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Latch Gaillard

Latch Gaillard is a player character played by Burgmond45.

Latch Gaillard
Species & Gender: Male Iromakuanhe
Date of Birth: 16日 6月 YE 16
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Starship Operations
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Hana

Physical Description

Latch will definitely stand out from his family as a black sheep, entirely from appearance. The slim Iroma has fleshy, light brown plating, and goes in clothing that mostly consisted of gray, red, and black whenever he doesn't wear his uniform. Latch also has three cherry-red ring tattoos on each forearm, which glow brighter as his blood runs faster through his body. Latch's irises are the same shade of red as his tattoos, while his sclera are pitch black.

Latch's yellow, tousled hair is about two inches long, and has a specific shade akin to sulfur. His horns match this sulfurish color at the base, though the color becomes darker as it gets closer to the tip.

The pilot's height comes out 6'1“, and only 159 lbs.


Latch is more dorkish and friendlier than his edgier exterior may imply; if anything, he simply likes dressing in red, black, and gray because it complements his “dark, broody, mysterious persona”, which he doesn't try to pretend he has in the first place.

He's a guy who prefers action over thought; Latch sees something, Latch acts, and he acts quickly. People would call it reckless, but he'll usually argue that its spontaneous hunger for a creative life.

It's definitely recklessness.

Latch likes to eat Khuyunii Sweetstones, specifically the more tart flavors, as he believes it 'kicks him into high gear'. He also loves most spaceships, so much so that caring and flying them became a fun hobby for Latch.


Latch was born on a airship in YE 16, and grew up in a big family; he had siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, even cousins, on their massive mansion-ship. He loved to live the free, casual life aboard their big old aircraft, but being in a large family as the middle child always rubbed him the wrong way. His oldest brother was a resourceful tech-head, his older brother dabbled in very deep questions about the universe all the time, and even his young sister was all into training with small swords.

Latch, meanwhile, was addicted to the skies. Flight and exploration was his thing, without a doubt in his mind. Though, given how he had no vehicles under his name, Latch was never given the chance to prove much aside from being a good deckhand while his siblings showed off their talents. This is why Latch bugged his father whenever he wanted to try and fly the family mansion-ship, in exchange for doing chores around the ship. It didn't change how he felt while he lived with his massive family, though; for the lack of a better word, he didn't feel as much love as his siblings did. Hence, he went through with various enhancements, such as changing the color of his sclera and irises, and the inclusion of red ring tattoos on his forearms.

As he got older and older, he even felt the casual wanderer's life was starting to bug him; it felt too routine, Latch needed something new. That very special something was a dose of good ol' Star Army. After some heartfelt goodbyes, Latch went offworld to get training as a pilot. Due to him being a Iromakuanhe, rather than a Minkan or Neko, his entry ports had to be adapted to work with Yamataian technology as wells as Iroma technology, however despite that hitch, he showed plenty of promise as a formidable pilot of ships. Due to him also being a very unusual looking Iroma, with a outgoing personality, he didn't make any friends during basic training either.

Skills Learned

  • Starship Operations - Eager to be the best pilot that he could be, Latch was more than willing to learn the ins and outs of Yamataian craft. Considering his prior experience driving his family mansion-ship, Latch already knows how to drive by though, by stick, by wheel, or by whichever control scheme a Star Army/Commonwealth space vessel uses.
  • Domestic - Yep, Latch knows how to take care of himself! He learned how to make basic Iroma cooking from his grandmother, during the moments when Latch's mother and father had to go out to find food. Washing the dishes, as well as his clothes, was something Latch needed to learn himself when no one washed his dishes or cleaned his clothes. Latch could even clean his room decently, although he never, ever bothers to fix the bed.

Social Connections

Latch Gaillard is connected to:

Folami Arqa Galliard - Grandfather (Father's side)

Huba Galliard - Grandfather (Father's side)

Bayo Muki - Grandfather (Mother's side)

Hiari Muki - Grandmother (Mother's side)

Oliver Arqa Galliard - Father

Talora Galliard - Mother

Xinema Muki - Aunt

Yaro Galliard - Uncle

Zaila Galliard - Aunt

Quincy Galliard - Eldest brother

Dymek Galliard - Second eldest brother

Pemba Galliard - Sister

Inventory & Finance

Latch Gaillard has the following:

Special Duty Revolver Type 38

Star Army Standard Issue Items

Khuyunii Sweetstones (1 lb)

Latch Gaillard currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by burgmond45 on 04, 17 2018 at 20:23.

In the case burgmond45 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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