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Lenwe Veneanar

Lenwe Veneanar is a black-skinned Elf who formerly served in the Star Army of Yamatai. He is played by Avatar of Kohana.

Species Elf
Gender Male
Age 90
Creator/Parents Unknown
Faction Independent
Occupation Runs the Colosseum on Darso VII, as well a small illegal gambling ring.
Rank Head of the Colosseum
Current Assignment Find talent for, and supervise, the Colosseum.

Physical and Appearance

Hair color and Style: White hair tied back in an elaborate braid

Build and Skin Color: Very slim build, with dark grey, almost black, skin

Face and Eye Color: Thin, angular face, with well distinguished features and deep set hazel eyes.

Distinguishing Features: White hair, pointed ears, silver lip ring, and four rings along the upper part of each of his ears.


Personality: Cold and calculating. His hazel eyes seem to see everything, and he can be very vicious at times in dealing with those who try and cheat him.

Likes: Cooking, playing the flute, reading, studying new fighting styles or weapons, and gambling. Dislikes: A mess in his kitchen, those who try to weasel out of a deal, cheaters, indecisive people. Goals: To become the Ruler of the underworld.


Culinary: Lenwe studied for many years under the tutoring of his orphanage's cook, studying the cookbooks as if they were master texts to the meaning of the universe. Soon, he was able to cook without thinking of recipies, just cooking by heart.

Entertainment and Music: As a way to express himself, and to escape his miserable childhood, Lenwe began to practice acting and musical talents. Frequently he would have to tell bed time stories to the children of his previous master, and would, before long, end up acting them out and playing the music on his flute to set the mood.

Fighting: While Lenwe was out on the street, he learned quickly how to take care of himself without the use of expensive guns or weapons. He became a master of fighting with sticks or poles, and is a very proficient hand to hand fighter as well.

Communication: Lenwe is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Lenwe is fluent in English. He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Technology Operation: Lenwe is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.

Mathematics: Lenwe received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Rogue: After his master died, Lenwe had to turn to a life of crime picking pockets and sneaking into houses to steal some things to pawn off, to survive.

Magic: Lenwe can use PANTHEON to draw energy and cast basic spells, and advanced Natural (Nature affecting) spells.

Leadership: Having come to the realization that he could not spend his entire life as a slave, Lenwe began building off the freedom to speak and act that Yuuko gave him, teaching himself how to stand up for his beliefs, and speak publically about his feelings, and lead people through the insight he gained from learning to watch, think, and reason, before acting.

Humanities: After being discharged from the Star Army, Lenwe spent most of his time in the libraries of Yamatai, reading over books and scrolls of ancient, and present day, philosophy, diplomatic procedures, and psychology.

Medical and Science: Deciding to expand his usefulness to Yuuko, and others of their household, Lenwe began studying medicine, and how to implement and install cybernetics. Also, through these studies, he has gained an increased awareness of pressure points and weak points in the bodies of most known species.


Lenwe never really new his parents, as his mother was sold as a housekeeper and wet nurse to a high paying family just shortly after his birth. His father, on the other hand, was sent away to a top secret military base to be a sort of custodian/test subject on whatever they happened to be working on.

Without his parents to guide him, Lenwe's childhood was not a pleasent one. He was moved from house to house, working from the age of 5 in feilds to harvest food before the widespread use of technology forced him out of that particular job. Thankfully, however, by that time, he was old enough, 15, to begin training as a servant inside the house of the family who had bought his mother. During his time there, however, he never got overly close with his mother, as they were not allowed to speak.

Lenwe began learning how to defend himself at this time of his life, which, if his owners had known about, could have meant his death. But thankfully the elf who was teaching him about fighting, and hand to hand combat, was a wily old elf. He would train Lenwe in the barns or stables very early in the morning, where they would be less likely to be found.

After the one of the maids disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Lenwe was 'promoted' to taking care of the children. At first, he was very upset with this new workload, as it was woman's work, and the other male slaves never let him forget it. Lenwe tried to just filter out their rude comments as he walked to and from the bathrooms running the children's bathwater, or to bring his master's children toys from their room.

Soon, the master of the house began to become busy with his work, and that meant that Lenwe had to take care of the entire house's running for more and more of the time, and soon, the master died from the stress of his new job, leaving the status of the children, and the slaves associated with the house, very much in jeopardy.

Thankfully, the sister of the woman of the house immediately took the children in, and even some of the slaves. Those that were deemed unfit, most of the males, were put up on auction again, and because of his effeminate body, and little muscular definition, Lenwe was the only one not bought.

Feeling depressed, Lenwe didn't fight the sentence that he would have to be put to death for being 'faulty goods'. But on the day of his execution, Lenwe was found to not in the basement, where he had been chained. It was later found, upon investigating in depth into the basement, that Lenwe had been learning of his peoples knack for magical use, and about the great system, PANTHEON. With this new information, it was determined that Lenwe had used this ability, and escaped. It was of little concern, however, as they believed that Lenwe would never be able to care for himself, as he had lived his entire life pleasing the needs of others.

This thinking, was very much wrong, as the elf did quite well on his own. With the training his old master had given him, he had been prepared for being on his own. He had been hording food in his prison, and so had food to start off on his lone journey. Plus with his fighting skills, he was able to take part in a few back alley brawls for a few KS here and there, which he used to buy new clothing, and keep himself looking as if he were still in service to someone.

Soon, he realized that he was becoming too recognizable around Kyoto, so he had to join the Star Army, or face the risk of someone turning him in. So, with no other choice, the elf signed up, and was soon on his way with his meager possessions.

After serving for a while as the cook on the YSS Nozomi, he soon found himself nominated to go down on a planet excursion to Kohana. This ended up badly, as he and his new mistress Yuuko were taken prisoner by the locals of the planet, and very nearly sacrificed. Thanks to Yui, and a little help from one of the other Kohanains, they were saved, and moved back to Yamatai.

Now, Lenwe has been given the opportunity to take over a fighting colosseum for a strange, shady man and his Neko partner. Where Lenwe's destiny lies from here could be anyone's guess.

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