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Leo Ci'Rado

Leo Ci'Rado is a player character played by club24.

Leo Ci'Rado
Art by Quinditty
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Male
Date of Birth: ER749 (30 in YE40)
Organization: Neshaten Division 5
Occupation: Field Operator
Rank: Captain
Current Placement: Division 5

Physical Description

Leo is an average height Daur standing at 4'7โ€œ with white eyes and hair and a blue tail, while Daur traditionally have far less fur than their Laibe counterparts Leo's fur has a tendency to grow a little longer and more noticeable than most giving him a slightly white shimmer at times when he hasn't covered or trimmed it. Leo is predominantly dressed in his operator uniform but off duty likes to spend his days relaxing in much baggier and more comfortable clothing.


Leo is kind natured and easy going with a personal belief that life is best lived warmly, of course his occupations past and present wouldn't totally reflect his nature. On the job Leo is able to carry out tasks with a straight face although he never forgets his actions, while it may not be deep emotional scars he certainly doesn't allow himself to shrug off the action of taking a life.


Leo was born as one of only two children, a rather low number among Daur households although if anything it meant they each got a little more of their parents time. Leo and his sister Haise both grew up under the watchful care of their mother while their father worked away from home for most of the year, they both worked hard in their educations and got pleasing results.

Eventually when they matured, both siblings had joined the Youth Corps and soon moved on to the Navy, neither of the two were anything utterly amazing but they always did work well as a duo due to their family bond. The pair of them served in multiple missions and managed to make a small reputation as an efficient duo, they served alongside Vaughn who would later become their Director but at this point was just another friend on the battlefield.

Before long the Era of Restart transitioned into the Era of Exploration and by EE004 Vaughn had committed himself to building a stronger CT unit for the nation, Leo had remained enlisted with the navy when his old friend had moved into detective work. When he reached out to Leo and his sister for assistance in starting up Division 5 the twins were more than glad to lend a hand, they may not have been quite as patriotic as Vaughn but they both shared the goal of protecting the nation.

When Neshaten Division 5 was formed Leo and Haise both joined and formed the first Ai'Seru along with Vaughn, they didn't really operate all that much for a while and were busy with obtaining all the information they could from the Division of Public Safety and setting up their own HQ. On the few missions the group did run alone they had many successes and learned from the experiences, putting together a training regime for new recruits and documenting the various types of encounters and jobs the organisation and its operators would be suited to handle.

Skills Learned

Leo has picked up several skills from serving in Division 5 and the Navy.

Combat: Having served in the Navy for an extended period of time Leo had to learn and continue to improve his combat skills both with weapons and without. Leo can hold his own unarmed against up to 2 opponents at a time but would be quickly overcome if they had far superior skills or reinforcements.

Covert Skills: Being enlisted in Division 5 meant Leo was required to learn more advanced covert techniques for everything from movement to silent killing. His stealth skills are not quite master level but the constant training to remain one of the senior operators of Division 5 does keep him proficient.

Intelligence Work: As per prerequisites of becoming a Division 5 operator Leo took training courses and studied intelligence work, such as detective work and technology manipulation. His skills are above average due to the constant training he must perform as part of his rank within the organisation.

Socialite: Due to his kind and good hearted nature Leo has been a naturally social person and always tries to entertain and accommodate people. He can't sing or dance very well but can usually entertain people with a goofy act here and there.

Social Connections

Leo Ci'Rado is connected to:

His family;

  • Haise Ci'Rado - Sister, twin
  • Fi'Hass Ci'Rado - Mother
  • Giskorvich Ci'Rado - Father
  • Vaughn Li' Veero - Long-time colleague
  • Layise Yosi'Asee - Good friend

Inventory & Finance

Leo has 30 000RN he has saved over his past employment, all his operator equipment is property of Division 5.

OOC Information

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In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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