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Koyama is an Nekovalkyrja played by Soresu.

Pronunciation: Koh-Yah-Mah
Species: Nekovalkyrja Born: YE 35
Gender: Female Height: 5'2“ / 158.49 cm.
Age: Six (Born: January 20th YE 35) Weight: 99 lb. / 44.90 kg.
Military Status: Ittô Hei, Engineer Nation Of Origin: Yamatai Star Empire
Lineage: NH-29 Zodiac Aquarius
Current Location
YSS Sakura II

Koyama In Roleplay

Koyama is the youngest child of Ketsurui Samurai Kôsuka, and sister to war hero and princess Ketsurui Kotori. As of now, Koyama has since enlisted in the Star Army of Yamatai and been transferred back to Black Sands Test Range after a brief assignment on the YSS Junpu. After a brief stay with the Black Knights she has since been assigned to the YSS Sakura II

Voice, Themes, Name

Kanji Translation & Meaning

Koyama: 小山 'Small Mountain'

Voice Reference



Name Relation Age Occupation
Kôsuka Mother 13 YE Samurai
Kotori Elder Sister 12 YE Taisa, Starship Captain

Psychological Characteristics

Older now, Koyama has had to grow up quickly to 'survive' at Samurai House, taking what she has learned there and applying it in her day to day life. Considered the 'runt' of her unorthodox family, Koyama has become stubborn in holding her ground or staying the course once a decision has been made. But she has also become sly; almost whimsical when dealing with the oft times physically larger, stronger and more skilled 'sisters' she lives with. Driven, Ambitious, Passionate when concerning herself, Koyama is still young and has yet to temper these unbridled emotions with patience and wisdom.


One of the only currently known quirks is that concerning a certain surname. Desiring become and to use Ketsurui as her surname, Koyama knows she must earn the right to utilize it through both decisions and actions. As such she strives to perform her duties quickly and efficiently knowing every little bit will only serve to entice her peers to acknowledge her.

However while she aspires to do so, Koyama's ambition concerning noble station and names to have a twin in that she also desires to become a Taisho which she also pursues. Despite having a healthy respect for certain members of the Ketsurui, Koyama feels others have tarnished the name through their own folly. This has only served to make Koyama aspire to be better than those individuals and show them this through her accomplishing it. She's also a fan of “Small Victories” while they may not appear to have a greater impact than one many times its size and are often overlooked. Koyama believes something small can also cause huge upsets and turn the tide of conflicts, political maneuvering or even the rise or downfall of whole nations.



  • Koyama likes lemon-flavored… candy.
  • She's also very fond of Blue fin Tuna, but especially ōtoro.
  • Koyama also enjoys Tempura, particularly involving prawns or scallops.
  • By far, Koyama enjoys beef more than chicken or pork, but can be fairly picky concerning what type of beef. She's shown a love for cuts of meat from a particularly expensive and scarce form of cattle on Yamatai known for its intense marbling and quality.
  • Oddly enough she also enjoys Lychee Fruit, something she blames her mother for.


  • Koyama, despite being small enjoys some martial sports, particularly fencing which she practices with fervor when not spending time with her mother, or being 'taught' by one of the Samurai Elders: Chizuru. But now however she practices whenever she has a free chance between duty shifts.
    • While unusual, Koyama enjoys hiding, and climbing both things she has since learned to employ when confronted with lessons from Chizuru.
    • Since the time she was eight-inches tall, Koyama has been an avid reader. Particularly of dramas, historical documents and also fiction.


  • Her mother.
  • Her sister.


  • Ear-Pulling
  • Bland Meals
  • Bullying
  • Snow


Koyama's current goals are rather murky and unfocused save for two. Earn the 'right' to utilize the Ketsurui name and show those she considers unworthy who use it what it truly should mean through her actions.

Miscellaneous Information

  • She's fairly protective of her ears due to excessive ear-pulling at the hands of one of her teachers.

Physical Appearance and Measurements

Koyama is a 'diamond in the rough'. She lacks the elegance, grace and poise of her elder sister, Kotori. While this can be attributed to her being young and inexperienced, Koyama is trying, but however still comes off as awkward. Stubborn, bullheaded even as she tries to refine and improve herself through trial and error.


Height 5'2” / 158.49 cm
Weight 99 lb. / 44.90 kg
Bust 28“ / 71cm
Waist 21” / 53cm
Hips 29“ / 73cm
Cup Size 28 A

Facial Features and Eye Coloration

Bearing a resemblance to both her mother and sister, Koyama's features differ only in minor ways due to a difference in size when compared to her elders. Koyama shares the defined jawline, angular chin and high-cheekbones of her sister, but has a subtle fullness of the lips in comparison to Kotori's more slender set. However they both share the same narrow nose with its smooth bridge but with a softer curvature of the sharper symmetrical eyebrows of her sister.

Much like Kotori, Koyama's eyes are her dominating facial feature: Large, almond-shaped like Kotori's they differ in coloration. Whereas Kotori's eyes are a shade of amber with an iridescent quality, Koyama's are more of a molten gold color decidedly lacking the iridescence of her elder sister's eyes. They however make up for this lack of iridescence with a metallic sheen that is observable in certain lighting.

Hair and Ears


Much like her mothers', Koyama's are those of a cat's, and have a short coating of jet-black fur while the interior contains a small, downy puff of white fur useful in keeping water out. When touched, the furred exterior has an almost velvet or soft felt-like textural quality.


Koyama was born with straight, jet-black hair. While initially worn short, she has since grown her hair out to where it now rests a little past the middle of her back in length. Style wise, Koyama adopts either a side swept, or wispy fringe, while the side-locks and remainder have been layered to some degree to lend the illusion of more volume and length.

