew that Medicine was a helpful field, but a boring one to him at the time.

This led him to the Nepleslian Star Army, he saw that they led exciting lives in space. So, in his early twenties, Kokuten signed up to become a Medic in the Star Army.

Military - NSS Alliance

Boarding and Simulations

Kokutens first true day of duty was an odd one. He met alot of Marines entering the ship and to the cafeteria. There he formally met the Marines, Fian Vel Steyr, Adrian Decane, and Rico Sanroma. It didn't take long for some action to ensue on the ship. The Marines were put through a VR simulation to hone their combat skills. In the first simulation, the Marines were pitted against eachother in an attack/defense mission. Kokuten was placed on the assaulting team, under the command of one Fian Vel Steyr. It was there that Kokuten finally started to learn how to use a Power Armor effeciently. He spent most of the mission stumbling around, getting knocked down by a certain Sanroma, and eventually being crushed to death by a cave.

The second simulation was a bit different, Kokuten was now on the defending side. Not only that, Kokuten found himself leading a small squad of soldiers alongside Adrian Decane and his squad. Kokuten and Adrian stormed a bridge currently being attacked by a squad lead by one of their Marine buddies on the opposing team. The two squads slogged it out into an intense firefight, causing causalities in both Adrian's and Kokuten's squad, and completely wiping out their enemy.

Post-Simulation Stress, then to the Actual Mission

Kokuten found himself in the cafe with Adrian Decane. It wasn't long until they got message from the ships A.I. that a Marine had assaulted one of the ladies of the ship. Both of them sprung into action, eventually finding the culprit, Rico Sanroma. They restrained, drugged, and dragged him to the Med Bay where he was put under diagnosis. It was soon found out that Rico's actions were not his own, and that he had been injected with Vigour. No sooner did they find the true trouble maker was Adrian Decane.

After Adrian Decane was confined to quarters. The Captain, Jack Miller, issued the mission statement. They were to travel to Elysia as a diplomatic envoy to strengthen relations between Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and Elysia. After returning to the Med Lab, Kokuten soon received news that Adrian had tried to commit suicide. Valo, the ship's android, retrieved him, and treated him. It was after that, that they met a new Human nurse named, Suku Matsobuki. After Rico had came to get some synthetic skin replaced, the Medical Crew began to preform Medical Exams on the crew members before the mission. After all Marines checked out, with one exception, the crew prepped for the upcoming mission.

A Trip to the World Known as Elysia

Finally, Kokuten found himself on his first mission, in which the brilliant elysian architecture dazzled him. While trying to maintain himself as a soldier he sampled every which way with his eyes. Yet, it seemed from the start that the start the mission was not to last long. A Marine by the name of Mike Crosby went crazy and began shooting a the senators duplicate. Luckily, with a bit of nepleslian muscle, and a few sedatives, Mike was subdued. With a flurry of apologies, Fian Vel Steyr skillfully tried to diffuse the situation. With success, the mission for diplomacy moved on.

With the diplomatic team moving on to secure Nepleslia's relations with Elysia, the Marines attending the mission(including Kokuten.) Moved on to a cafeteria where they could enjoy some Elysia's cultural food. Of course, already excited about the architecture, Kokuten was more than happy to eat some of their food. From there on, the Marines spent their time until the negotiations ended. From there they were shuttled back to the Alliance, where some unexpected excitement was taking place.

Ambush and Reassignment

When Kokuten returned from the diplomatic negotiations back on Elysia, the ship seemed to be under peril. In a fit to escape it, the Alliance jumped out of the Elysian system and landed on Planet X. Kokuten assumed his duties in the Med Bay, as the ship was once again ambushed. Soldier after soldier, along with the help of Suku and Fay Saelus, were patched up and put back together. Though, there were only a few that they couldn't save, one of those being the ship's own Rico Sanroma.

After the Marines from outside had driven the ship's attackers away, the Alliance jumped out of the system and docked at Unity Station. After what they had went through over the past few days, most of the Marines on the NSS Alliance were ready to rest. This was not the case for Chiaki, as he was reassigned under NAM's commision, and was promoted to Soldier 1st Class for his duty.

