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Limr'viad Kil'nda

Limr'viad Kil'nda is a player character played by Chaos Havik.

Limr'viad Kil'nda
Species: Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Age: ER 755v, 24 in YE 41
Height: 5.11feet/ 149.86 cm
Weight: 169lbs
Organization: Neshaten Division 5
Occupation: Field Operator
Rank: Operator
Current Placement: Division 5

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5.11feet/ 149.86 cm
  • Mass: 169lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Kil'nda Has a lean/ Athletic look to him. Not being trained only on compant he has less muscle mass that a full soilder would but at the same time his combat training and the training of Boot Camp it's self have given him a hard bodied physic as well. His body is covered in Red fur from head to toe, with a red tail that has a white tip at the end.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kil'nda has green irises with vulpine pupils his facial feature resemble that of a fox.

Ears: Kil'nda has a set of fox ears attop of his head with read fur covering them.

Hair Color and Style: Kil'nda's fur is red in color all the way up to his tail which has a white colored tip.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Like most Laibe, Kil'nda finds that he believes while the other races of the Neshaten Kingdom have their good qualities, that Laibe are the most superior of the three. This leads Kil'nda to feel that the Libra buts act in a superior way. Not degrading or hateful, but to show them selves as paragons, examples that the other races of Daur and My'leke should fallow to better their own races, even if their physical conditions will not change over any short period of time.

Being amongst the slightly rarer verity of Neashatens, Kil'nda has found a preferance in firearms, more specifically long range firearms such as rifles. He finds the act of marksmen ship almost as an art in of it's self and has spent years in training with various rifles. It is for this reason that Kil'nda has also changes his fighting style, while he has learned and become proficient in the use of the Vrete Style of swordsmanship, after joining the military he has since taken more of a shine to the Krotaya style and may fall back on the blade attached to his gun rather than his sword in a good many situations.

Kil'nda is strong in his faith to the Kingdom and to his duties, he takes his postion in the military with the upmost seriousness he is capable. He tends to focus on his duties when on them to the point of ignoring others, unless he needs to hear something from them or they are his superiors.

Though Kil'nda is not always on duty and thus his life and his personality have their existance outside of active duty as well. As an engineer his love of machines goes for beyond his job as he loves taking things apart and putting them together, studying up on the latest working of technology and most of all the working of guns and firearms.

When he doesn't have his nose in a piece of tech or computer screen It's easy to find Kil'nda enjoying a game of Meer'tro ,his favorite past time sport. Having been on his Primary schools official team when he was a kit, he chose to give a good chunk of his time playing it to being dedicated to joining the Military at a later age.

Kil'nda's family life is a close one. He has strong bonds with his mother and father, though he seems to hold a stronger bond with his kit brother and the two have been close for the longest times. Fights between the two offten were forgotten the next day and it could be said they always had each others back.

Upon entering what might be considered the “teen: years of his life Kil'nda found himself descovering ore about himself leading to the eventual conclusion that he in fact was more fond of his own sex than that of the female form. With the general acceptance of his fiends and family, and with no real stigma in Neshaten Culture, Kil'nda has learned to accept this of himself , and that it's a part of who he is.

  • Likes: Meer'tro, Computers, Sword Practice, Working on his marksmanship, Machines, Taking things apart and learning how to put them back together.
  • Dislikes: Dishonorable actions from others, Cowardice, Enemies of the Kingdom, Drunks, Other Laibe taking their superiority the “wrong way” (in his mind at least)
  • Goals: To serve in the Military to the best of his ability and make his family honored by his actions. To learn more about the vast universe that the Neshaten Kingdom has begun to explore.


Family (or Creators)

Ca'rra (mother) and Cev'tor (Father) Limr'viad Kits'uki (Brother)


Born on the Planet of Nesha Prime in the capital city of Netoshen,Limr'vaid Kil'nda was the oldest son of Limr'viad Ca'rra and Limr'viad Cev'tor. Growing up in the capital city Kil'nda, like all Laibe his age, was placed into heavy schooling to learn the history of their Kingdom and just as importantly, to get along with the other two races of the Neshaten Kingdom.

At the age of five, Kil'nda found a fondness for technology of all kinds wanting to figure out how to make anything he could get his hands on work. This lead to a habit of him also dismantling things and putting them back together, though after being punished for breaking something that was not his, he reserved himself to only taking apart things that were his own or were small things that would not go amiss here or there.

Kil'nda's hobbies went beyond just tinkering with anything he could manage to get his hands on. He also developed a love for Meer'tro playing the game with his friends any chance he got. He even got a spot on the school team and played all thought his Primary schooling. But like most things, time is a changing factor that can make things seem less important than they once had been. When given the chance, Kil'nda happily took to joining the Youth Corp which would put a limit on his playing of the sport.

Kil'nda still played the game he loved any chance he got with the other Kits in the Corp, but he found a brand new hobby to tied him over, Marksman ship. Unlike many, whome believed that firearms were a less honorable way to fight than hand to hand or with energy bows, Kil'nda found an almost art like outlook on the use of long range and took to using the Vela'rius Swordrifle.

Training was harsh, but though the pain and stress of the basic train and boot camp, Kil'nda emerged tougher than he once was. As they began to find their careers in the military it wasn't hard for Kil'nda to find his calling as an engineer and later apply this to the sub-category of Combat Engineer.

