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Kyro-vek Draguun

Kyro-vek Draguun is a player character played by Dragon God.

Kyro-vek Draguun
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: YE15
Organization: Monarchy of Dovania
Occupation: King
Current Placement: Xuno

Preferred Plots

  1. None

Physical Description

Kyro-vek is a Tall, Somewhat muscular Human that is around 6.11ft or 2.2m. He weighs at a staggering 445lbs, most of it is pure muscle. He has a well maintained and Full fledge Beard. He also has short but spiky hair that looks like Red fur (He has Auburn hair color). The one special part is he has a Birthmark on his right shoulder that looks like a sword. Plus he has a Dragon Tattoo on his back that looks extremely Realistic.


Kyro is a blank slate. His personality is mostly kept to himself. Although the mentioning of family bring him slight melancholy. He was not an Einstein among his fellow humans; however he was one of the smarter ones. He was the top of his class (Planet 188604). Although if he really tried, he could get a date. Most of the time when he wanted something he would either intimidate, or he would persuade. He is mentally stable and is hard to f*ck over by lying or seduction.


Kyro-vek Draguun was born in YE15.

Kyro-Vek Draguun was born YE15 as an only child. His older brother Died 7 Years before Kyro was born, but no one speaks of him. When he was 15 he took Self defense classes and became a black belt when he was 17. Immediately after he was drafted to join the Military. About 2 years he was dragged into the Civil war that poped from a large amount of civilian unrest. Thousands of people died including his friends and family. His two closest where MIA and Lora was presumed Dead. Once he turned 24 (left military 2 years before) The civil war ended 2 year ago and he was alone. That was when one night he was kidnapped by a group of Space 'Pirates' (he didn't know what they were at the time. never came in contact with “Spacemen”). He was takes to a large metal ship. Presumably a flag ship. The only thing he remembers was that they were going to sell him on a Black-market. 47 days after the kidnapping the ship was attack by a unknown enemy. The guards (Pirates as Kyro thought them to be) were being shot through like microwaved butter. That was when a large cumbersome silhouette knocked him out on sight. Now he is awakening in a jail cell unknown to anything.

Social Connections

Kyro-vek Draguun is connected to: Family was murdered during Civil war, Same as friends. Mother- Emily Draguun (Dead), Father- Ryan Draguun (Dead),Brother-Trovik Draguun (Dead), Friend-Lora Kingsly (Presumed Dead), Best Friend- Ace Usurper (Missing), Other Military Co-working friends (Dead)

Skills Learned


Speaks and can write in Trade, he is not experienced in any other languages.


When Kyro was in the Osanmian military for 3 years before he was transferred to the officers training school and was promoted to a Lieutenant. That is where he gained the knowledge of Leading troops into battle. Kyro is also experienced in making soldiers feel as if they're invincible under his leadership.


Kyro Was the top of his class with the best grades the school has ever seen. He was the best at all subjects except History. He didn't care for it. He was mostly involved in thinking up new inventions and newer technology. Although never creating them. Any complex math problems he is given he can solve.


When he Retired the day he was told they won (not know knowing how) he left society and became basically a hermit. living hundreds of miles away from anyone hunting and living alone self training and meditation. He can track down prey or enemies with footprints and marks in the area.


Kyro was in the Osanmian military for 5 years. 3 of those years he was a 'Grunt' as he called his fellow soldiers and himself. Kyro is skilled in close combat with slashing weapons (mostly Swords) and is familiar with black powdered weapons. Every new weapon he gets his hands on he would most of the time attempt to break it apart and learn how to use it. He has 9 years of combat experience, 2 yrs or Martial arts, 5 yrs of military service, and a additional 2 of self-training in martial arts.


Kyro again was placed in Officer training school. The only weapons he is trained in single fire rifles (Black powder) and Swords (long, single handed). However when he breaks down new weapons it will take him about a couple days to figure out how to use it.


Kyro was a Lieutenant in the Osanmian military for 2 years and knows how to fight an enemy known or not. Sneak attacks rarely work against him because he has has extensive training in strategy against flanks, head on attacks, or sneak attacks. (as much as a Human can from Osanmia)

Inventory & Finance

Kyro-vek Draguun has the following items: 1 IBR, 1 Fatboy, Military Dog Tag & Ring from Mother

OOC Information

In the case Dragon God becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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