More Reassignment and a Bar Fight(Beer Too)

At first, Kokuten's reassignment was to assist in the revival of Rico Sanroma. However, it seemed the higher ups thought that his service was due elsewhere. So, he was reassigned back to the Alliance in a very short amount of time. In the mean time, he would spend his leave at Dawn's a bar/strip joint. It wasn't long before some of his buddies would start coming in the very same bar.

Kokuten and his friends drank on for most of the time, until Fian Vel Steyr stood on a stool and began his rant about a close friend, Rico Sanroma. This was going well for Fian until one of the fellas in the bar boo'd him and the spirit of Sanroma. That's when Captain Jack Miller stepped in and slammed bottle on the man's head. With a vengeance, the man rammed his fist into the Captain, this didn't sit with Kokuten and the fight was started. The entire bar broke out into a big fight which ended with one guy on fire, one guy with a fork in his ear, one on the ground half-dead, and a bunch of Nepleslian Marines running like hell back to their ships.

A Race of No Cost

The next mission for the NSS Alliance was to investigate an unusual signal clear across the pinch between Yamataian and Elysian. Here, he met the unusual Freespacer race in a diplomatic party with some of his comrades. Though, it was to soon be seen that these Freespacers were a little 'too' unusual. Conversations with the inquisitive Synthetic Intelligence left Kokuten dazed and baffled. A hasty bit of diplomacy was signed, and the Nepleslians and Freespacers were an officially allied people. Kokuten felt lucky, he survived the entire event without getting stabbed or assaulted by the unusual mechanoids.


Kokuten, like most marines, was happy to return home after the mind-numbing event with the Freespacers. Luckily, the Marines would soon get a chance to unwind, through free tickets to an Aethersperm concert. Though not a direct fan of the band, Kokuten was not any less willing to go. Most of the concert was a blur after the bands electronics and harmonics caused his electronic eyes to short out.

The rest of the night was spent with him being alone and drunk, but such are many nights for the Chiaki.

The Kennewes Offensive

After the short liberty, the Medic would find himself out on the Alliance again. Once more, he would administer the usual medical exams and give everyone their brainspiders. After such, he was sent to join his fellow members of Alpha squad and ready up to jump into the chaos of which was the surface of Kennewes. His squad's job was to gain control of a local water treatment center. The mission was shaky, especially since it was Kokuten's first live-action mission. For long hours they held the plant after securing it, holding off attacks, but soon they found they were being overwhelmed.

This was when the Blackguard, a special branch of marines, arrived to support Alpha squad and repel the assault. Even with his combat inexperience, Kokuten made it through the mission unscathed. He and his squad even got to meet the Master General of the Marine Corps when the facility was secured.

After long hours of fighting and surviving, the Kennewes Offensive had ended.

A Transfer of Mind and Body

Not all had transpired well during the mission, many Marines died in effort to see the Kennewes Offensive through. It was up to Kokuten and Suku to sort out the bodies. Most troubling of the duty was finding that his best friend, Adrian Decane, was among the dead. Through the miracle of technology, however, he was able to save a lucky group of these dead from permanently dying through the use of the brainspiders.

I'm Already Homesick

After the tough duty of despiderization, the Marines were sent to the debriefing, giving by Pyros Thrull Westwood. It was here that Kokuten was told that he was being transfered out of the Marine Corps and into the Naval Corps, and was to receive his promotion to Petty Officer. From there, Kokuten was transfered away from his home on the Alliance. He felt sentimental, and probably would've teared up if it weren't for the fact he lacked tear ducts. The Alliance was his 'first day of school', the place where he learned to be a Marine, a man. That ship was where he made some very good friends, and being transferred to colony duty meant losing those good friends.

Operation: CB

Serving on the Frontier

Operation: CB was an extensive effort for further colonization and maintenance of the Northwest Expansion. Nepleslia called forth a large number of its professionals and soldiers to help power the effort. Kokuten was one of these professionals, who was employed in programs to further knowledge of medicine and surgery. Upon finishing these programs, he was sent across the Northern Expansion, setting up hospital areas in the systems he was stationed and serving the sick. He even went to Abjection to establish a medical station for the security division there and review the health conditions of the work areas(minus prison cells.)

