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Freethinker Liniment Four Two 42-9090-0101

Freethinker Liniment Four Two 42-9090-0101 is a player character played by Dumont.

Freethinker Liniment Four Two 42-9090-0101
Species & Gender: Type III Freespacer, Organic. Female
Date of Birth: YE 29
Organization: The Free State/Free State Biomechatronics/Grand Bizarre
Occupation: Scientist/Engineer
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Preferred Plots

  1. None, Semi-NPC

Physical Description

While many among the Free State are scrawny due to malnutrition, or warped by excessive cybernetics; the relative opulence of Liniment's home fleet, combined with her non-physical role has led to her being what she calls 'attractive, pointlessly so'.

Slightly tall for a Freespacer, with near obsidian dark skin; and a dramatic hourglass figure, with wide hips and long legs. Liniment normally covers this with her close fitting hand built voidwalker suit. Over the suit she wears a flowing white labcoat and matching shawl that hangs low to conceal what remains of her left arm, which was lost just above the elbow.

She walks with an arm-crutch about half the time due to similarly losing her right leg from just above the knee. She treats these industrial accidents as opportunities to use herself as a testbed for experimental cybernetics. Both missing limbs don't have installed cybernetics, they end in metallic caps with nerve ports.

Facially she is well formed into a soft oval, full lips, prominent rounded cheekbones, and large eyes the color of mud. Her hair is natural 'afro style' kinked curls, dark blood red in color and styled into a rough undercut. Most of her hair pulled tight across the top of her head, and tied loose at the rear of her skull where it bursts outwards. The rough effect is that it looks like the back of her head exploded. Her mindware ports are just behind her right ear.


Short on words, sharp of mind, and long on shoulder chips when it comes to others. Liniment is terse and shrewd to other Freespacers, and near violently xenophobic towards everything else. A proud patriot of the Free State, Liniment believes wholeheartedly that her own way of life and political dogma is the truest and most beneficial thing in the universe.

She is arrogant. Very arrogant. Although she rarely comes off that way, since expressing it would require more than two words said about something not practical. Instead most of her time is spent bartering materials for goods, and she generally prefers the company of Syntelligence design nodes to others.


Freethinker Liniment Four Two 42-9090-0101 was born in YE 29.

Born on a heavy industrial Mothership, resting at the heart of the vast commercial and shipyard fleet known collectively as the Grand Bizarre. Freethinker Four Two has remained in much the same position throughout her whole life. She has never set foot outside her ship of birth, and her history is mostly tied to her community rather than individual endeavor.

Liniment occupied a strange grey area when it comes to the Free State. Born prior to outright conflict with Yamatai, but integrated into a post-Genocide society after their initial programming. Their early life was marked with strife turning into opportunity. All caused by the collapse of traditional trade routes, and the fracturing of the schism causing outright chaos.

From her first waking day, Liniment was pushed into a chaotic and desperate period in history. The Grand Bizarre had been untouched by violence, but was short on supply. Those Freespacers found themselves in a unique sort of position to actually be one of the few fleets to actually spin a profit following the Genocide. With the destruction of a large amount of the Free State's industrial output, it fell to fleets like Liniment's and their population to help the rest of the Free State recover.

Liniment cut her teeth in her mothership's mounted docking frames, refitting dozens or hundreds of vessels which would form the initial push towards the galactic north, fleeing Yamataian aggression. Although only an apprentice at the time, many refitted ships belonging to the Rifter and Exile factions were part of her work. When those who turned towards the blue or black to face their fate had left, Liniment followed her home fleet's rather shrewd decisions to turn towards free market anarchism.

Materials bartered for ship maintenance by the early Exiles and Rifters produced a surplus which were used to prop up other groups. To this day, Liniment and her home fleet are frequent travelers among isolated Communist and rare Technocrat enclaves, trading maintenance work and mobile shipyard support for raw materials to advance the knowledge base of the fractured Free State.

