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Leon'etti Lou Eros

Leon'etti Lou Eros is a player character played by Exmachinea.

Leon'etti Lou Eros
Species & Gender: Shukaren Male
Date of Birth: ER 741
Organization: Kingdom of Neshatan
Occupation: Swordmaster/Engineer
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Leon'etti Lou Eros was a mix of Laibe and Duar, as well as My'leke, and all of which was apparent in how his body had been built. The Duar piece of him gave him a more human body, which was lean and well proportioned with broad shoulders and well-defined muscle. The Laibe part of Leon'etti was distinguished by the orangish fur covering his entire body, leaving only his hair different, with his sunflower blonde hair at the top of his head always pulled back, and his bangs a usual short shag, and the havane brown sides shaved down to around 6 or 8 inches. Leon'etti's My'leke part was also obvious, as he had a 6 foot long tail. While it was slender, it still kept a shagginess to it, he just kept it trimmed.

If Leon'etti's very appearance alone wasn't as obvious as like a sore thumb, his right arm would have sold him out in a minute. It was steampunkish, with a bronze metal finish, it had silver metal bone structure and joints much like his real arm, with pieces of artificial muscle overlaying most of it. The hand was skeletal as well, the Metacarpus and Phalanges not having as much fake muscle tissue as the metallic Ulna, Radius and Humerus. His elbow was bare too, with a few thin cords of green and red wire left free.

Leon'etti Lou had dark brown eyes, which matched the shaved sides of his hair. They were average sized, and relatively round with pointed ends. His ears were large and furry, coated in orange with a pale cream inside. One ear, his right one, has two thick bronze earring loops. One might say that Leon'etti's features appear American, in that the details are similar. With high cheekbones and a small, well rounded chin that made the European hint apparent in his overall heart-shaped face. Leon'etti tries to keep his scent as a warm, mellow vanilla, but work can cause that to subside into a smokey smell. And his voice makes his young age obvious, but it has a low rumble, and is 'buttery' in sound.


Leon'etti Lou Eros is humorous, even jaunty. His flamboyant, and even girlish way of acting makes him funny. But do not be fooled, as Leon is a maniacal perfectionist below deck, and behind closed doors he often nitpicks his work and is almost OCD in always checking everything again and again to ensure top performance and overall longer lifespan. He's cautious, and almost doesn't trust an engine or a good sized piece of equipment until he's checked it. Though Leon is a good engineer, his dream was to be a high ranking swordmaster. Sharp and agile was in Leon'etti's heart, raw and pure was the desire to defend others from wrongful harm.

Currently, Leon doesn't have many, if any, ongoing relationships. He tends to be a bit introverted in large crowds, and timid to strangers. Otherwise, Leon likes just about any kind of individual, so long the person isn't snobbish, and pushy. Leon'etti is always curious of other people, he likes to say that he โ€œdoesn't judge a book by it's cover, but rather it's pagesโ€ because he likes to learn of their pasts and their perspective of things. It makes him quite aware of a crew around him. Leon does like to visit social spots, but doesn't often engage in much activity other then studying. He's always studying planes, whether its the plane itself or the build, even the engine and the speeds they can go at. While also watching people from afar. Once he knows someone, he's his normal self.


Leon'etti Lou Eros was born in December 18th, ER 741. He was born in Forben, mothered by Aika Kalahari Eros, a Duar of Netoshen, and is fathered by And'rei Vladimir Eros, a Laibe of Forben. He remained in Forben until ER 747. During the evening of the New Harvest Massacre of 747, the Eros family was also attacked among many other inhabitants. Both Aika Kalahari Eros of Netoshen and And'rei Vladimir Eros of Forben was confirmed as deceased. During the attack, Leon'etti Lou Eros' right arm was amputated from a Velarious Sword-rifles blade, and his right shoulder blade and cuff was fractured. He did live through the night. Leon'etti Lou Eros was rushed to St'ades Children's Hospital the next day by rescue personnel. By ER 748, the St'ades Children's Hospital managed to get into contact with Leon'etti Lou Eros' grandmother, Ales'sandra Aika Eros, a Duar of Netoshen. Leon'etti Lou Eros was delivered to Netoshen by a nurse named Sa'kura Lee. By ER 749, Leon'etti Lou Eros lives with his blind and elderly Duar grandmother in the innermost section of Netoshen. He has made himself a close friend to the neighborhoods rebellious Duar, Ki'ari Ki Koko, who attends the Youth Division in the outermost section of Netoshen. Ki'ari Ki Koko is exactly a year older than Leon'etti Lou Eros, who attends to everyday education closely. Leon'etti Lou Eros did not qualify for Youth Division, due to only having one arm and, at the time, age. In ER 758, Leon'etti Lou Eros' grandmother, Ales'sandra Aika Eros of Netoshen, had passed away from illness and severe Alzheimer s. At some point in this ER, Leon'etti Lou Eros meets a foreigner to the Kingdom, named Prometheus Khal of Europa. A young Galilean who was not yet ranked a Commander in the Galilia. Leon'etti teaches Khal how to speak and understand his language, Tinacen, in exchange for learning engineering and being taught sword lessons. The Galilean species has not yet been fully introduced. And as of ER 761, Leon'etti Lou Eros now has a bionic right arm, and has learned both engineering and swordmastery arts, and competes in fencing tournaments in Netoshen to keep his skills sharp. His friend, ally, and maybe even a brother, Ki'ari Ki Koko, competes with him as a teammate in the arena, located in the outermost section of Netoshen.

Inventory & Finance

Leon'etti Lou Eros has the following items:


Armored Body Suit (standard)

Neshaten Standard Issue Military Uniform

Personal Clothing

Utility Belt

Personal Sword/Lance - []

Standard Issue Plasma Pistol



Duffel Bag

Standard Hygiene Pack

Neshaten Grooming Tool

OOC Information

In the case Exmachinea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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