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Lolion Reglo

Lolion Reglo
Race Geshrin/Nepleslian
Gender Male
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father Leroy Reglo (MIA)
Mother Sukora Gensha (Deceased)
Height 5'6“ / 152.4cm
Weight 147 lbs / 66.67 Kg.
Employer SAoY
Occupation Power Armor Pilot/Soldier
Current Assignment YSS Sakura II
Rank Nito Hei
Rank Pin

Lolion Reglo in Roleplay

Lolion Reglo is a Player Character played by A Wandering Mage and is currently aboard YSS Sakura II prepping for an assault on a camp outside of a ruin that has caught that attention of the YSoA.

Orders can be found here.

Theme song: Tank! by The Seatbelts

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Slightly less muscular build than a true Nepesilian, Caucasian Skin color with a tanish hue that stays longer than a normal tan mainly due to living in a desert most of his life.

Facial Features and Eye Color: His face is warm and inviting yet has a certain rigidness to it. The pronounced cheek and jaw bone add an air of masculinity to him that exudes “don't mess with me”. He has deep blue/green eyes in a star burst design. On his right eye because of his scar there is a slight discoloration of the iris that makes it slightly lighter than the left.

Hair Color and Style: Light brown soft hair that he likes to keep short. he can be seen on occasion with a straight buzz cut or he may let it grow out to about an inch in length depending on where he is at and what he is doing. He hates having to do too much to it so for the most part keeping it short aids in care.

Distinguishing Features: The most distinguishing feature he has is a scar across his face. It starts above his right eye and travels down his face along his right cheek stopping right at the chin line. It is half an inch in width and is deep enough to have a distinct color difference from the surrounding skin. Because of this, it is one of the features first noticed about him when people first meet him. Though he has told a few people that it is because of a wild animal attack on his home planet most often joke about the idea that he got it in some sort of bar fight. When he transferred his soul to a Yamatai body he asked for his scar to be transferred as well. He also has several other scars he had transferred mainly on his hands, torso and arms, much to the dismay of those doing the procedure just because of the sheer number of them. All of these scars he has memories of, either being lessons learned or trophies of victories he has won in battle against death.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Lolion is an introverted, solitary type of person because his home was secluded, set off aways from any city or center of civilization. He has a fairly conservative approach to his life because of how he grew up preferring to rely on himself than to ask for help. This stems from the lifestyle he lead with his father, living off the land and ensuring you have enough to survive was the main focus of their life. He is generally even tempered with his emotions but that is not to say he doesn't have any at all. He just has a very good control over his thoughts and actions. His childhood wasn't much to speak of. Between learning things from his father and doing his best to survive against the elements he didn't have much time for friends or playing. He would much rather learn about how things worked than play around anyway. Many a night his father caught him staying up late to read a manual on a vehicle, or a guide to weapons maintenance. As for romance by the time he did venture into the city to expand his horizons, he did meet a nice girl who after a short stint broke his heart. at that point he put feeling aside and focused on learning as much as he could about ships systems and vehicles. Between the lack of friends and the short relationship are the reasons why he is reserved and refrains for socializing.

Though he is quiet, those who have taken the time to get to know him have found an invaluable ally and trusted friend. Immensely loyal to those whom he calls friends, he would without even thinking take a bullet for one of them. His friends are also the only people he really opens up to either, preferring familiarity over variety or constant change. He also does have quite the temper when the right buttons are pushed and can become quite scary. His self control limits his actions to just merely brooding and vent his anger in other means but from what his friends have seen, such as dents in thick metal, or lifting very heavy weights without so much as a blink of an eye know not to invoke his anger.