While far from the most noteworthy Freethinker of the modern Freespacer age, Liniment is moderately well known in the Polysentience. A hackable breakfast module of her design, built for modifying nutrient processors briefly gained memetic status within the polysentience in YE 34, owing to the outlandish flavor possibilities which never successfully replicated the taste of actual food. Liniment successfully leveraged her fifteen minutes of fame into free marketing for a Polysentience bartering space where she now trades raw materials in exchange for custom gadgets and doodads.

Social Connections

Freethinker Liniment Four Two 42-9090-0101 is connected to:

  • Greasy Palms Springwell (Mothership)
  • Dragg Five Five (Workplace Proximity Associate)
  • Tolar Three Two (Workplace Proximity Associate)
  • NeurAn Zero Six (Assistant)
  • NeurEn Zero Seven (Assistant)
  • NeurIn Zero Eight (Assistant)
  • NeurOn Zero Nine (Assistant)
  • NeurUn One Zero (Assistant)

Skills Learned


Speaks Trade fluently. She seems to have a working knowledge of written Yamataigo, and Lorath, but refuses to speak them or listen to them spoken.


Trained from the tank, and programmed with many earlier iterations of herself in prior incarnations. Liniment is a veritable polymath when it comes to anything mechanical. From drones, to handheld tools, aerospace engineering, and cybernetics. Liniment can work with just about anything with moving parts.

Science & Medical

Although indirectly, Liniment is a capable scientist familiar with Free State holistic scientific inquiry. But as is the case, her approach to science can best be described as 'cracky'. While she has a functional knowledge of multiple fields of physics, and enough medical capability to install and maintain cybernetics, she has little theoretical knowledge which can be expressed in research or pure maths, nor the flexibility to be a capable physician.

Technology Operation/Mindware

As with most Freespacers, Liniment is capable at using her own mindware. Where she stands out however is in skillfully using Polysentience design nodes to efficiently run simulations and crunch numbers. Research and refinement is her forte.


In tandem with engineering skill, Liniment is a capable chemist. While primarily a metallurgist and brewer of lubricants and coolants, she applies her chemistry set tinkering to odd areas sometimes. Her skills in the kitchen are infamous among her home community because of this.

Maintenance and Repair

If she can build it, she can fix it. Unlike many among the Free State, her maintenance abilities are less geared towards short term fixes. Liniment instead focuses on refurbishment and restoration of older technologies.


Things she knows about, she can talk about. A good foundation of practical knowledge on multiple fields of physics, and engineering is marred mainly by incorrect scientific socialization. In general she knows how things work, but not how to put them into words very well.

Inventory & Finance

Freethinker Liniment Four Two 42-9090-0101 has the following items:

  • 1 Moondyne's Graft
  • The clothes on her back

Liniment tends to just borrow most things she works with.

Projects & Inventions

Personal Equipment
  • “Turtle Stack” Performance Grade Cybernetics (WIP)
  • “Moondyne's Graft” Hackable Voidwalker (WIP)
  • “Borne Figment” Workwear (WIP)
Starship and Emplacement Equipment
  • “Long Drop” Gravitic Well Device (WIP)
  • “Pathless Journey” Prosthetic Learning Node (WIP)
  • “Dowser's Sunder” Deep Space Scanning Array (WIP)
  • “Hand Fisher” Zipline Transit System (WIP)
Consumer Goods
  • “Pigsback Velveteen” Modular Breakfast (WIP)
  • “Gearbox Delights” Recreational Devices (No Comment)
  • “Sun Puddles” Hackable Moonshine (WIP)
  • “Maker's Blues” Mind Expanders (WIP)
Chemicals and Materials
  • “Bracebelt” Smart Fabric (WIP)
  • “Cascade 19” Mining Pellets (WIP)
Military Sundries
  • “Starwayman's Bray” Recoilless Revolver (WIP)
  • “Radium Rider” Nuclear Blunderbuss (WIP)
  • “Antetraumatic Distresser” Personal Demolition Device (WIP)

OOC Information

In the case Dumont becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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