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Lexine Hill

Lexine Hill is a player character played by Immortal Cyan.

Lexine Hill
Species: Human
Gender: Woman
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Intelligence and Pacification Group
Occupation: Commando Sniper
Rank: Private First Class
Current Placement: Aegis Squad
Plot: Aegis Squad

Physical Description

  • Height: 4'7“
  • Weight: 100 Lbs.
  • Measurements: 28AA-26-45

Lexine Hill is a curvy and femininely built woman with a small waist, a flat chest, a plump rear, and a set of thick thighs. She has shapely eyebrows1), which complement a set of doe-like eyes with long lashes and sea green irises. Lexine has a delicate, button nose which emphasizes her small and plump lips. Her narrow and dainty chin gives her face a heart shaped profile. she prefers to wear her naturally cyan hair in a high bun. Her skin has a creamy shade and flawless complexion. Finally, the only places she has hair are on the top of her head and her eyebrows.


Lexine is a highly passionate, emotional, and, compulsive woman. She is quick to devote herself to a cause or a person, and even quicker to anger if such thing lets her down. Although she is quite personable, Lexine’s obsessive nature can make her exhausting to socialize with for extended periods of time. She is also highly nationalistic and xenophobic.

Likes: Firearms, Sex, Violence, Martial Arts, Nepleslia

Dislikes: Waiting, Off Time, Playing Cards, Drinking, Smoking


Lexine Hill was born in Funky City, Nepleslia to a single mother. As a young girl, Lexine’s interests were fixated upon violent cartoons, action movies, and video games such as The Adventures of Armor Squad Alpha. Although her childhood was mostly quiet and uneventful, when she was 6 Yamataian years old, Lexine got into her mother’s gun safe and accidently shot herself in the leg. After she recovered from the incident, her mother began to enroll Lexine in shooting and martial arts classes, seeking to channel her daughter's obsession with violent media and war into physical pursuits.

As a side effect of her obsession with violent media, Lexine became a fanatical Nepleslian nationalist. She quickly came to idolize the ID-SOL because of their reputation as perfect soldiers. Her desire to emulate them drove her to push her body to it’s physical limits through martial arts and track and field events. She spent many long hours at the shooting range, perfecting her shot with almost every popular Nepleslian firearm.

On the same day that her mother died, Lexine dropped out of high school after four years of academic failure, in spite of her success as an athlete out of the classroom. As soon as she dropped out, Lexine enlisted in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. She entered boot camp at the minimum age for enlistment. After recording high marksmanship scores in boot camp, she was recommended for immediate Sniper Training by her officers. Once again, Lexine performed above expectations and recorded exceptional scores in sniper training.

Lexine was deployed for a year, during which she saw live combat twice. Upon recommendation from a superior, Lexine was recommended for IPG Candidacy.

After fulfilling all expectations in Commando training, Lexine was assigned to the newly-formed Aegis Squad.

Skills Learned

Lexine Hill has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Lexine Hill is connected to:

  • Anna Hill (Mother, Deceased)

Inventory & Finance


Standard Wear

  • 1 IPG Armband
  • 4 white undershirts
  • 4 pair black panties
  • 2 pair black steel-toe SynAraS combat boots
  • 4 pair black socks, 2 pair cotton, 2 pair wool
  • 2 sets of standard workout gear (Black synthetic fiber t-shirt, black shorts)

Public Wear

  • 2 black double-breasted, knee-length trenchcoat, poplin with internal zip-up weapon pockets fit for pistols or XAR rifles
  • 2 black Pinstripe Italian-style dress jacket, silk
  • 2 white dress shirts white blouse, poplin
  • 2 black neckties (optional)
  • 2 black skirts
  • 2 black leather belts
  • 1 pair black leather wingtipped oxfords
  • 1 IPG Badge with belt clip
  • 1 shoulder holster
  • 1 black fitted SynAraS ballistics vest with durandium trauma plates




  • 1 Tactical SynAraS ballistics vest with Durandium trauma plates



  • 6000 DA


Lexine Hill is fitted with the IPG Operator Standard Cybernetics Package.

OOC Information

In the case ximmortalxbeauty becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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