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Lekmakee Ganjaat Dees

Lekmakee Ganjaat Dees is a player character who was played by Homeside 6.

Lekmakee Ganjaat Dees
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old
Height: 170.2cm (5' 7“)
Weight: 76.2kg (168lbs)
Organization: Rapid Reaction Force
Occupation: Infantryman / Rocketeer
Rank: Storm Trooper Basic
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170.2cm (5' 7”)
  • Mass: 76.2kg (168lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Tall compared to some other aliens, stockier as well, the black-skinned rifleman and rocketeer has broad shoulders that match well with his muscular physique.

Eyes and Facial Features: Dees has a stocky and square-shaped face with a snub nose. Wide and brilliantly jade-colored eyes flank his nose.

Ears: Dees has average ears for an alien.

Hair Color and Style: The rifleman's hair is the hard kind of alien hair, sharpened to fine points. Fashioned in a Mohawk-style cut, it is no taller than an eighth of an inch on the outside edges, and just under an inch and a half nearing the center.

Distinguishing Features: In vibrantly contrasting white ink, a capital ship is poised with its engines near his left eye, with various scenes expanding out from the nose of the vessel taking up his entire left cheek, down the side of his neck, over his shoulder, and partially down his left arm as well as just lightly spilling out on to his chest and back. Though few would recognize the symbols and pictures on his skin without context, they are everything to do with his life as a soldier starting from the moment he was inspired to join the military.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dees has all of the side-effects of a life raised as an orphan. He's quiet about his opinion unless pressed for honesty, he's protective of the people that he calls a friend, and he's got a healthy dose of bitter distrust and resentment for the “upper class” of alien society. For the most part Dees enjoys being social, hanging out with other members of his team, and getting to know the people he serves with. While he's generally friendly and tries to be easy to get along with, he actually keeps the people he legitimately feels are his friends as a short list.

In the field of battle some have accused Dees of being oblivious, but others would say they are wrong. As a rifleman he views himself as the backbone of the RRF's combat force, he prides himself on being good at his job, and has a very extreme sense of what “just every infantryman should be willing to do”. At times he seems oblivious to imminent danger that other soldiers would consider pulling back from. His psychological profile has a notation that its possible he acts this way both out of dedication to the service, and also because he might be placing the squad in the position of familial figures in a fashion akin to his childhood caretaker and her children.

  • Likes: Dees enjoys practicing his artwork and tattooing, a night out partying with his friends, going to the gym, and he wants a pet animal.
  • Dislikes: He hates people talking bad about the poor, alien bugs have too many legs, and he generally reacts poorly when having to deal with the upper class or people with a tendency to act as if they're better than him.
  • Goals: While Dees has a dream of being a professional tattoo artist, his bigger dream and goal is making the most out of his career to prove that being an orphan doesn't mean he can't be successful too.


Family (or Creators)

  • Father, Unknown
    • [UNKNOWN]
  • Mother, Unknown
    • [UNKNOWN]


While having a roof over his head meant that Dees wasn't born in to complete poverty, he'd hardly count the orphanage as much in the way of wealth. Dees never met his parents and neither did the orphanage staff. It seems like a childhood story, with his being found bundled up on the porch of the orphanage and he was taken in. Any attempts they made to find the newly hatched child led to dead ends, but his dark skin meant that the orphanage staff speculated he was the son of clones. Without his real parents, the first mother figure that Dees ever had in his life was a woman working at the orphanage by the name of Lekmakee Palevek Vyel. Along with many other children in the orphanage, she looked after him for his early years in life. For those early years he was a troublesome child who had a bad habit of getting into trouble.

Early years were marked by a not paying any sort of attention in his schoolwork, often getting into trouble with other kids both in the orphanage, and around the town as he grew up. While Vyel would have loved to look after Dees all the time to try keeping him out of trouble, he wasn't the only child that she was tasked with looking out for. Instead she started seeing that he spent more time with her own daughter and son, Keu and Tis. Keu was the same age as Dees at the time at the age of eleven, and her younger brother Tis was seven at the time. They were supposed to be a healthy influence on him by leading the example with good grades, being well-behaved, and trying to keep him from getting in trouble. Yet as they grew older it seemed that Dees became more of an influence on the siblings than they had been on him. By the age of fourteen the trio commonly walked the streets and had a habit of getting to trouble. It was never into the grounds of legal trouble, even with the scuffles and chases they got in with other children their age.

It was worried that Dees, who had yet to be adopted unlike many of the other children his age who had grown up in the orphanage and left much earlier, wouldn't have any sort of direction once he turned eighteen and moved out of the orphanage. Even with his desire and apparent talent for tattoos and artistry were becoming obvious, the orphanage staff still feared that it wouldn't be enough for him to find a reliable job to support himself. To stop that, Vyel got in touch with an RRF recruiter. Dees was strong, he had a high endurance and tolerance for pain, and she believed that with some guidance from a military life that he could make something of himself.