Cirrus Station

Nimbus Station

After a long tour through the Northern Expanse, Kokuten was given the option of returning home, picking a position elsewhere, or a position of active duty somewhere. He chose to pick a position elsewhere, and that somewhere was the Cirrus Research Station. There he was appointed to Squad 267 as security detail in the research areas. After his Squad Sergeant choked on one of the wide variety of Snacks the station had to offer, he was appointed to Sergeant. When his Captain suffered the same fate, he was bumped up to Captain.

Original Skirmishes

In a small twist of bureaucratic fate, Kokuten was reassigned to Squad 35, an already infamous group, known for the hi-jinks and crazy missions they completed. His first mission as Captain was to have his squad oversee the coming and going Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials personnel. However, the regularly peaceful endeavor turned into a horrible firefight. As pirates attacked the station, the Vinross Yu-Cranker Uniques, their personal fighting force sprung into action, which resulted into more firefights between themselves and Squad 35.

High-Speed Trains

After a short reassignment elsewhere after the escapade with the Uniques, Kokuten found himself in the center of trouble again as Squad 35 was trying to stop a runaway tram. During the chaos, the Neplelsian Doctor took command after the civilians on the train were evacuated on another tram. He led the unit up the length of the train, only to split up the team after Goat, a large automata, separated the train in two halves. Kokuten went to the non-engine half with Akio and Method, while giving command of the engine side to "Deacon". Kokuten pulled the brake on his half to only slow the train, whilst Claire pulled the brake on Deacon's side. Eventually, the train was stopped and the disaster was adverted, but not without a great deal of injury to Squad 35 itself.

A Deep Place

After being given the chance to lick their wounds and return to duty, Squad 35, headed by their ever LED-eyed Captain, took leave from Cirrus Station with Cassefin and Purina down to Fortuna. There, Kokuten found himself amazed by a massive example of Nepleslian industry called The Sinkstrip. The wonder of its immenseness was outweighed by one fact, revealed by Cassefin herself; The strip was owned by Yu-Cranker. Such a realization warranted a bit wariness, and great suspicious from the increasingly untempered Chiaki.

Such wariness was warranted, when the strip came under the attack of eco-terrorists. By that point, Cassefin revealed the real mission behind their coming to the Sinkstrip. In that, they were sent out to contend with aforementioned terrorists and deal with them. They were able to reach their objective, but not with, once again, great injury to themselves.


In depths of the Cirrus station, a deep-chill had overtaken a few of the warehouse areas in the lower ends of the facility. Cassefin called on her trust Squad along with other choice squads to investigate the issue. Not twenty minutes into their investigation, a beast called a Quahhg snatched up their leader and took her into the frosty depths of the storage facility. In vicious pursuit, Kokuten and his team split up and sought out to save her. In the process, they found hell answering with not just one, but four Quahhgs. Three young that were killed in consecutive order, but not before they inflicted losses on the maintenance crews.

What followed was a blur for the young Squad Captain, a bloody theater on the snow. As soon as they found the Head Administrator, she was found as well again by the Quahhg, and gored. In the ensuing battle, Kokuten and his squad limped, bled, and fought to keep the woman alive against all odds. In the end, they were successful, but at great costs.

Drifting Onward

In a short-lived reign, a new Administrator took the place of Cassefin, a Red sympathizer and eventual plotter to the demise of the station. Kokuten, and what remained of Squad 35 were instrumental in disassembling the man's influence, and routing the extent of his corruption. The Chief Security Captain among them, and dead by Chiaki's hands by the end of it. The world had practically spun upside down at that point, but the ride didn't end.

With Cassefin's return, Chiaki played a role in routing out the last invisible hand that tugged at the strings of Cirrus Station, Laj Vinross Yu. Once exposed, uncovered, and wrangled, Kokuten went back to his usual work. The Cirrus Station began a new age of development, and its LED-eyed Squad Captain faded off into the rest of the visored security forces.


