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Species: Nekovalkyrja (unknown type)
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years (as of early YE 34)
Height: 5โ€™6โ€ (170cm)
Weight: 108 lbs (49kg)
Organization unofficial Project THOUGHT
Occupation Janitor
Current Placement Nishitama
Player Toshiro (GMNPC)

Kuroi is a GM-controlled NPC played by Toshiro. She serves as a janitor in the Nishitama Ports as well as in Project THOUGHT and Bad Office, and performs her duties admirably. In spite of her rank, the woman is close friends with Minaroi Hisa and tries to help keep her in line as an unofficial aide. Often this means fulfilling requirements of her job or otherwise performing beyond her obligations.

Kuroi is tall for a Nekovalkyrja, and fairly busty with an upper C-cup. Her hair is long and raven purple/black, often covering blue eyes. How she sees clearly is confusing to some, but most dismiss her presence quickly. She often wears a blue jumpsuit and cap, along with a belt containing assorted cleaning supplies. The fact she is a Nekovalkyrja indicates her to be a former Star Army of Yamatai soldier of some sort, but she declines to discuss her past. Speculation exists that she is a former prisoner of war or had some other reason to leave the Army for Nishitama. Her history before the start of participation with Teat Team One is not known to those except Hisa and her superiors.

She often does not engage in combat, but has been seen in a variety of outfits and roles, indicating a possible information gathering and courier position. She is known within Test Team One to have worked as a waitress specifically to secure information from loose-lipped YNP personnel. As part of her position, she is required to wear assorted outfits, though this is as much due to Hisa's love of cosplay as it is necessity to Kuroi.

Though her position is limited within Test Team One to behind-the-scenes activity, she has served to deliver items to the YSS Eucharis in a santa outfit as a courier and has used most recently infiltrated the Tachibana Clan's Nishitama base to access their computer systems while they group was distracted by an attack on two other fronts.


YE 33
  • Kuroi helped advise Minaroi Hisa to form Test Team One with her as the leader
  • Went undercover as a waitress to gather information on the local Yamatai National Police chief's plans, which included the prevention of military forces being mobilized within Nishitama.
  • Delivered cargo to the YSS Eucharis while in a Santa uniform
YE 34
  • Infiltrated Tachibana Clan command center in Nishitama, obtained critical computer data from their systems for analysis.

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