Build and Skin Coloration


Small framed, and svelte of build, Koyama's lack of ample feminine curvature while normally could be considered a hindrance instead enhances the already fragile, doll-like appearance.

Skin Coloration

Like her mother and sister, Koyama's skin is a pale, milky white that contrasts between her jet-black hair and eye color.

Miscellaneous Information

Koyama has a beauty mark under her right eye, directly to the left near the outer eye. While rare amongst Nekovalkyrja, the 'mark' is not a mole but instead a very dark freckle.

Pre-RP History

Born January 20th of YE 35 to the samurai Kosuka, Koyama lived with her mother at Samurai House on the planet Yamatai. It was here that she has learned the necessities to survive not only living in such a place, but outside of its walls. Since growing up, Koyama has enlisted with the military, now a Itto Hei with aspirations in climbing the ranks she has been transferred from the Tenth Standard Fleet, to Black Sands Testing Range.

RP History

Task Force Lantern

In YE 35, Koyama had been assigned to Task Force Lantern as a Santo-Hei, Engineer. Along with her friend and guard, Chi (血) she came from humble beginnings into a career fraught with both danger and rewards. Not much went on during her stay within Lantern's halls worth mentioning.



While not militarily trained, Koyama is capable of utilizing basic self-defense techniques in hand to hand combat. Despite this she has however been training herself in a more archaic form of combat. Rapier fencing taught to her by Chizuru Saya, while anachronistic by today's standards of Sora Mai, and more 'traditional' Samurai Sword Fighting styles, Koyama feels it is still an effective method of combat. Especially when utilized by Nekovalkyrja due to the pinpoint accuracy, timing and dexterity necessary to become adept at the form. Since enlisting she has received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program along with a SAINT-derived training regime. Having lived at Samurai House for most of her life, she has had the opportunity to learn from the cream of the Empire when it comes to the art of combat. This has had the effect of making her a very flexible, fluid fighter if so inclined.

Koyama is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Military weapons she is trained in include small-arms slug throwers, energy pistols, knives, and power armor.


Koyama is capable of speaking, reading and writing both Yamataian and Trade. However due to her Yamataian accent it is somewhat difficult for her to be understood while speaking Trade at this time.


Having always shown an affinity for reading, Koyama is knowledgeable in Yamataian Law and the short history of the Yamataian Empire. While also possessing knowledge of Nepleslian History, and some of the laws of that nation it is no greater than an average citizen of the Democratic Imperium.


Koyama is a capable cook, but seems to be better at cleaning due to her assisting in keeping the various training halls of Samurai House clean and orderly. Although her ability in the kitchen might be lacking in some areas, she has excelled in others. Particularly with fish, beef dishes, and desserts.


Once Kosuka gave her daughter over to Chizuru Saya for 'training', Koyama has since learned the values of stealth. Particularly keeping herself hidden long enough to escape her teacher's grasp. She's also used what she has learned to steal from her teacher while leaving little to no trace of her entry.


The reason she had been trained by Saya, and a necessary skill her mother thought she would need. Surviving in a civilized world might be easy, but it renders one soft. Surviving in a harsh climate, the wilderness breaks softness. To this end, Koyama had been forced to learn the values of hunting for food, foraging, finding water sources and even land navigation by utilizing the stars and other archaic methods.

Technology Operation

Koyama is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information in addition to being able to write and develop programs based around the Kessaku OS.


While born with the knowledge of algebra and trigonometry, Koyama has since branched out to include areas such as Quantum Physics, Dimensional Theory, Aetheric Physics & Mechanics (Practical and Theoretical) and even Chaos Theory due to her work.

Maintenance & Repair

Koyama is capable of taking apart, maintaining and repairing most Yamataian Military Equipment.


Koyama has dabbled with designing her own devices, she has knowledge in how to fabricate and build standard Yamataian equipment. However the amount of time to do so is wholly dependent on material availability and complexity. Since she has begun working at Black Sands, Koyama has since studied in-depth number of branches in Engineering, blacksmithing and the workings of most standard civilian gear in addition to more complex Yamataian technology.


Star Army Equipment

Engineering Uniforms
  • (6) - Black Boyshorts
  • (6) - Black Sports Bras
  • (6) - pairs of Boot socks, black (for work uniform)
  • (4) - pairs of Crew Socks, white (for exercise uniform)
  • (4) - pairs of Dress Socks, light blue-gray (for service dress)

Maintenance Equipment


Koyama's Weapons

Ryōshi (猟師)

Meaning 'Hunter', Ryōshi is a deceptively slender straight blade known as a Rapier. From pommel to point it is roughly forty-six and a half inches of hand-forged alloyed material with a coating of Transparent Zesuaium. Untested in combat, Ryōshi for all appearances comes off as a delicate weapon. The swept wired guard is intricately crafted from durable material to survive cuts and direct impacts. The hilt is bone carved and inlaid with metallic wire for a firm grip. The ovoid pommel is constructed of steel acting as a counterweight/balance as well as weapon useful for bashing in close combat.

Kōjaku (黄雀)

'Sparrow' as per its translation into Trade is a ring dagger. Seven and a half inches of metal coated with Transparent Zesuaium, the weapon is utilized more for defense than an offensive role. But this does not mean it is not a deadly weapon. Double mono-molecular edge it can sever fingers, limbs or weaker metal if enough force is applied. Like its rapier counterpart, Kōjaku has a metallic wired bone hilt with a steel-capped ovoid pommel for close quarters fighting.

Type-33 NSP

Model 38 Special Duty Revolver

GP-13 Phased Pulse Pistol

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