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Leo Knight

Leo Knight is a player character played by Guard Dog. “I found my Zen…”

Leo “Guard Dog” Knight
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180cm)
Weight: 175lb (80kg)
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy
Occupation: Fighter Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: 78th Tactical Battalion, Aquila Flight

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (155cm)
  • Mass: 175lb (80kg)

Build and Skin Color: Relatively pale but solid and well built Leo is not an extremely huge or barrel chested man but rather a more athletic and somewhat coltish even to couple with his pale complexion.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes are a deep blue and less round, more sharp and predatory even in normal observations.

Ears: Leo's ears are rounded with slightly meaty lobes, on the left ear there was what appeared to be a small notch cut out.

Hair Color and Style: Leo's hair is short light brown with hints of grey hair scattered along his bangs.

Distinguishing Features: His left cheek has a few scars from back when he had his big airbike accident and nearly killed himself, a few notches in his ear and a few scratches was nothing. All his other wounds were healed in the next year and he remained only subtly marked. His right hand retaining a scar as well from what seems a knife.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Leo is a sad and jaded man in that because of the pain he suffered when garnering a place for himself despite his efforts the pillars of his happiness was torn from him. Even to this day it leaves him with a cloud over his head that he can't seem to shake, so he tries his best to do his job and to proceed forward with a determination that he struggles with often, a daily battle to find reasons to proceed and things to deliver him from his past. He feels as though he had his shot at happiness and it was ripped away violently. So he is left to suffer his own hell.

He comes across as brazen, crude, vulgar, and opinionated quite frequently yet in the same hand the man has the capacity not to speak for long duration and keep a somber composure between those outbursts. Leo enjoys philosophy and believes that death on a battlefield will absolve him of the sin of abuse he cast on his lover at his lowest points. Or at least ease the pain in the form of embracing nothing but combat and sacrifice.

Preferences keeping his distance from other people as to avoid ever suffering the pain of losing another person, the man that was once warm before his accident and lovers death slowly became more and more glacial as time went on, finding that hunting others in the name of the greater good was a fair distraction from this agony foaming to the surface of his mind

Deep down he continues to struggle with the events of his past and so rarely does he talk about it with others in an open context of any sort, instinctively warding others away from intimate exchanges with him and instead prefers to adopt a trend of habitual substance abuse.

Once past that uncertain and relatively cold surface Leo has times (mostly while on drugs) where he can get along quite well with another person, forgetting even briefly that accepting the others about him opens the gateway to the brand of pain which haunts him.

Because of inherent psychological instability from his own nature coupled with the events of his past it is possible for the mans underlying sorrow to shift in state and become a fiery rage which consumes him as he explodes outwards without thinking as much as he certainly should. Despite the fact that this is known about him the man has been given the chance to pilot because of an unusually high aptitude for aircraft.

  • Likes: Airbike Racing, Aviation, Drugs, Birds, Rachel Rogers
  • Dislikes: Police, Organized Crime, the Streets, Politics
  • Goals: To become the best airbike racer, to die on the battlefield



Father: Thomas Knight (Deceased) - Despite working hard and sometimes retaining multiple jobs barely ever managed to keep his family afloat till murdered; served as a vehicle technician primarily.

Mother: Kathryn Knight (Deceased) - A waitress before becoming a wife and mother to two children she too was eventually murdered in their youth alongside her husband.

Brother: Collin Knight (Deceased) - athlete, gambler and entry level professional airbike driver till his death in a gang related incident.


He was an orphaned streeter, both Leo and his brother Collin after their parents were killed in a trite robbery were forced to contend with the world about them; but the urban districts were hard and streeter life wears on a person. They both got into things best left aside, gambling on races they each earned themselves names as being adept in street racing in most land vehicles.

However that wasn't what was the most entertaining, airbikes were on the rage and the two quickly had a dispute over the inheritance from their father about where the money should go. In the end they decided to both get themselves vehicles of equal caliber using the inheritance coupled with money earned from gambling.

It was in this underworld that Leo met Rachel… She was a beauty from a distance only a short while and when they finally spoke it was strange they ended up having an argument but sparks flew instantaneously thereafter and both realized soon they were in love with another. Starting to slowly cut back on racing as much due to his investment in their relationship things change when his brother starts doing drugs and Leo finds himself right beside him. Trying to earn money for more he races while under the influence, dealing in mostly drugs, towards the end weapons as well to the community he bonded with while in those streets.

Rachel there to try and help him recuperate but disappointed that they might not have enough to afford their home if this continued. Distraught over his brothers murder Leo swelled with anger even with his lover at his side and slowly pushed her away within the midst of his withdrawal. Their last words were harsh ones before she died in a horrible authority related incident where a firefight broke out near supposed gang members. A stray projectile graced the side of her head and the next time Leo saw her it was confirming the identity of her corpse.

Recuperating from his accident and coming to terms with the death of the woman he loved so very dearly the struggling streeter found his way into the military; hoping to forget his past life and simply vent his sorrow on the battlefield. Unable to face his home any longer or the people responsible for the death of everything dear to him, he had no chance to correct his error. Nepleslia had nothing left for him but pain. If it hadn't been for the fact that his brothers final request was to let things lie he would have thrown his life away trying to kill those bastards who took the last of his family from him.

