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Kyeterinyah DePolanskaya

Kyeterinyah DePolanskaya is a player character played by SirSkully

Kyeterinyah DePolanskaya
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Year of Birth: 760
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Field Operator
Rank: Operator
Current Placement: Neshaten Division 5

Physical Description

Kyeterinyah stands at a rather average 4’8”, her figure is tight and athletic though lean rather than being muscled – there is a noticeable bit of definition to her limbs and core and it shows she is a speedy, limber individual rather than a power house. A pair of fit, somewhat shapely swimmer’s legs lead up to her toned, heart-shaped rear and decently flared hips before tapering in to her taut abdomen – her arms carry a similar level of athleticism as her legs and frame her perky chest, while the rest of her sisters are a b or c-cup1) at most Kyeterinyah ended up with a hefty d-cup chest that rivals her mother’s own bosom.

Kyeterinyah has a rather mousey and petite face with pert lips and high cheekbones that accentuate her small button nose – overall her skin carries the DePolanskaya shade of porcelain that makes her already bright eyes seem more so, golden with a few specks of her Mother’s green pigment scattered throughout. Out of all 12 kits she came out with the darkest shades of fur and hair, darker than the light golden-brown the rest of her siblings and Father carry though not so much that you’d mistake her for not being one of their own. Kyet relishes any opportunity to paint camo over her face and does a good job of it though isn’t a fan of wearing makeup unless there is no other option, her butt-length hair is usually kept loose and flows down her back when off duty or done into a quick ponytail when on duty – with two large ears poking out the top, each as fluffy as her massive tail that swishes around with a mind of its own.

When not in uniform Kyet can often be found wearing a pair of athletic tactical running boots, exercise shorts, a tank top and her favourite cap – adding leggings and a large hoodie in colder temperatures.


Kyeterinyah is rather quiet person as a whole, she usually hides away in the corners of a crowded room and prefers to mutter things under her breath rather than get into an argument with somebody – this isn’t to say she is a coward though, when the going gets tough you can count on Kyet to knuckle down and help her friends pull through. Around people she is closest to Kyeterinyah is a rather tactile person, enjoying gestures such as hugs, hand holding and pats on the head though you’d never know unless you were a part of this small clique – she has trouble opening up to other people about her emotions in general and moreso when something is troubling her, preferring to try and just deal with it internally rather than make it someone else’s problem.

Kyet never swears though she won’t call out people who choose to do it themselves, it is just the way she is and she respects when others are comfortable with any quirks they may have. She rather enjoys the peace of losing oneself in the sounds of nature, or simply sitting by a rumbling fireplace and drifting off to catch a bit of shut eye – when not on duty Kyet can either be found keeping herself in shape, fiddling with her blades or slinking around in the background.


Kyet was the second last kit the DePolanskaya family had before deciding to stop at the number 12, she was never the most vocal baby and rarely cried which lead to her parents worrying despite doctors telling them she was a perfectly healthy little bundle of fuzz. As she grew into a young child it became clearer Kyeterinyah was just a quiet person, noticeably so compared to the rest of her siblings who always seemed to have something to talk about.

At the age of 9 she joined up with the youth corps as an agent and found she rather enjoyed working to protect others, after her stint there it only made sense that Kyet would transition into the Division of Public Safety to further her want to keep people safe – later following up when one of her superiors recommended the Daur to try her hand with the recruitment drive for Division 5 personnel.


Skills Learned

Communications: In addition to knowing Tinacen like every other Daur Kyet is also fluent in reading, writing and speaking Yamataigo and Trade, having taken an interest in learning both quite thoroughly.

Fighting: Having served in the youth corps when she was younger and then having gone through two more sets of training until landing herself a job in Division 5 Kyeterinyah is well versed with most kinds of weaponry though more skilled with pistols, sub machine guns and her two blades - though it should be noted she has expressed an interest in improving her skill with sniper and marksman rifles.

Physical: Being a rather lean and athletic individual Kyet is quite speedy and agile due to constantly keeping herself in shape, though she may not be bulked out or a powerhouse she is certainly dexterous enough to seemingly make up for it.

Rogue: An Agent prior to joining Division 5 and being a generally quiet person means very few people can find Kyet if she doesn’t want to be found – trained to be effective during covert operations in addition to having a natural knack for moving almost silently.

Technology Operation: Though maybe not to the same level as her older sister who works at Galactic Horizon Kyet certainly knows her way around computers and how to make them do what she wants – being a quiet kid and having a combat engineer for a Father meant there was always some new kind of technology to busy herself learning the ins and outs of.

Social Connections

Inventory and Finance

This operator has the following items:

5000 RN

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the Neshaten equivalent in comparison to their bodies anyway

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