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Kyle Dee

Kyle Dee is a player character played by Dragon God.

Kyle Dee
Species & Gender: Male Human
Date of Birth: 29日 6月 YE 20
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Mercenary Mech Pilot
Rank: None
Current Placement: ISS-Brimstone

Physical Description

Currently, Kyle stands at 5’10”[177.8 cm], and weighs about 140 lbs [63.5Kg]. He has short auburn hair, most of the time either disheveled or combed back into a Quiff. Freckles decorate his face, most of them resting on his upper cheeks and bridge of his nose. However, there are a few that are sprinkled over his shoulders and forearms. Kyle’s skin is smooth and fair, however has scarring. On his chin, he has a small scar slicing straight down, obtaining it from an accident earlier on in his life. Another noticeable facial scar can be seen spanning from the upper part of his scalp closest to his forehead, then curves across down to his ear. This one originated from a surgery he also had earlier on in his life. However, that one is only visible when his hair is either pushed aside or cut.


Kyle is an insecure person to put lightly, more specifically with his social skills. His past experiences with the public and other private encounters gave him Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). After being beaten and abused by his peers and parents, he would push himself away from others and actively avoid conversations. Another unfortunate trait he had gained was xenophobia. This occurred mostly during his time in school, being abused and beaten by other species that were not Human. They assaulted Kyle because he was Human, along with the other average bullying reasons.

Kyle has a stutter, although he’s gotten better at speaking, it is obvious to others that he has a noticeable stuttle that impairs his ability to speak clearly.


Originally born on the South Eastern outskirts of the Yamatai Star Empire’s Space, Kyle was raised by a pair of construction workers, who attempted to live a life in the middle class.

Throughout his entire life, Kyle would not have any friends, and those he did make he wouldn’t hold for long. As a child of construction workers, he would move every two years. That made making friends almost impossible, which inevitably led him to becoming an introvert and excluding himself from his peers. The only people he would actively speak to would be the adults, specifically his instructors, staff, guidance, and administrators. This relationship would prove to be a double sided sword, as his peers would call him a ‘Teachers’ Pet’ and a ‘Kiss Ass’. Leading to him being bullied heavily by his peers.

As he got older, though still young, Kyle would become more and more of an intellectual prodigy. Showing his extreme level of skill within almost all levels in the realms of History, Politics and Government, Sciences, and Mathematics. He would prove extremely proficient and experienced with Nuclear science and BioEngineering at the age of thirteen. As he would prove himself vastly above his fellow peers, he would be taken out of his traditional classes occasionally to attend higher level college level classes. These classes would advance his education, eventually becoming proficient in almost all fields of Engineering and Physics by the age of sixteen. Soon after, he would begin to learn Quantum Mechanics and Physics, along with just brushing the surface of Nanotechnology. Kyle had begun to take time from his studies in Government and Politics to further enhance his ability to learn the Sciences and Mathematics.

Although, not all was perfect with his newer level of intellect. He was still frequently abused by his peers, sometimes he would be injured at such an extreme level, that he would have to be hospitalized, obtaining scarring on his body from both minor surgeries and physical abuse. This would lead him into a deep depression during the later years of his life. Which, not only slowed down his education, however lead to him inflicting wounds upon himself.

Back at home would also not be easy. His parents would only allow him to stay in a closet and gave him little food, making it so he would have to go to school for his needs. However, it would not be a guarantee, as others would either steal his food or beat him before he could get to it. His parents were extremely abusive and neglectful, as they were instructed to be their superiors. Due to his genetics being of interest to a cult, which would later be known as Crimson. Breaking his psyche would make it easier for him to be experimented on, hence why he would live in bad parts of town, attend horrid schools, and be beaten by his parents. Kyle was being prepared for slavery.

