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Kub'lukov Dom'inic Vik'tor

Kub'lukov Dom'inic Vik'tor is a player character played by Mortem.

Kub'lukov Dom'inic Vik'tor
Species: Shukaren - Laibe
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5' 8โ€œ
Weight: 125lbs
Organization: Youth Corps
Occupation: Space Marine
Rank: A'Fuereb
Current Placement: NSV Gam'trosha

Preferred Plots

  1. NSV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 8โ€
  • Mass: 125lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: At his height, Vik'tor has a skinny build with a few hints of muscle underneath and black fur to match the night that covers most of his body. His red tail has a black tip on it and measures around 1' 7โ€œ an has fur that is longer than the rest of his body.

Eyes and Facial Features: His round red eyes match that of a rose and his muzzle is shorter than most his age.

Ears: His triangular, vulpine ears share the same black shade as most of his body and white fuzz covers the insides of his ears

Hair Color and Style: The black hair on top of his head matches that of his fur and is in a roman style, slightly longer in length than that of the rest of the fur on his body.

Distinguishing Features: On his knuckles, there are scars of varying sizes and each has its own story.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vik is a pessimist by nature due to the equal amount of fortune and misfortune that seems to follows a good day. With strangers and acquaintances, Vik'tor plays a posture of welcoming with one hand, whilst arming the other behind his back. But this is an act is only if he absolutely has to, if social encounters ever goes his way, Vik'tor would prefer to keep his mouth shut. Having learned the hard way that there is an equal amount of evil as there is good in the world, a little generosity and kindness is in his nature.Those with whom Vik'tor has a close relationship with find a much more forgiving side of the young Laibe. It is easy for one to ask any of his friends and hear about how he's honest and protective to a fierce extent.

On matters of combat, Vik'tor reserves himself only to the last moment when he knows his own life or the life of an innocent or friend is in jeopardy. This is because the Laibe fights to conquer and win by using every dirty trick in the book. Defeat is only a name that will attach itself to Vik when there is no other option, but this does not mean he stand against impossible odds on a glory hunt.

  • Likes: Virtual reality gaming, music, intelligent discussion, firearms and reading.
  • Dislikes: Sudden noises, general idiocy, loosing and disrespect to authority.
  • Goals: With no real idea on what he'd like to set himself upon, Vik settles for having no regrets in his life.



Father - Kub'lukov Dom'inic Ab'ram Mother - Kub'lukov Ros'tov Ana'stasiya Aunt - Got'ti Mya'moto Angel'ica


Born under a house that was known most for career soldiers with a strict moral code, Vik'tor grew up under the assumption everyone expected him to be some kind of wartime hero. However, the mighty goal placed down upon him was of his own imagination in his younger years due to family teasing him, but the youth tried his best to train his body as best as he could. As he grew older, he understood that nobody in his family was demanding him to be someone to write stories about, but the idea of going to war had a strange attraction to it that lured Vik'tor in. The first set of scars he earned on his knuckles were when he was practice sword-fighting with a friend when the friend swung far to the right and he moved his stick to block the attack, though he put too much force behind it and his hands found themselves in harms way instead.

In some of his last years in civilian life, Vik'tor worked at a restaurant as an assistant cook. There, the Laibe learned responsibility and the cost of failed teamwork, which resulted in a few extra scars on his hands. After his father had convinced him to leave his job as an assistant cook, Vik ended up becoming a member of his father's private security company. However, due to him being the CEO's only kit and the father being one to worry about how his bloodline would continue Vik'tor didn't get much in the field experience.

Not much later he had signed on to the Youth Corps once his thirst for action and sense of duty had mixed together, his private security work would come into play. The result was the Laibe was given a post as a retainer to a Daur noble named Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross.

During training in the Youth Corps for close quarters, the Laibe locked up constantly. Despite the pretend sword duels he had with friends in his younger kit years, he never was able to get past observing the foe's movements and going against them on the defensive or offensive. But when his mind and body focused when behind a weapon meant for range, Vik'tor found out that he was gifted in marskmanship. This was partially because of his hobby in VR gaming, but that wasn't what had him going back to the range for practice when ever possible. It was the different kind of precision required for a weapon of range that Vik'tor almost craved. Since he enjoyed it so much and started off rather well to begin with, Vik'tor was easily able to place as the second best shot in his class.



With a combination of general education and home teachings, Vik'tor is fluent in Tinacen and enjoys the wide range of literature written down in his native language.


During training, Vik'tor discovered he had a natural talent for firearms that required both hands.

Reflex timing

With VR gaming being his one hobby before joining the Youth Corpse, Vik'tor loved to test his mind with VR gaming and unnoticed by him, his reaction times improved slightly.


Granted where he worked before becoming a Marine, Vik'tor had to struggle to get to the skill level he is at now with the cooking. Despite having to beat talent with hard work, Vik is an good substitute for when the chef isn't around.

Threat detection

With an extra training course stuffed into him as a retainer, Vik'tor has the means of analyzing someone or something and understanding the risks that follow the entity.


A surprise to everyone, including himself, Vik'tor has a vocal talent that allows him to accurately sing poems, songs and any other vocal art with the intended pitch.


Naturally light-footed, Vik'tor finds himself accidentally sneaking up on other Marines, which makes him wonder how well he could do if he actually applied himself.


Kub'lukov Dom'inic Vik'tor has the following items:


Kub'lukov Dom'inic Vik'tor is currently an A'Fuereb in the Youth Corps.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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