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La'al "Lalah" Ioru L'manel (NPC)

Lalah is a medical student who is bank-rolled to attend University by Lazarus Consortium member Arlyle Arlie Ablemare the third, the relationship existing between the two unknown in nature. Lalah studies medicine at a Lorath University, has a keen interest in Lorath historical warfare and works as a hostess. She is a non-player character played by Osaka/Osakanone and is used in the ongoing Lazarus Consortium subplot as well as the Phoenix II. Gaaoo!!

This character may not be adopted.
La'al “Lalah” Ioru L'manel
Species: L'manel Lorath
Gender: Female
Age: 28 (14)
Height: 6'0
Weight: Unknown
Organization: N/A Civilian
Occupation: Waitress, Medical student
Rank: None
Current Location: Formerly Captured by Helen Klein Now with PSG.

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Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color

La'als build is actually surprisingly boyish by Lorath standards: Her aspectation lending her clearly defined abs and a low body-fat ratio. In spite of this, she is quite dainty and unusually tall for her age, standing at 6 feet in heels. Like most Lorath, she has unusually developed hips, lending a feminine appearance and a pear-like build which gives her a feminine posterior. Her chest is perfectly flat.

While she is 28 by Nepleslian terms, Lorath in most cases age about half as quickly as Nepleslians – and given La'al's aspectation, even slower in some cases. This lends her a very young appearance, untouched by puberty.

Eyes and Facial Features

Her features are “eurasian” – with eyes shaped like those of a Yamataian (including the beginnings of an epicanthic fold, characteristic of the North, which is predominantly pale due to the cold weather) with a slim jaw, high cheek-bones and subtle delicate features resembling those of a young Nepleslian girl and dark chocolate-brown skin (all characteristic of southerners where the weather is much hotter).

Her eyes are a deep gleaming gold, large and generally very open with large pupils. Sparkles of sea-blue and green can be seen about the outer edges of her iris and as her pupils become smaller, this becomes a gradient of blue coming in from the bottom almost like a shadow within her eye.


La'al's ears are long but not pointed, ending in a surgically truncated flat typical of aspected Orthodox L'manel.

Hair Color and Style

La'al's hair is a brilliant bright white, though if caught in bright light can be dyed a faint muddy blond in highlights – meaning if Lalah has been in a hot wilderness or outside all day for several days running, the effects are visible in her hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and what limited pubic-hair she has.

Her hair is waist-long down the back, the remainder cut carefully to frame her face. She usually cuts it herself using a razor-blade, giving it a segmented look with specific forms and shapes.

Distinguishing Features

La'al spends an inordinate amount of time removing scales, at least once every few weeks and if left, can require hours or even days to remove a complete coating. A deliberate set are left running down her back until her thick alligator-like tail branching from her tailbone, maroon in color, with a ribbed underbelly close in texture and appearance to that of a snake - the whole tail easily almost as long as her legs. Antler like horns branch from above her temple, filed flat and kept short where possible, resembling the horns of an “oriental” dragon.

Within her mouth, a large white marble-shaped gland can be seen at the back base of her tongue. Squeezed, it produces a pale sickly sweet liquid: A venom of 40% ethanol (80 proof) containing anti-coagulants which if lit in vapor form will burn, sometimes giving the illusion of breathing fire with the right tools. They pair with a powerful jaw with immense leverage and a crisp model-like jawline to deliver lots of power over a very small space – to remove a “chunk” of whatever she bites into. Her teeth to this end are often filed smooth and round though given that they naturally shed, they quickly become sharp if allowed to.

Much of La'al's sexual development is rather stunted: While she is unusually tall, she lacks most of the beginnings of puberty: While living as a girl, La'al is biologically male. This comes as a side-effect of her aspectation: an animal known as a Maruu.


Thought to resemble a Komodo dragon with the neck and mane of a horse and swept horns like stunted antlers the size of hands, a Meruu is a long lizard or dragon-like animal, known to be able to compact its body up into proportions for walking or stretch out long like a snake, allowing it to swim with incredible grace. They are known to climb trees with frightening ease to eat birds and regularly hunt ey'tis.

They are highly prized for their venom glands which were an early source of ethanol. Importantly, while the solution inside is very stable in a liquid form, as a vapour it becomes highly flammable. When a female is brooding or pregnant, the poison also contains a potent neurotoxin which functions in a vaporized form which can last for months or even years, rendering environments unfit for humanoid life.

They are also known to sit perfectly still for hours on end, sleeping with their eyes open waiting for movement and for their unusual tendancy to coil around branches when sleeping to ensure they don't fall.

