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Leeta Aoi

Leeta Aoi is a NPC played by Ametheliana.

Leeta Aoi
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Female
Year of Birth: YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

Aoi has reddish brown hair that goes just below her shoulders and tan skin, with bright green eyes and a dazzling smile. She is five foot five inches and has a moderate bust and hips and weighs 120 pounds.


Fun to be around and happy-go-lucky, Aoi is a charming young Neko with a lot of spunk. that can get her into trouble sometimes, but it's also an endearing quality about her. She is jubilant and excitable and always ready for an adventure!


She was born in YE 38 and immediately put on the YSS Kaiyo after basic and infantry training.

RP History

Leeta and the crew gets briefed on their fight to get to Kuvexian space and take on the adversaries to Star Army of Yamatai.

The squadron of Plumeria were confronted with pirates and took out three Caravan Heavy Freighter and several Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft. Inside the Caravan were hostiles outfitted in Docile that the away team must destroy. Two out of the three Caravan were taken out via demolitions and the Kaiyō's weapons systems. Two prisoners were taken.

Leeta and the crew gets debriefed. Trust falls and teriyaki dinners ensue.

  • Mission Two: Ni 4)

An unknown craft is spotted and power armor filter out of it. While engaged in a ruthless battle with the power armor, an NMX Neko in a Reaper Power Armor shows up and shoots down the pilot of the craft, a shuttle that has a self-destruct button. The button is pressed by one of the enemies and the shuttle explodes with all of the enemies.

A fleet of L'Kor are engaged after Star Army Intelligence is able to give the Sixth Squadron more information about the enemy, now known as the L'Kor. They are able to read them Rights of Early Contact.

Quote from Mission San: Kaizen!
“They may have a trick up their sleeve!” Leeta Aoi telepathically relayed to the other santo hei.

* Mission Four: Shi: Komorebi 6) The planet Komorebi is determined to be safe and is also uninhabited. The Sixth Squadron seeks to investigate more about this planet and each of the ships deploys teams to uncover the planet's secrets. While down there, one crew member touches some oozing red liquid and starts hallucinating while another falls hundreds of feet and is impaled. Deciding to head back, most of the team prepares to leave while Amanozako and Mochi go to investigate a path that led them to a shuttle and bomber, which the sixth squadron begins to tow away.

Quote from Shi: Komorebi
Wooden platforms, houses, and entire businesses could be seen by Leeta as she joined in the fun. “I think I'll just—” Leeta began telepathically as she set her foot down on the base of a building to try to pick up a piece of furniture to do something with. The entire building came crashing down around her and she had the wherewithal to scream out over telepathy only, duck her head and curl into a ball, but she didn't realize that she would be pulled down with the hurtling mass of wood that was about to meld with the ground. In an instant, she was plummeted the great number of feet to the ground and screamed externally in pain as she hit the ground as the wood and objects scattered and shattered around her. Not only was she mildly hurt by the fall, her leg had been impaled by a piece of wood that was buried deep into the ground below her and her thigh. She sat up and gasped, taking deep breaths and heard Rei shouting out telepathically. “Yame!! Yame! Turn off your pain receptors!” She did so and gripped her leg on either side of the foot wide and four foot long plank of wood protruding from her leg. “Medic?!” Leeta mewed.

The Kaiyō crew goes through a trust exercise again, this time playing “one truth and a lie” where the crew went around the room and told the rest of the crew one truth about themselves and one lie and the rest of the crew had to guess as to what the truth was and what the lie was.

The crew are awakened to find that NMX Forces are attacking the squadron. On board is one Ghost Mishhuvurthyar, as well, which phases broodlings into the captain, Teien Eden. There are two manin areas of fighting; in the cargo bay and in the power armor bay. Mitsuko is the hero of the cargo bay, utilizing tankettes and a SLAM against an Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar while Meissa takes command of the power armor bay. While the samurai, Rei, is tasked with killing the Ghost Mishhu in the wardroom with her SARAH, Aiko the Princess takes the lead in her Kirie by killing an Advanced Type at Meissa's urging in the power armor bay. It is a pyrrhic victory for the Kaiyō.

Quote from Go: Dôshiyô
“Look,” Leeta said over comms as she pointed to the top of the power armor bay. There was a sliver of darkness there. It expanded and soon, the infantry Neko was yelling out, “Breach! We've got a breach!” Before the darkness of space could be fully seen from inside of the ship, parasites rocketed in at high speeds, punching into the power armor, floors, walls, and everything else in the bay. Madoka stumbled backwards, knocked off balance as she was hit by one. Leeta went to grab her, but was struck as she turned to help.

The Kaiyō crew get some much needed shore leave in Kyoto as the Kaiyō is repaired. Many members of the crew go to the beach

The squadron comes into contact with an SAoY escape pod and contacts it. In it is, surprisingly, an old friend of Eden's as well as some of her crew. They make plans to rendezvous with the escape pod as soon as possible. Using Quantum Encryption technology, the BIES of the escape pod notices monitoring attempts on their communications with the squadron and they counter it. The squadron loses contact with the escape pod soon thereafter. The Kaiyō set out to find the escape pod, but when they got to it, it was burned to a crisp. While this happened, Kikyō, Eden and Saki's daughter, was born. Soon, three cruisers and ten bombers uncloaked themselves and engaged the Kaiyō in battle. Within minutes, they hailed the ship and the enemies were identified as the Elefirn. Teien Eden ordered all power armor units to retreat, had her pilot maneuver the ships so that they were lined up, and shot the aether shock cannon at them. When that happened, though, the Kaiyo's sensors went one way and another, the view screen went blank, and there was a great amount of turbulence. When Eden picked herself up, she was looking at a view screen that showed her own ship.

Quote from Mission Roku: Genjitsu Tōhi
Leeta Aoi thrusted forward as far as she was willing to go as per Meissa's orders and sent out her drones, as per both the captain's and the Jôtô Hei's instructions. She wanted to know as much about the pod as she possibly could and knew from the schematics of the Type 29 Escape Pod that she was able to call up in her digital mind that there were windows on the pod. As her drones got closer to both the rounded top of the pod where one window was and next to the hatch where another was located, she realized and saw that they had been shuttered. She looked to Nashira-hei, then back to the drone and distant escape pod. “How are the drones supposed to get in to see?”

Eden was hailed by the look-alike ship and found herself staring back at herself. She called for Saki and onto the bridge of the other ship came her wife, but this one was captain and was far more aggressive than the Saki she knew.

Skills Learned

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Meaning “Begin!”
Meaning “One”
Meaning “Stop!”
Meaning “Two”
Meaning “Three: Continuous improvement”
Meaning “Four: The interplay between light and leaves as sunlight filters through them”
Meaning “Truth”
Meaning “Five: What should I do?”
Meaning “Acceptance of transience and imperfection”
Meaning “Six: Escaping Reality”

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