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Lapas Vejo

Lapas Vejo is a player character played by Izokia78.

Lapas Vejo
Species: Iromakuanhe (Eyr Ranr)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5,10
Weight: 154lbs
Organization: Freelance
Occupation: Up and coming bounty hunter
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Bounty Hunts

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5,10
  • Mass: 154lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Lapas has a slightly athletic build with all of his entry port in their normal locations. He has somewhat fair skin that will tan with some time in the sun.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has orange eyes that are normally kept under blue goggles.

Ears: His horns are each 1 foot long and curve back slightly. They are also enameled white he added this after he left home two years ago.

Hair Color and Style: He has black hair cut short and left unkempt.

Distinguishing Features: Other then his desire to keep is eyes covered by goggles and the color of his horn. Lapas doesn't deviate too far from average members of his culture. He blends in perfectly which is all he could ask for.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Although he appears to be very energetic and sarcastic, Lapas is a fairly relaxed person in most situations. He tends to enjoy loud entrances in any setting besides stealth missions and even then those don't last very long when hes involved. In some cases like meditation or star ship piloting (often one in the same to him)he shows a disgusting level of focus towards that action. True to his starsign of Dahbi he willing to try any action regardless of skill level but he'll still favor demolition and piloting.

  • Likes: Meditation, Flying, Explosions, Fire ,Socializing, Drinking, Video Games,
  • Dislikes: Religious intolerance, open ground, the Astral Commonwealth, being to uptight
  • Goals: To make more money and to get his own ship


Family (or Creators)

Stiprus Vejo-Father-Deceased

Silpnas Vejo-Mother-Deceased

Klaida Vejo-Sister-Imprisoned


Lapas was raised in the family of a distinguished Frame pilot in a nomadic Eyr Ranr tribe. When he grew into adolescences his sister Klaida became involved in a circle of extremists. Stupidly Lapas joined there he was educated in basic combat training in addition to explosive training but where he really excelled was piloting and more specifically out running authorities. One day the Vanguard staged an assault on the headquarters of Lapas' extremist group he reacted by running abandoning his comrades even his sister.

Now two years later he has created his own personal business out of being a discreet pilot who doesn't ask question or a political assassin for customers who want to send a big fiery message. If only he had the reputation to actually get him more lucrative jobs.

The Iron Ferret

Lapas, desperate for money had a plan. He would hide out on a pirate ship and when they went out for a boarding action he'd kill the crew left on board and take the ship. He wasn't expecting a group of Bounty Hunters to be trying to sneak on and steal the ship instead.

After some negotiating Lapas joined up with the team and set about making himself as comfortable as possible. With only one minor incident which was quickly solved by his application explosives the group set about living with him around.


Kendra wanting to know more about her new crew member decided to interview Lapas to determine his worth. She could not resist his endearingly annoying charms.



He can use most standard issue starship communication devices and is literate in both the common language and Nepeslian.

Starship Operation

Since Lapas was born to Eyr Ranr he can pilot most ships from the commonwealth that he comes in contact with along with Nepleslian and older Origin industries craft . additionally he can navigate through several major star systems.


As the groups primary bomb maker he can create improvised explosives and handle any military grade explosives. Alternatively he an disarm the majority of bombs that have been placed and set to explode.


In order to survive in his culture he learned how to maintain systems on airships and on Iromakuanhe starships in addition to most older model Nepleslian starships.


His heritage gives him excellent operation of Iromakuanhe technology and he can also work most older models of Nephlesian computing and mechanical technology due to his recent time in that part of space.


The training he recived in his sister's extremist group has left him fairly inept at close quarters combat but he more then makes up for it with advanced skills in combat with assualt rifles, sub machine guns, and pistols. He is more then qualified to be a marksman in the Vanguard if they would actually take him.


Lapas Vejo has the following items:


Solanii Laiz Pistol-Black leather holster

Solanii Laiz Rifle-with strap and Recharge kit

Leyflar Supercapcitor x8

Gravatic Claymore x10

Potassium Charges x10


Astral Vanguard Desert Uniform- Right sleeve removed

Astral Vanguard Starship Uniform- Right sleeve removed

Astral Vanguard Cold Weather Uniform- Right sleeve removed

Blue Goggles

Styrling Everyday Armor-full suit

Socks x8

Underwear x6


Black duffle bag

Small Zolat leather backpack

Ulti-Tool Multiple Purpose Tool

Solanii Datarod

Firearms Friend


Lapas Vejo is currently a N/A in the Freelance.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
3350 DA 2650 DA Acquisition of basic equipment
5850 DA 2500 DA Bounty Pay

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