Meruu are considered apex predators, though due to hunting (primarily to pacify wild regions of Lor due to their neurotoxic venom when reproducing) they are legally considered an endangered species.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: La'al – or Lalah as she prefers to be called isn't entirely self-assured. She is enamoured with foreigners and getting her chance to explore the wider universe around her but equally has a keen obsession with Lorath history, particularly in wartime including the tactics, uniforms, weapons and historical outcomes of many important Lorath historical figures. This owes to the fact that her parents intended for her to join the military and to one day have an orthodox wedding.

Living far away from home on a student grant and whatever she can make at work, Lalah studies not war-making but medicine and is a student nurse hoping to graduate into a doctor or amateur historian - fobbing her parents off with the idea that she's training to be a medic.

Lalah is actually quite mild mannered, quiet and softly spoken, preferring to observe before making her decisions and regularly letting silence speak for her. For this reason, she may come off as timid, though she thrives on attention (having a particular interest in men – seeking an older brother or mentor figure which can easily be confused for sexual interest – which her parents perceive and naturally don't agree with) and seeks self-validation through others, making her come off as altruistic despite the fact she may complain that others (namely Arlyle) depend on her.

While intelligent, she tends to think outside the box or approach things laterally and will often be unaware of conventional approaches to problems in spite of her very traditional trappings and beliefs. To this end, she isso often unaware of the wider implications of her words or actions that she is often caught up in introspective thought trying to puzzle them out, giving the impression that she's either very smart and contemplative or that she has her head in the clouds: Lalah is often so wrapped up in the art-form of her visual or emotional pretenses and stylings that she doesn't understand the goal of the pretense itself and wouldn't believe someone if told and has been known to wear a sukumizu when asked to by Seiren Isbala without believing how throughly fixated the uniform is or its value or symbology sexually speaking in Yamataian society: To her, a swimsuit is just a swimsuit.

Lalah subscribes to Orianu philosophy: the belief imperfections introduce identity to both people and objects - making them more valuable. To this end, she keeps an extensive collection of Oria, often wears Marcasite/pyrite accessories (complimenting her dark skin) and practices Ori'alas: a a style of full-contact no-nonsense Fyunnen martial art sometimes described as “the art of eight fists” due to its extensive use of knees and elbows, as well as its emphasis not only on point-striking, blocking and manoeuvring but also counter-striking and grappling which generally rely less on physical strength and more on fine execution, balance and muscle control.

For this reason, she is close friends with a number of Fyunnen, which is unusual for a L'manel: specifically My'ean “Blackwolf” Idoqu - since historically the Idoqu and Ioru families have always been very close to one another, viewing My'ean as a big sister of sorts.

She regularly has to depend on her keen knowledge of cosmetics, medicine and herbs to conceal the damage done sparring – often working with broken ribs or toes and having reset her nose more than once, though she seems enthused.

Lalah's occupation as a server at a local restaraunt functions half way between a waitress and a hostess/entertainer - in which it is not unusual to serve as a “friend” on behalf of the restaraunt, serving food to begin with and then later joining those sat with their meal in the event a connection is made and then allowing them to explore the night-life of the area and also ensuring they find their way home safely if intoxicated and tucking them into bed at night. Once or twice, Lalah's been known to join her clients, too tired to return home – a practice she knows not to repeat following an unwanted experience with Miles Gunn and Sana Nakamura.

A strange cherry on the cake of Lalah's experiences and skills is (primarily to annoy her parents), she's quite a skilled belly-dancer, muscle coordination being particularly important with her aspectation and the dancing being a good way to practice and stay in shape.

  • Likes: University life, Arlyle, male company, female company, cooking, wartime history, medicine, her achievements, chocolate, hot showers, sunbeds, UV-lamps, fresh bed-sheets, cosmetics, hot sand, alcohol, bell-peppers ( she is known to eat them as we would an apple), and pancakes (particularly waffles), the most important of the meal every day.
  • Dislikes: Societal and family expectations, being referred to as male, unwanted sexual advances, the day shift, exams, high heels, being called out to answer questions in class, being reminded of more embarrassing things she'd rather forget, vegetarianism, nekovalkyjra, the cold, alcohol and magicians
  • Goals: To become financially independent, to quality, to become a doctor, to be accepted by her family


  • Lalah's visual character design is a nod to both sansei_muramasa and Seiryuu, both maids (Lalah's first appearance was dressed as a maid).
  • In spite of this, she's actually very flat-chested to turn the maid trope on its head, which was revealed when the uniform came off that she was padding.
  • Lalah's name is a reference to Gundam's Raraa Sunn/Lalah Sunday as the sacrificial lamb of the original show's second arc.
  • Lalah actually began as a one-shot NPC but the interest other players had in her character made her a permanent fixture.
  • Luca, Mog, DocTomoe, Eistheid, BornOnboard, DoshiiJun, LunarRabbit and BlindGardener all agree Lalah is best girl.
  • Enormous potential to turn yandere.

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