Seeking the Gold Standard

After serving for many years on Cirrus Station, Chiaki was forced to take a new assignment. Despite desiring to stay where he was, he was unable to do so while continuing his career in the Star Military. As a result, he was sent to serve on Nepleslia Prime for a brief stint at a base garrison, but found the work too idle for his taste even if it allowed him to practice his trade. He felt robbed of his simple, yet violent life on the Cirrus, and that his ambition had grown heavier than his rank could carry him. So, in YE 38, Kokuten sought a commission as a Second Lieutenant, and went through training to prepare for life as an officer.

Fighting Fatnecks

2nd Lieutenant Chiaki's first mission was to take command of a small squad and medical battalion on the planet of New Bernese. There was an insurgency that had taken place planetside, and demanded the attention of the USMC and the 309th Armored Infantry was the tip of the spear. After arriving with the second wave, Chiaki was heavily involved in the goings-on of Fort Puckett and the coordination of field assets. Most importantly was his role in leading his portion of the unit, known as 'Thick Squad', of which he devoted a majority of his time in patrols, training, and coordination.

Six months into his deployment, Chiaki's golem caught a mine during a routine patrol. The explosion tore away his right leg and left knee, and he was forced to spend a month having the limbs replaced and in follow-on recovery. He has since returned to duty, continuing his command of Thick Squad, albeit with much more metal attached.

Service Record

Soldier 3rd Class

Soldier 1st Class

  • Promoted for service at Nepleslia Prime and Elysia.
  • Assigned to Special Medical Team, Unity Base.
  • Assigned back to the NSS Alliance


  • Promoted for good conduct, representation, and diplomatic skill while meeting the Freespacers.

Petty Officer

  • Promoted with transfer to the Navy and began a tour of duty in Colony Space as a Medical Specialist.

Staff Sergeant

Master Sergeant

  • Placed at Master Sergeant during the restructuring of the Nepleslian rank system.

Second Lieutenant

  • Elevated to the rank of Second Lieutenant upon finishing his candidacy school.

Medical Record

Cirrus Station

  • Various injuries spread over several missions
  • Limbs replaced



Chiaki has always prided himself on being able to spot a cold. In training he learned how to diagnose and treat conditions, apply first aid and emergency care (CPR, etc). He also was taught how to work in and use hospital equipment and perform field surgery/general surgery if given the proper tools/facilities. In the Colonial Expansion, Kokuten's medical experience grew in recognizing problems affecting the bodies of not just Nepleslians, but other races as well. His experience has allowed him to become a well-seasoned practitioner. While his expanded knowledge mostly stretches across the Medicinal side of treatment, his ability to properly rip a bullet out of a bleeding chest has not diminished.


Chiaki is a well-versed story-teller and musician, he prefers to play the piano in his off-time. These were successful skills that would earn him friends for years to come. While growing up, his father taught him how to play all manners of things, and he seemed to have a natural knack of retelling tales from the books he reads. Whenever he has idle to do so, he'll work on writing or compositions to blow off steam.


In his youth, Kokuten learned to speak Yamatai-go and had lived off of Trade. He learned to read, write, and curse in both languages fluently. In the Military Communications training, he learned send transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Along with this came the usual and rudimentary silent communication abilities.

Fighting and Physical

Chiaki often got into fights as a kid, and won, due to his powerful arms. However, upon entering the Star Army, he learned how to use those arms correctly. He received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. He is trained to use a slew of military weaponry and has the ability to repair them with the right tools and time. In actual combat, he is able to execute the use of most common Nepleslian Power Armor series, including earlier models from the initial founding of Nepleslia.

Through his career; bar-brawls, fist-fights, and street salutations has given him a proper comprehension of using his surroundings to settle hand-to-hand disagreements. Despite being a peaceful person by nature, he derives a quiet satisfaction from unarmed combat, using fisticuffs to fight other people.


Never being an outside person, Kokuten had a hard time learning his survival skills in basic. Though, with trial and error he learned how to survive in hostile environments. He learned to build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. Even camouflage himself and become familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics. Mud-stomping out in Kennewes during the offensive taught him proper application of these tactics and taught him how to further judge proper conditions for advancing and moving ground forces.

