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Kris Black

Kris Black
Kris Black
Species: Abwehran Oberflächenbewohner
Gender: Male
Age: 6 AY/24 YE
Height: 6'7“
Weight: 215 lbs.
Organization: Foreign Service
Occupation: Group Leader
Rank: Stabsfeldwebel
Current Placement: 69th Para-Military Squad

Kris Black in Roleplay

Kris Black is a player character played by Samuel and is currently involved in the plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'7” Mass: 215 lbs.

Build and Skin Color: Kris has broad, muscular shoulders and lightly tanned white skin. He is rather muscular, but prides himself on just how fast and how long he can run.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Kris has very deep blue eyes that flirt with the purple end of the spectrum. His face is also practically built to look like a Scholar's: A strong nose, a soft chin, and high cheeks that with a few years and a peppered beard would cause people to think of him as a professor in a university.

Hair Color and Style: Messy, short, dark brown hair and a well kept beard (Goatee and Mustache)

Distinguishing Features: His beard and eyes are possibly his most distinguishing features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: On the outside he presents himself as a shy, modest hero who prefers to guide rather than command and “Only does what needs to be done.”

But truly, he's a gibbering coward who regrets ever joining the military. He never holds a grudge – mostly because he tries to avoid people who have ticked him or he has ticked off – and he doesn't display anger. He is very careful of what he displays to the outward world, and always tries to find an excuse to place himself where the least amount of action would occur (the rear, or an unlikely but justifiable flank.) Typically, when not in a combat zone he spoils himself as much as possible, “Enjoying life” with the closest friends he has available.

He's also paranoid and understands that he's paranoid. He naturally chooses the best cover available and is a good judge of what weapons provide the necessary overkill in a mission – if he could bring a battery of artillery with him, he would.

Likes: Good cover, Good food, Good drink, Big guns, Entertainment of most kinds Dislikes: Open areas, having his back to a door or window, combat, taking point, the dark, new people Goals: To retire rich.


Family (or Creators)

Johan Black (Father) Metta Black (Mother)


Born AF 256, Kris grew up an only child. During his school years, he quickly learned that all confrontation got you was a bloody nose and a few more antagonists.

Directly out of school, he began taking odd jobs to appease his family as he continued to live in the same home that had raised him. Finally, in the last quarter of AF 259 he was kicked out. Without any money, and without any hope for himself, he joined the Weltraumflotte Marines.

Kris was then subjected to a brief period of peace where he quickly appealed and befriended his peers prior to deployment at Khorsovarolor. Kris then understood two things: He was indeed a coward, and how to avoid being exposed in battle. His peers among the enlisted and amongst the NCO's and Officers quickly found him to be an excellent guide book of what provided the best cover and how to more easily flank and eliminate the enemy. It wasn't a peaceful deployment, but Kris normally managed to avoid getting shot at directly. To his squad and to his platoon, he was cropping up to be a “good leader”.

It was in the closing days of the Khorsovarolor Occupation that he really had a chance to “Shine”. The Insurgency planned to unleash fusion warheads against the Abwehran Marines operating on the ground in a last-ditch effort to kick the “Occupiers” off of their homeworld. Kris's brigade was rushed into action.

Deep within the missile silo, Kris told his squad mates that someone needed to head back the “Dangerous path” to find another unit to aid their forward progress and to more quickly deal with the frequent firefights. Separated from his squad whom would continue to move through the red-lit and bloody halls, he quickly found himself lost and quite alone in enemy territory. Trying to find his way back to his squad, he stumbled upon the control room of the Missile Silo, and quickly gunned down the lightly-armed Khorsoi who were just as surprised to see him as he was of them.

Attributing his action to initiative and courage, he was awarded Rosenthal's Star in honor of his actions and was brought back to Abwehr to receive the medal. He was also granted his request to be put into the Foreign Service, who had not yet seen action and who he expected rarely would.



Kris Black is fluent in Abwehran and Trade. He has been educated in the proper procedures and format to write reports and fill out military documents in both. He also understands basic operations of shipboard communications systems and standard military communications equipment.


Kris Black has received training in basic close quarter combat using hand-to-hand, knife, and sword combat techniques. His training also included firearms and other standard equipment used by the Weltraumflotte.

Technology Operations

Kris Black can operate standard Abwehran shipboard computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. He has also been trained in the use of standard Power Armor and skinsuits.


Kris Black's mathematical education extends to basic calculus, algebra and trigonometry.

Military (Tactics)

Attributed to quick trial-and-error and some formal education, Kris Black is an expert at Cover and Concealment and understands basic military tactics and strategies. He is capable of issuing, receiving, and executing multi-step orders.


Evelyn Fritz can perform basic domestic chores, and can cook meals. Evelyn can also take care of children, and can maintain a household.


Kris Black has been educated in Military Law and Abwehran History. He is also familiar with a wide range of weapons systems, armor, power armor, and firearms commonly used by the Abwehran Star Empire.


Issued Gear



Kris Black is currently a Stabsfeldwebel in the Foreign Service.

Grand Total
7000 Credits
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
9000 Credits Starting Funds
7000 Credits -2K Touchcomputer
Note from FM: this will be remade in the new CCG revision

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