So he joined the marines and became a private third class with advanced training in cavalry tactics and although he served well for a time there was soon an incident in which he lost all composure and pretense of control, giving in to a fury in which he assaulted a fellow soldier with what appeared to be intent to kill and earning himself a volatile reputation as well as legal consequences. His career would have ended there but it would appear that his skills and disposition after his “service” were more useful to the other aviators of the tactical fighter battalion as in the midst of his new advanced training and at the top of his class Leo was called into the skies for the first time after months of simulation and not even more than a few live fire training runs before all hell broke loose at fort sentinel. Silently wishing for glory and death.



Being fluent in Nepleslian as well as the language of the streets so to speak Leo is also trained to handle transmissions for multiple pieces of hardware which are essential for combat operations extending to power armor, vehicles, and finally even star ship systems.

Fighting & Physical

Trained to battle at close quarters combat Leo proved slightly above average at this despite his lighter body weight when contrasted to many other marines, years in the streets dealing and gambling taught him how to throw a punch and the military training simply fine tuned this process when coupled with regimented training. Obviously he is also well familiar and adept using standard marine weapons as well but he found that the pistol and knife combination most suited his aptitude. Knowing that there was a better way to battle at distance however he worked hard to improve his skills and became an able rifleman as well. Even purchasing an assault rifle he enjoys to practice with at the range.

Strategy & Tactics

Educated in combined arms operations doctrine and knowing how to follow the order to get the job done Leo is familiar with this thought process and understands the nature of combat and how to best try and achieve desired results with the effects produced by various mechanized units when fielded next to elite warriors as conveyed by military training, however his additional training has also compounded this with an understanding of unique urban and domestic strategies such as how to take advantage of native electronics or do crowd control.


Being an orphan, a drug dealer, or a gangster wasn't easy or always desirable. But when combined with the military training Leo became rugged enough to endure some cruel situations, and cared so little he wasn't subject to cowardice or self pity. While he was alive he would embrace the duty but he wasn't opposed to the idea of death either. His indifference provided a much needed calm to leave way for professionalism regarding duty, he perceives that the necessity to work for ones survival implies that you've already made enough poor decisions that your life is now in danger. He cares far more at this point in life of what others shall remember him for than his own survival. Willing to trade it for honor.

Cavalry Training

Familiar and adept in the functions of gunships and hover tanks alike advanced cavalry training has seen fit to instilling a solid understanding and easily so considering his natural talents in the use of these deadly heavy weapons and the tactics best suited to their role on the battlefield. Flying support with a gunship for urban combat or using the systems via simply remote control; Leo has been trained to command large crafts without even being aboard them.

Racer (Land)

Having grown up among questionable circles of street racers since his early youth he is very much a product of the streets need for speed so to speak, relishing anything that moved him but particularly fast, the more the better. Leo was a naturally talented operator of vehicles. Often thinking back on the old days where he achieved his bliss from races, he tossed those thoughts away quickly as they had become laced with the pain of his lost lover.

Pilot (Aviation)

Dabbling into air bikes as well as gliding previous to his cavalry training Leo retains a natural skill for aviation even more so than his talent with ground based machinery, able to fly and cut between objects and through narrow spaces at uncanny speeds with an above average skill at spacial relation and hand eye co-ordination. Leo remains a skilled pilot with potential left untapped. He received a half finished introduction in operating the N-F/A1 'Uno' before thrown into combat.


Leo Knight has the following items:


Public Wear

Weapons and Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Leg-holster, black
  • 1 Pistol Magazine Pouch
  • 1 Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber Suppressed with a heavy custom slide, barrel; and trigger job with 1 additional normal load in the shoulder harness, and three double stacked magazines in the pouch.
  • 1 Rifle Magazine belt around the torso
  • 1 Styrling Tactical Assault Rifle Fitted with a HD Multi Spectral Scope, 3-12×60 Zoom, flash suppressor and sling, loaded with a magazine already, four extra magazines fully loaded each located inside the torso belt.



Leo Knight is currently a Ensign in the 78th Tactical Battalion.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
4850 DA 1150 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault Rifle
4720 DA 130 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberSound Supressor
4470 DA 250 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberHeavy Slide
4270 DA 200 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberHeavy Barrel
4210 DA 60 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberTrigger Job
4120 DA 90 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberMagazine Pouch
4030 DA 90 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberDouble stack magazine x 3
3970 DA 60 Purchase of Styrling Silver Special .45 CaliberBox of 250 rounds
3870 DA 100 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault RifleMagazine x 5
3670 DA 200 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault RifleBlack Steenplast Rifle Case, foam lining, holds 5 magazines
3570 DA 100 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault RifleBrown Leather Magazine Belt, holds 4 extra magazines
3270 DA 300 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault RifleBox 70 rounds x 6
2970 DA 300 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault RifleFlash Suppressor
1970 DA 1000 Purchase of Styrling Tactical Assault RifleHD Multi Spectral Scope, 3-12×60 Zoom

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