Tactics and Discipline

Chiaki's training in the old Green Boot back in YE 28 taught in the essentials of working together as a Marine in a team. In this he learned that if he was the highest rank, he would need to make decisions that may cost a life. Live combat has taught him that this is the truth. He knows his maps, and distances, and understands where and when he can flank/ambush/assault a point. Further training in life gave him the ability to coordinate larger bands of Marines into combat, and coordinate with field commanders in order to successfully accomplish strategic objectives.


It's said that Knowledge is power, it was Kokuten's(and just about every Chiaki's) philosphy that Knowledge was the path to success. Kokuten learned the basic laws, history, and culture of most of the discovered planets in his early teens. Even though he lost interest in going to a career concerning this, he still kept interest in the stories of old events. Kokuten is also versed in areas of history pertaining to other races and the culture of those said races. Anthropology serves as a fancy hobby of his he likes to indulge in when he's not working on his chops.


During his service in the colonies, Kokuten was placed over several other medical workers as they maintained the health of certain colonies across Northwest Expansion. Here Kokuten learned how to manage people and divide them into areas depending on their strengths. This ascended further when he took his commission, learning how to properly coordinate military logistics, manage personnel, and delegate tasks as a field commander.


Kokuten's experience in the military led him to meet a wide variety of people, and even meeting different races. He found himself learning more about the different kinds of people and cultures of some. His interest delves especially into Freespacers because of their unique heritage and lifestyle. Experience by being present at diplomatic sessions has given ideas of what should be taken into account represent two groups at such discussions. Not to mention he's needed to mitigate many fights and brawls from among his fellow marines.


There was a bit to be learned when it came to moving around the colonies in the expanse, as there was little initial mass-transit between cities in its budding start. There he learned the basics of driving certain cars and trucks, and takes a personal interest in certain heavy moving vehicles.


Kokuten's encounters with other races has given a decent idea of the goings on between two large factions when it comes to international diplomacy. However, he only has enough experience to mediate between minor groups, rather than representing an entire nation. He is able to apply his mixture of cultural knowledge with a general awareness for other races, and use it to make a decent impression when the impression matters.




2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate 2 Button-up short-sleeved overshirt, blue, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate 1 Double Breasted Jacket, a dark tan 1 Turtleneck, Dark green 4 T-Shirts, white 4 underwear, white 2 Blue jeans 2 Khaki cargo pants 1 Office slacks, a dark tan 1 Beret, green, with flash patch 1 Garrison hat, blue, with flash patch 1 pair gloves, leather, black 1 pair boots, black (or khaki) 1 pair of shoes, brown 1 pair of finger-cut gloves, leather, brown 6 pair boot Socks, white 1 Belt, dark brown 1 White strap, fits around any arm, has a red cross on it 1 double-strap belt, brown


2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, blue 2 T shirt, white, with fleet number on the right chest 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, brown


2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, blue 2 Work-out shorts, light blue 2 Work-out shorts, khaki 1 Pair of trunks, green, fleet number on right leg 1 Pair of trunks, blue, fleet number on right leg

Massive Items

Weapons, Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 2 Packs of cigarillos
  • 1 Lighter
  • 1 Flask, filled with a distilled agent
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.
  • 1 AwesomeCorp DataJockey, Veteran Military Version.

Contents of Data Jockey

  • Standard Features.
  • Military Features.
  • Notes about most people Kokuten has met.
  • Collection of short memoirs of his early life.
  • Journal.
  • Several small game programs.
  • The NSS Alliance Cruise Book.
  • A large collection of movies.
  • Letters from home.
  • Old files regarding previous assignments.

Rank Patches

Private 3rd Class Private 1st Class Sergeant Petty Officer Staff Sergeant Master Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant


Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 5th Marine kokutennavy.jpg Navy kokutenswankycopy.jpg Formal kokutencasual.jpg Casual
  • Marine

Description: At the start of his military career, Kokuten joined the Nepleslian Empire at it's birth. This marine uniform was the standard for all personell and was what Kokuten wore until he joined the Navy.

  • Navy

Description: This uniform was what was issued to Kokuten once he joined the Navy branch of the DIoN.

  • Formal

Description: Kokuten wears this on the non-military occasions that require a formal look.

  • Casual

Description: A semi-military casual look.

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