Recent History


His horrid life would soon come to an end. One day, he would be on the street at the age of 20. His birthday would be the day after, as he ran away from his house to seek aid from a ‘friend’ that he had. This friend would prove himself to be an asshole, as he left him to rot. Soon after a man by the name of Kessler would kidnap Kyle, mistaking him for his friend. Before bringing him aboard his ship to take him to his client for his payment. Meanwhile, Kyle would have hid himself into the cargo bay, encountering Kessler’s mech. After further interest, he would hack into the mech with nothing but a keyboard and a VR gaming headset. Bypassing the mech’s neural interface and punching himself into control of the mech, which would amaze his captor, Kessler Ryzka.

Later, he would be brought to Osman, after there was some ‘miscommunication’ between Kessler and the client. Leading him to take him to Jack Pine, head of Section 6 at the time, for a place to put him. It was there Kyle would be adopted by Seraphina Cerulius, as well as be introduced to the Section 6. He would attend Osman University for a short period of time, then be employed by Kessler.

Kyle would find himself to be a capable mech pilot, even if he distrusted himself behind the control panel. Though, with more encounters with Ceilia Ryzka, he would find himself growing closer to her. More than just the initial aspects of being a friend. It wouldn’t be till after they went on a mission to clear out some bandits on Osman, that Ceilia was injured, and was forced to be in a wheelchair. It wasn’t till they confessed their feelings towards each other that they officially became engaged, to be wed later.


However, Crimson would still exist, frantically looking for their lost project. It wasn’t until they found him on an independent space station alone that they seized the moment to capture him. Conducting very disturbing experiments, along with other disgusting activities that practiced on him. However, a week of being absent and a few hours of searching, they would find him at an outpost with his Geist ripped out and incopasitated. This act of kidnapping would happen again at his wedding, as he was taken again and held captive for over four months. Before eventually the New Dusk Conclave were able to intercept a fleet convoy and re capture the augmented and tormented man.

Skills Learned


During his time in school, he would learn to speak, read, and wright Trade and Seraphim. However, despite living in Yamatai, he did not understand Yamataigo to the extent that he should have, able to understand what people are saying, however unable to respond correctly, though is able to read Yamataigo fluently.


At a young age, Kyle was forced to essentially take care of himself. He had learned to cook and clean, along with some other smaller task. Though he would be a tad obsessive with staying clean and organized, as he would be OCD, constantly needing to have a task or be cleaning something.


Kyle would learn how to become an engineer of many different fields. Having skills in drawing schematics and personally designing many different types of products, ranging from civilian to military levels of technology. 1)


During his childhood, Kyle had proven to have an extraordinary memory. He was able to recall multiple events and pieces of information. Along with his memory, Kyle also have an extensive knowledge of Yamataian, Nepleslian, and Elysian History.

Mathematics & Science

A true intellectual wizard. Kyle is an extremely skilled and proficient mathematician and physicist. Being knowledgeable of many different types of Math, Physics, and Sciences.

Technological Operations

A significant amount of Kyle’s time with his college level professors and instructors was with technology and computers. Alongside with having the further education within Section 6/New Dusk Conclave, Kyle has an extreme prowlest for utilizing hyper-advanced computers and other forms of technology.

Learned Occupational Skills

Kyle was further educated on how to operate mechs. Along with some advanced combat training, Kyle has an intermediate level of skill and experience with piloting a mech and defending himself.

Social Connections

Kyle’s Social Connections
Name Relation Status
Stephanie Dee Biological Mother Alive
Stephen Dee Step-Father Alive
Harrison 'Wyvrin' Dee Step-Brother Alive
Kessler Ryzka Brother-In-Law & Employer Alive
Seraphina Cerulius Adoptive Mother Alive
Ceilia Ryzka Spouse Alive/Active
Ydrin McMaster Cousin Alive
Fuzen Personality Existing

Inventory & Finance

Kyle Dee has the following:

Silver Necklace with his first name on it in Seraphim, Half Rimmed glasses, Grey T-shirt, Black Cargo pants, Black Running Shoes, a Heather Dark Grey zip up hoodie, and a VR set.

Kyle’s Finances
Income Expenses Total
7500 KS (Kessler) 7500 KS

OOC Information

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