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Lain Irokawa

General Information

Species: Geshrin (Enhanced Human) Gender: Male Age: 26

Family / Creators: Mai Irokawa (Mother) and Hasuo Irokawa (Father). Somewhere off killing things, Heichi Irokawa (Brother).

Employer: Self-employed. Occupation: Musician! One of the folk-rock duet Macchiato Sun. Rank: Higher than you. In the world of music, at least. Current Assignment: Blowing minds. With awesome folk-rock that makes eyes melt with its brilliance. Woo.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5'11/180cm

Weight: 130 lbs/59 kilograms

Build and Skin color: Lain is tall and lanky, built with startling flexibility and almost animalistic grace. From the slightly-too-narrow shoulders to the stunningly slender hips, he appears as an exotically beautiful man of notable height and strange proportions. His complexion is pale as fresh cream, and slightly silvery in bright light. This may be from biological modification - though Lain denies this.

Facial Features and Eye color: Lain is a transcendant beauty in a world of pretty faces. His visage, though slightly effeminate, is smooth and flowing as molten chocolate, with slightly angled features melting perfectly into one another. Stormy eyes of deep grey-green glisten like cut jade, betraying instantly every passion, every emotion that crosses his mind. Flecks of cinnamon hue scatter the visage beneath his eyes, offering a touch of definition to his cheekbones, and adding a bit more exotic flair to his beauty. His smile, it has been said, could shatter the will of anyone caught by it, a dazzling flash of brassy pearl between stark burgundy lips. He doesn't often smile, though, his expression typically one of passive depression.

Hair color and Style: Fine as threads of silk, a mess of rusty auburn hair falls about Lain's jawline, never styled save the occasional batting away of stray strands from his eyes. Gravity tends to cause his hair to fall fairly uniformly, the odd lock a few centimetres longer than the rest occasionally making a nuisance. Though never styled, it is not rare for him to wear a silver hairpin in the form of two entwined hummingbirds at the back of his head.

Distinguishing Features: Three piercings in his left ear, typically filled by thin silver loops. He is also missing a small segment of the pinky-finger on his right hand.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Lain is a showman a thousand times over, born for the part of being onstage. His very demeanor is theatrical in every sense of the word - a starkly serious theatrical, one demanding of a certain attention. Capable of working every emotion into every word, he is intensely involving in conversation and appreciates this fact. Balancing severe depression, heroin withdrawal, and the happiness he finds in Reis has proven a delicate act, one which he has never been entirely successful at. He is prone, while off the public eye, to fits of destruction, borderline schizophrenic outbursts, and long lapses into apathetic nothingness, periods in which not even Reis can get a word out of him. He has contemplated suicide for several years, and wonders often why anyone could want to live in the universe he was born to, only his love for Reis keeping him moving from day to day.

Likes: Reis, music, white wine, sleep

Dislikes: Excessively perky people, nationalism, bleach

Goals: To find himself.


Born in mid YE 03, Lain was often a detached child who never got along well with others. From his earliest encounters in primary schooling, he was a solitary boy, preferring silent observation to actively taking part. His grades dwindled as he aged, descending from decent marks to those barely passing. In short, he simply didn't care about the academics, and for many years didn't much care about anything. In YE 13, his brother, eight years his senior, joined a Geshrin military force, and the family never saw him again. Monthly checks continue to signify Heichi is alive, but with his brother's absence, Lain simply grew more detached. He was eleven when he first found something to interest him. In downtown Kyoto with his parents, the family passed by a store referred to as Sachikoe Guitars. Fascination came immediately from the beautiful woodwork of the instruments in the window, and after some pleading, he was allowed to stop and look over the lovely things. His parents didn't have the money to afford such an instrument, but Lain found opportunity at this little luthier regardless: the proprietor of the shop offered lessons at a very reasonable price, and from that time on, Lain's love of music flourished. Years later, at twenty-one, he met Reis Ivalian after a brief stint playing in a small bar. Reis approached him, having loved his songwriting and his extraordinary talent on the guitar, and they quickly grew close. Months later, they fell in rock love (like normal love, but with more sex and drugs), and announced their engagement to Lain's parents. This was met with excitement in the Irokawa household, but the marriage still has not actually taken place. They have, in the past five years, released two albums (“Strange Divine”, a heavily accoustic work reflecting on the mortality man so constantly tries to shrug aside, and “Reaching For the Sky (Just to Surrender)”, a mournful, lamenting album melding accoustic and electric styles. The theme of the second album is cause of much argument among fans.) and played hundreds of live shows on half a dozen worlds. Fame has treated them well, and they have found fortune, but they neither of them really have use for it.


Entertainment: Lain is an extraordinarily proficient musician, a veritable prodigy with myriad instruments. He favors the guitar above all others, but is also capable on mandolin, tenor and saprano saxophone, and bass guitar. His vocals are hauntingly beautiful, with a hollow, melodic voice covering nearly five octaves. As a showman, he is top notch, capable of being stunningly captivating with the slightest of motions, a talent he has practiced to razor perfection: he can convey emotion as easily with a slip of the hand as with his face and words.

Art: Chiefly, Lain is a virtuoso poet and composer, capable of weaving brilliant musical architecture, and metaphorical wordplay that few can compare to.. Music isnt Lain's only artistic strong point: he is also a prolific artist with chalk and oil pastels. However, this is more of a personal pursuit, which sees little public light, and is far less developed.

Domestic: Lain has learned to take care of himself. Laundry, basic cooking, most menial household tasks are easily in his grasp. This doesnt mean he does any of them well, but he hasn't killed himself with food poisoning. Yet.

Physical: Lain has passable stamina, physical strength enough to hold his own in most circumstances, and an extremely practised grace that he uses to every advantage. He is also a decent dancer, in most settings, but not a breathtaking one.

Fighting: While he hasnt fought often, he is strong and quick on his feet, and in those occasional scuffles he has wound up in he has learned a little bit about throwing a punch. Anyone with much training could fling him down like a ragdoll, but he isnt completely helpless in a barfight.

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