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Kryss Black

Kryss Black is a player character played by club24.

Kryss Black
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Public Team
Rank: Corporate Realtions
Current Placement: Horizon HQ

Physical Description

Kryss stands at 5’6” with a slim frame, measurements 36b-25-28 and weighs 110lbs. She sports an Undercut Pixie in the same sandy blonde colour as her father with a confident smile and deep blue eyes with a calculating undertone from her work as a deal broker. Her face is long and toned causing her to look slightly older and more serious at times than she is, her lips are wide and thin with a Light Blue lipstick.

Kryss usually dresses in a white and blue Business Suit but when not on official business will often dress in white tank top with a white and blue short cut jacket and cargo pants with black heavy lace-up boots. Kryss communicates herself as a serious and results driven individual with her purposeful body language and actions however she has a soft almost sweet voice which helped her earn the nickname of “Princess of Ice” within the Galactic Horizon office.

Art by AbyssWatchers


Kryss is a person who likes to get things done and won’t stand for nonsense when on a job and will work to achieve the best outcome in the shortest time but has adapted to certain situations where a less direct approach is more effective. She is a more reserved person than others her age and prefers productive talk rather than an overly long social call but on occasions will be more open to social interaction.

As the daughter of Galactic Horizon CEO Riccard Black she aims to eventually take control of the company when her father is unable to run it any longer and pushes herself to work efficiently to prove she is capable of continuing the business. This has led to a less feminine outward appearance as Kryss pushes herself to be the best and can be surprising when compared to her physical appearance.


Kryss Black was born in YE 20 just two minutes after her twin brother Donvan on Planet Yamatai in her parents small home, she and her brother were cared for by their loving parents who did their best to provide for them during their early years. Her father worked full time while her mother would remain at home and care for Kryss and Donvan before they were old enough to attend public education, at school the twins both performed above average compared to their classmates and while Donvan become popular through his success and social ability Kryss often went to the library to study or work and was soon labelled as a fraud who was getting high results from her brother due to being so disconnected and her less feminine appearance.

Kryss grew up learning how to deal with the criticism that accompanies being anti-social and devoted herself to improving her knowledge and results, Donvan had tried to defend his sister and as a result was losing popularity and self-confidence. Kryss cared about her older brother and didn't want to see him lose the good things he had and so openly admitted to cheating despite her brother's pleas, things returned to the way they had been from then on. After graduating Kryss managed to convince her father to pick up his old project, Dawn with his old friends, she assisted him on completing the project and spent her second year after graduating working day and night to complete the project.

As they neared completion Kryss suggested starting a company for the group to move into as the next step, she'd heard of S6 through her father on various occasions and persuaded him to discuss their plans with the advanced R&D organisation based on Planet Osman. After the negotiations had been completed and the once pipe-dream had become a reality Kryss and her family moved to 188604 to begin work at the new company owned by Riccard Black, Galactic Horizon. Having studied some business law and diplomacy through her education Kryss was appointed as Horizon's very capable corporate liaison and would be responsible for all dealings with S6 and other groups.

Art on left Crystal

Art on right by a personal friend2)

Skills Learned

Kryss Black has the following notable skills:

  • Humanities: Kryss studied psychology and diplomacy through various public education means and learning various other points from her mother and father who have both been in the corporate industry for several years. Learning about different diplomatic methods and the science of the mind was a necessary part of her education to operate as a corporate liaison for her father’s company.
  • Technology Operation: Having grown up with her father who often brought his work home Kryss developed an understanding of most of the standard systems used by technology and how to create her own. Having now joined Horizon she needs an understanding the kinds of product designs they create to effectively communicate details in meetings with other groups.

Social Connections

Kryss Black is connected to:


  • Samantha Black (Mother)

Inventory & Finance

Kryss Black currently has 3000 KS.

1 x Personal PDA

OOC Information

In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
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