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Leutre Veressis

Leutre Veressis
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 6'2“ / 188 cm
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai, First Expeditionary Fleet
Rank: Santô Hei
Occupation: Engineer, Salvage Specialist
Current Placement: Technician, YSS Miharu (NG-X1-00)

Other Information

Family: Vanton Veressis (Father)

Build and Skin color: Leutre has a lean build and pale complexion. Eye color: Blue eyes Hair color and Style: Leutre has thick, blond hair which always seems tangled. Distinguishing Features: Earrings on left ear.


“The most spiritual human beings, assuming they are the most courageous, also experience by far the most painful tragedies: but it is precisely for this reason we honor life, because it brings against us its most formidable weapons.”

Most privateers aren't known for their manners or civil tongue, and neither is Leutre. He speaks with the subtlety of a hammer; he says exactly what he is thinking, even if it may offend those around him. Those that can tolerate his candor and cursing usually find he is always willing to make friends. Leutre's life in the harsher realms of space has also made him an opportunist and a pessimist. He lives by the doctrine, 'the only rules in life are what you can and cannot do.' No matter what he does, he always attempts to take every advantage he can get, no matter how many military regulations or ethical concerns he has to step on.

Despite his opportunistic outlook, he is actually a highly spiritual person. He occasionally makes references to a personified “Death”, but most importantly is his apparently patron goddess, “Lady Luck”. He constantly invokes her name and may sometimes mutter short prayers to her. His belief in such a deity has also endowed him with a strange combination of optimism and arrogance; He often claims his mere presence can effect the outcome of a situation, thanks to Lady Luck's divine favor increasing the odds of a favorable outcome. Depending on how strongly he feels luck at the time, he may be either recklessly bold, or extremely cautious in certain situations.

Likes: Zero-G, Lady Luck, books, starships, drinking, traps Dislikes: Regulations, combat, sensitive people Goals: To meet new people and learn new things.


“My home is somewhere out there on the Frontier. A Vampire-class. The Mourning Glory, a good ship. The kind of ship by which you judge all others in your life. Engines that keep you warm on cold nights. One deck, a small living area that always smells of spiced wine. The central cargo bay, it had so many spare parts. I loved spending days just tinkering away. In vehicle bay an old tank chassis, my playpen. The most of the ship's grav plating was stripped away to make maintenance easier. Zero gravity is so calming. I've never slept as well as I have in zero gravity.”

Leutre was raised on a small privateering vessel that traveled among the edges of know space, guarding merchants running the dangerous but profitable routes among the border worlds. These trips were weeks or months, as convoys rarely traveled straight to their destination lest the pirates predict their trade routes and ambush them. Between these long trips the ship would be docked at a station or planetary port in order to re-supply while the merchants bartered. Leutre's father would take him to the merchant stalls and hangars to shop for replacement parts and fuel. It was at times like these Leutre's imagination and curiosity would run wild. If it shined, made noise, or moved, he'd look up at his father with wonderment in his eyes, point at the object, and say, “Whaddat?”

As the years passed, Leutre's father taught him about the ship and it's components, while pirate raids taught him the finer points of turret gunnery and weapons systems. Leutre's natural curiosity made him a quick study, and by the time he was sixteen he learned everything he could from his father and their ship. But that didn't stop his curiosity. His father started buying him technical manuals and spare parts to tinker with, but he couldn't afford them at the rate Leutre was going through them. One of the traders in the convoy recommended the Star Army of Yamatai, as they would give Leutre training and education in exchange for only a few years service.


”'It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt,' is what my Da always told me. I wish I had listened to his advice.“

Communication (basic training): Leutre is fluent in English, but knows very little Japanese. He can operate most communications equipment, and is familiar with the maintenance and repair of basic communication systems.

“Any disciple of probability theory can tell you its better to be lucky than skilled. Skill is merely a function of luck, so it's still ultimately up to Lady Luck, bless her bosom, whether you win or lose.”

Mathematics (basic training, spatial awareness): Living in microgravity the majority of his life has provided some unforeseen benefits, including a unique comprehension of physics. Because he could not rely on a traditional 'sense of balance' to move about in microgravity, he compensated by developing an exceptional degree of spatial awareness; the ability to unconsciously calculate and predict the movement of objects in space. This talent increases his perception and awareness at any task that involves predicting the movement of objects, such as ship maneuvering or shooting.

Technology & Starship Operation (basic training, high speed maneuvering): The fact he has been studying and killing pirate raiders for years combined with his former hobby of shuttle racing makes him a naturally adept pilot.

“Spiced wine has drowned more souls than all the oceans of Yamatai.”

Chemistry (drink brewing, poisons): Leutre learned how to brew intoxicating and potent beverages during the long journeys in trading convoys, as any pilot's worst nightmare is weeks without drink. He was taught the importance of proper mixing; intense concentrations of certain intoxicants can induce paralysis or even death.

Engineering, Maintenance and Repair (repair, jury rigging, salvage): As parts were expensive and of limited quality in the border worlds, learning how to maintain systems and extend the life span of parts was critical. Leutre is experienced in stripping components from parts, and replacing or creating new part components.

Demolitions (improvised explosives, booby traps): As a child, a combination of chemistry, starship engineering, and boredom resulted in Leutre developing an affinity for explosive devices. He knows how to produce fire bombs using alcoholic beverages, or make improvised explosives out of ship components or chemicals. An understanding of mechanical systems also makes him adept at rigging detonators or tripwire bombs.


Account Balance: 3000 KS

Military Issue Belongings

  • 2 jackets, blue
  • 2 cotton undershirts, light blue
  • 2 pair pants, light blue
  • 1 belt, black
  • 1 pair leather gloves, dark gray
  • 1 pair leather boots, dark gray
  • 1 black tricorner hat, thick felt with red border (or white for officers)
  • 1 black overcoat, ankle-length
  • 2 black T-Shirts with pocket on left breast
  • 1 pair black sandals
  • Undergarments
  • 4 black cotton briefs
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks
  • Survival knife, solid diamond with rubberized grip and lanyard
  • Black sheath with loop and clips for belt attachment (for the knife)

Personal Belongings

  • 1 copy of 'Fusion Energy: An Introduction to the Physics and Technology of Magnetic Confinement Fusion'
  • 1 copy of 'Poetry of the Galaxy'
  • 1 copy of 'On Pentagrams and Piety: A Modern Guide to Polytheism and Pagan Religions'
  • 1 copy of 'Riding the Photons: Technology, Dynamics and Practical Applications of Solar Sailing'
  • 1 copy of 'The Homebrewer's Handbook'

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