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Letty Wendigo Bayogora

A player character used by that Primitive Polygon thing.

Species: Nepleslian Mutant
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty Six
Height: 4'2“ ft
Weight: 133 lb
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Corporate Saboteur / Gun Runner
Current Placement: ISS Shinpi

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Particularly short, animalistic and rather rounded, Letty is a baroque little monster with long nails and a dumpy, pear-shaped body type. Their lazy and sulkish demeanor rather plays to this, as does their rather fluffy, black-and-ivory stripped tail. Skin color is a very dark and glossy beige-brown. Overall the creepy mix of features is a bit like someone tried to describe a nekovalkyrja, but got confused with a mythical goblin half way through.

Eyes and Facial Features: A rounded head with a wide mouth is needed to contain a full set of canine teeth, often seen through a rather sinister or mischievous smile. Ice-blue eyes are big and rounded, yet offset by large bushy eyebrows and cat-like iris slits.

Hair Color and Style: A wild, mid-length blonde fringe compliments shorter black hair at the rear. The coloration appears to be natural… Or at least mutated naturally.

Ears: Triangular ears are hugely oversized, furry and filled with random metal rings and tags.

Other Items of Note: They tend to wear pastel-hued jumpsuits, but due to their unique body type, these tend to be child-sized and stretched out. There is a an odd blue triangular 'burglar mask' on the skin around the eyes, but it's unclear if this is a genetic alteration, or some kind of tattoo. They also need to wear special finger/toeless shoes and gloves, since their nails grow back super fast.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: The kind of bizarre lethargic creature that somebody might think is genetically engineered from a house cat or a marmoset, rather than a human being. They can be really abrupt and speak in short bursts of rather direct words, showing little patience with those they are unfamiliar with.

When they are bored or distracted, they tend to chew things like furniture or wires. Evidently rather smart despite this, with a heavy mechanical inclination. Seems to sneak around naturally, avoiding detection even from friends unless they particularly want something.

  • Likes: Handguns, small enclosed spaces, chewing things, sometimes playfighting, money, being rubbed on the belly or under the ears.
  • Dislikes: Bland food, clothes without pockets, skirts, loud people.
  • Goals: Kick some ass and snag some mad loot.


Social Connections

Deborah Bayogora (Mother) Clyde Bayogora (Father) Stan Bayogora (Brother) Lucy Bayogora (Sister) Marlice Atreavu (Friend)


Born on November 23rd YE 14 in the Malaise system.

A popular spot for low-income Funky City families looking to start a new life, Letty's parents moved to 'Half Empty' before she was born, and settled down with jobs in the native munitions industry. It turned out to be more of a lateral change in environment, with the crime being less frequent, but much more deadly due to the high-quality firearms being leaked everywhere.

Letty aroused a lot of suspicion from the native authorities due to their strange and unknowable genetic heritage, not helped by the fact it was rather Nekovalkyrja-esk. Thus, even through they kept their head down and became a rather proficient chemist at school, it wasn't looking likely that job offers were going to lay themselves at her feet.

After school, she ended up in the same old factory as her parents, and so almost immediately began some shading dealings with a two-bit gun runner called Marlice Atreavu. Bad run-ins with rival gangs saw the two of them bond over messing around with pistols.

Growing bolder and loosing contact as they got more serious and became involved in the corporate underworld, the next step was to become a paid saboteur. A small stature turned out to be pretty damn handy when sneakily nabbing company secrets. Some jobs went well, and some jobs went horribly, but they always narrowly escaped…

That is, until one day they were interrupted in the act by an actual Nekovalkyrja, possibly SAINT or NMX. The whole plant ended up flatted by a massive explosion, and all Letty could think about was how they were bound to take the fall.

The only way to continue was pack their things, sneakily hitch a ride to the Fortuna System, and set up shop there… Perhaps this ISS Shinpi vessel would at least give them some surface credentials, and a bit of cash to get rolling again?



Faster than she looks and unnaturally stealthy, Letty has a gift for going unnoticed and a knack for getting into rooms she shouldn't. Computers aren't really her strong point, but breaking a physical lock or knowing how to disable a security camera through brute force is. Pick pocketing a person is also something that they are unsettlingly good at.


It's not like they would ever win in a stand-up punching match even with an average sized human soldier, but Letty has a way with knives and silenced pistols. Failing that, they have a fearsome bite and sharp nails to abuse, which can be used to adequately disable someone if taken by surprise. Explosives and sniper rifles are more things that they are at least adequate in the use of, but tend to be only part of their equipment if being used for an extremely specific mission plan.

Jury Rigging

As adequately as they can break something with even the simplest of tools, they can also be rather handy in fixing something on occasion. They are in no way trained or experienced, but there is at least a bit of knowledge cross-over with their history or industrial manufacturing and firearm maintenance. Making something explode or overload intentionally, through, that's their specialty.


They can speak Trade and Yamataigo to some extent. It helps to keep an ear on the conversations of others.

Street Smarts

Breaking down doors is one thing, but getting paid to do it is quite another. Letty is experienced in talking to criminal underworld contacts, able to fake innocence or importance as the situation demands it. It's about spreading the myth, and though not particularly violent in personality, they are perfectly willing to push a guy down some stairs or bite of a few fingers, if it means getting in chummy with somebody dangerous who they need to get close to.


Letty has the following items;

  • Zen Armaments 10mm Covert Ops Pistol (With Silencer)
  • 17mm Pistol.
  • Custom .45 handcannon with integrated scope and silencer (comparable to the HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’.)
  • About twenty rounds for each weapon.
  • Universal Firearm Maintenance Kit.
  • 4 Utility jumpsuits, purple/teal/red/orange
  • A mess of random cheap jewelry, ribbons, dog tags, and machine bits used as decoration.
  • Some black woolly mittens and booties. Just in case.
  • An Awesomecorp Datajockey. Mostly used for surfing the SYNC.
  • Descrete in-ear communicator with microphone. Links to both radio and basic communicator frequencies.
  • Hygiene stuff.
  • Padded Sleeping Bag and pillow, extra large (they prefer to climb all the way inside).


Letty currently has 1000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case Primitive Polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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