Talking with the two RRF soldiers who came to the orphanage to talk with him. They talked with him for several hours, asking him what it was that he would see himself doing in the military, and showed him a variety of videos and information. He was drawn in by the flash and glamour, the scene of a battleship firing its full offensive battery in a live-fire exercise, and the promises of what a military life could bring him. One year and a tattoo on his face later and Deez enlisted in the RRF.

Now one would have to wonder what Dees did to wind up in an outfit like his squad.

Dees's training was without incident, developing a reputation as an indomitable pack-animal almost, with broad shoulders, endurance, and strength on his side over many of his fellow soldiers through training. His aptitude meant he had a talent for anti-tank warfare and was assigned as an rifleman as well as a RPG gunner. Where everything went wrong was when he was ten weeks in to his first duty assignment the squad was going to the range. During rocket fire a misfire down the road, an equipment malfunction filed as a “negligent discharge”, as Dees would claim, resulted in a car being blown up from a HEAT rocket to the trunk.

It happened that the post commander's wife had been on the way with her children to drop something off for her husband. The vehicle had stalled on the side of the road and base security had picked her and the children up. When they returned, the car was a flaming wreck surrounded by a Kith of RRF troopers including one rather sheepish looking Dees.

The papers for his transfer were being filled out before he was even back at the barracks, some would later say.

"Rumble in the Jungle"

  • Location: The Yamataian colony of Izakaya.

With the entirety of the squad deployed as part of an operation to ensure the safety of the local colonists, Dees was deployed as the newest edition to the heavy weapon team. Roping down from a dropship with the rest of the heavy weapon team, he was introduced to the unit, introduced himself to the CO, and was soon tasked with aiding in the construction of a ballista due to unexplained anomalies making use of modern alien weaponry and technology all but impossible. After it was finished he found himself down-range aiding in spotting for the ballista's test-firing. As he attempted to radio back aim adjustments to the team operating it, he found the anomaly had struck, and that his gear was inoperable.

Preoccupied with their own equipment failures, by the time the rest of the team looked back in his direction, Dees was gone.



Deez is fluent in his native tongue and is fully capable of both speaking and writing it. He can give and receive orders effectively, fill out any forms pertinent to his job, and can work both in and out of combat conditions. He's also been briefed in the operation and basic maintenance of alien communications technology.

Fighting / Physical

Dees is well-versed and trained the art of fighting. He is proficient in the use of small arms, bladed weapons, and unarmed combat. He is in top physical shape, with high endurance, and he's more than capable of dealing with the stresses of combat both in gravity and vacuum.

Technology Operation

Dees has been trained in alien computers and similar technology. He's been through courses on modern computer operations and he's been trained on how to properly interact with alien computer systems.


Deez is trained to be versatile, like a true RRF Trooper, and so he knows the basic maintenance and operation of alien vehicles as well as the general idea of operation for other vehicles. His ability to perform a number of high-stress maneuvers in the field can increase his units tactical options.


It was an investment to train him and it was't one the RRF wanted to see wasted. He was taught to think rather than blindly follow orders. Tactical orders and training focused on teamwork, so even from a low rank he could understand how the tactical level of a battle works.

Art (Tattoos, Drawing, and Ink Painting)

Starting at a young age, Dees had a talent for artistry: pencil sketches and ink painting when he was younger. As time passed and he grew older, he had a relatively easy time gaining access to even rudimentary equipment for giving tattoos. Practice with fellow children at the orphanage, other children, and as he got better even a few young adults who asked for him to do something for them. He hasn't ceased the practices of tattoo artistry, his sketches, and ink paintings all practiced when he feels he has the time and the mood takes him.


Lekmakee Ganjaat Dees has the following items:

  • 1 XRASER Rifle
  • 1 Gauss Revolver
  • 1 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher
  • 1 Set of Ballistic Armor
    • Sporting additional reinforcement due to his being an RPG gunner, on the chest, back, legs, and arms save for at the joints themselves.
  • 1 Networked Relay System
  • 2 Rapid Reaction Force duty uniforms.
  • 1 Rapid Reaction Force duty boots.
  • Standard Hygiene pack
  • Personal Clothing (Alien Civilian clothing is revealing and generally spartan. Typically loose fitting peaces of cloth that cover the genitals other unmentionable parts of the body)
  • 4 ration packs
  • 4 Grenades


  • Matchup - Dees has had his muscles enhanced to improve muscle strength, durability, and overall resistance to injury.


Lekmakee Ganjaat Dees is currently a Storm Trooper Basic in the Rapid Reaction Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 UD N/A N/A Starting Funds
2000 UD 1000 UD Matchup Treatment
2000 UD N/A N/A Remaining Funds

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