It was at the age of sixteen that Kil'nda began to realize he was a bit diffrent than the other kits around him as he began to notice other Shukaren caught his eye but it wasn't the girls he was giving second looks at, but the boys instead. He was confused at first. He never thought of himself as Gay but he couldn't escape the fact that he found the male body far more desirable than that of the females. He tired to keep his sexual orientation to himself. He wasn't afraid of what others would think but he was training with other kits his age for when he would be part of the navy it's self he couldn't let it get in the way. At least that's what he told himself.

Truth was some times he found it hard not to stare and it was only a matter of time till someone caught him doing so. The Libra was a kit about his age. He managed to look Kil'nda' right in the eyes and Kil'nda moved his head away trying to act like he had not been looking.. which he was. He tried not to look back but fearing he had offend and seeking maybe to make amends at the least he glanced back only to find the kit smiling a knowing yet lighthearted smile.

The Kit's name was Son'suke and after a bit of awkwardness the two quickly found themselves close friends. They tended to spend what time they could with each other playing Meer'tro with others if they could or if not there was plenty two off duty Kits could do together. It was in Son'suke that Kil'nda even reacived his first kiss. Son'suke may have been the one to stark but Kil'nda was quick to fallow his lead.

Taking his now boyfriend to meet the parents was a huge nightmare for Kil'nda at least the moment before them meeting him. So many things went though his head how this could go wrong but to his luck his family was more than happy for him. His Father and brother had been surprised initially but his mother less so. Mother always do have this strange way of knowing everything about their kits. That or she was just really good at not showing it at the time.

The two lovers soon found their time together taxed. the Youth Corps is branch of the military. A militia it may be but their duties just as important and even in times of peace Kits would be assigned to bases on or off Nesha Prime, to Starships and any other place they were needed. In these times of peace they mostly worked alongside the navy for on field personal training for days they would be in the military. It was soon the Kits found themselves separated far from each other on assignment. They messaged each other any time they could but it was time they might go days even weeks before they could get a message though.

Despite this setback to his love life, Kil'nda continued to work hard in his training and missions. As he grew in size so too did his equipment and weaponry. His dedication to marksmanship moving him from a Vela'rius Swordrifle to a Juvo'tron Sniper Rifle.

Current History

Recently Kil'nda has joined the Ranks of the Gam'trosha working as a Combat Engineer. His First Mission was back up to a planet that had shown to be hostile to fellow soldiers. However the Combat had ended before his assistance could be provided and He continued to help with the Exploration of found Ruins.

Upon Securing the remains f one of the Hostile Creatures Kil'nda was officially welcomed aboard of the Gam'trosha settling into a new life aboard. However it would not be long before Falty wiring and other problems forced the Ship Homeward Giving Kil'nda a chance to visit friends and family for a time. However he was unable to spend any time with his boyfriend causing more of a rift to grow between them.

When Repairs to the ship were Complete Kil'nda left with the rest of the crew and once more set out to explore the stars. Their first mission back out was to provide Aid to one of the colonies where miners had been trapped in a collapsed mine. Working along side the Miners Kil'nda managed to successfully used explosives which lead to a rescue party retrieving the lost Miners.

Due to events happening in the Kingdom, the exploration of the stars was put on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Thus it was that the Gam'trosha and it's crew returned home. However his skills as a combat engineer and sniper were not to be wasted. A new anti-terror unit was created known as Division 5. Kil'nda was approched with an offer to join this elite group and he didn't hesitate to join.



Due to the extincive schooling done in the Neashaten Kingdom, Kil'nda has become proficient in the language of his world Tinacen. Going beyond merely just words, Tinacen involves reading one's body language including the moment of the ears and tails of an individual.

Starship Operations

As an engineer, Kil'nda has been trained extensively in how to operate a star ship. He has learned how it works, and how to repair and maintain most systems within. He has been put though various simulations and other on hands testing to cover a variety of situations that might occur upon a vessel.

Technology Operation

Kil'nda's training, coupled with his love of technology have lead him to understand how to put together, take apart, repair, and design hardware and software.


As with most Neashatens, Kil'nda has received training at a very early age on combat, this has been further honed in his military training He has come to be proficient in long range Rifles and the fighting style of Krotaya, though he maintains a good deal of skill with the Vrete Style if sword fighting.


History is very important to the Neashaten culture and as such Kil'nda has received extensive schooling and taught about the Kingdoms known past. This includes the times before the Great War.


Kil'nda has spent years taking things apart and putting them back together, and this was before he was getting paid to do so. He was never destructive with the act so there was nothing stopping him from continuing. He wasn't happy with something till he was allowed to dismantle it and then put it back together helping him understand better how the object in question worked.


As a Combat Engineer, Kil'nda has been taught how to not only repair and maintain the various weaponized vehicles of the Volunteer Navy, but how to operate them as well, making him a good addition to have in a vehicle that can support multiple people.


Limr'viad Kil'nda has the following items:

  • Standard Hygiene Pack
  • Utility belt
  • Extra weaponized power crystals
  • Flashlight
  • Communicator
  • Duffel Bag (for storing personnel items)
  • Personal Clothing
  • Black Shorts that come down to his knees


Limr'viad Kil'nda is currently a A'Fuereb in the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
20130 Rn Starting Funds

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