He holds himself in a very professional manner. Preferring to maintain a professional air while on duty and while off unless he is familiar with his surroundings. Even so he is sociable and cordial with people he doesn't know as well and most everyone he comes across come away liking him. Part of his professionalism is to be constantly working on improving himself. Be it physical fitness or training he can usually be found where ever equipment is around. This also serves one of his favorite pass times of tinkering as he will also try to improve the tools he uses, be it his weapons or gear or even vehicles he uses. He also is always armed unless location dictates otherwise. Carrying around a .45 caliber handgun in his drop holster and his knife at the small of his back has served him several times in close calls and in tight pinches before. Without these two pieces of gear he becomes more anxious and alert, citing that he “feels naked without them”.

Likes: Mechanical based weapons systems, Explosives, Tinkering with mechanical things, Meditation and Rain storms at night

Dislikes: Disloyalty, Overly complicated situations, Panicking, Change

Goals: To see to it that he regains his military honor and makes those who destroyed the service he was with will pay.

Friends to date: Akio Noboru (Rival though he hasn't declared him as one yet.), Inoue Tio


His father Leroy Reglo who was a former soldier in the Grand Star Army had moved to the planet Geshrintall looking to start a new life away from the conflicts on other planets. He soon met a native Geshrin named Sukora Gensha they soon were married and had a child named Lolion Reglo around year YE 07. However Sukora died soon after giving birth due to the plague in year YE 08. Leroy had managed to escape the planet after his wife died to protect his son from the disease and moved off to a distant planet with a mix of arid and temporate climates. His home was in a town on the fringe of one of the cities. Bordered with both a forest and a desert and living closer to the desert side, he fell in love with the dry arid climate more than with the misty cooler climate that the forest offered.

Through out his child hood his father taught him all the knowledge he knew about the past and his career and taught him marksmanship. There were many animals on the planet that he could hunt and soon he became an expert marksman though his father’s tutelage and his many ventures out into the desert. He learned how to support himself off the land and particularly excelled in surviving the harsh environments of the desert.

Among other things his father also taught him how to fix mechanical objects that had broken around the house as well as the vehicles his father owned. He was particularly fond of tinkering with mechanical objects at a young age to see how they worked and tried to improve them here and there with mild success. This soon led to an internship when he was 15 at a mechanical shop in one of the colonies that they lived close to. Around that time his father was called on by the Yamataian army to help protect the capital city because of his prior military service. Sadly Leroy went MIA during one of the battles and soon Lolion had to depend on his job at the mechanics shop to support himself and survive.

After a few more years of living hand to mouth he decided to join the Star Army of Yamatai. He sold all of the possessions he owned that he would not need and hitched a ride on a transport to Yamatai to join. He was quickly accepted at the Uesureyan Fields training facility there and learned how to pilot the Power armor suits and also qualified as an infantry soldier as well. While stationed there he excelled in ranged combat and was one of the best in his class in marksmanship. He also excelled in the desert tactics and survival courses at the base as well as several other terrain types. Once his training was over he graduated and was sent to Hotaru Star Fortress to server on the Y.S.S. Asuka. Having just missed the surprise attack on the fortress Lolion reported for duty and was immediately assigned to look for survivors. He found the jettisoned pod that Mist was in and help rescue other pods adrift in the battlefield.

While on leave in Yamatai he was looking in the black market district and found his father selling weapons in a back alley. Lolion bought several items to help fund his fathers way back to their home planet.

Soon after the UOC defected from the Yamataian Star Empire Lolion decided to stay with the 5th fleet and the new UOC citing the desire to stay with the crew he has worked with and the greater chance for advancement than in the star army. Lolion enjoyed his leave at Yaichiro's home while waiting for a new assignment and when the order came through to report to the UOC Vanguard a.s.a.p. Lolion raced Noboru and other crew members for the bonus offered to the first who arrived. After narrowly beating Noboru and the rest of those who made for the ship on foot he missed making the first place by a few seconds by Mist and Miyako who took a taxi. However he was happy to know that his effort was not over looked even though he didn't make it there first and was rewarded all the same.

Lolion participated in a mission to explore a volcanic planet in which the other team they were working with became trapped in a landslide. After the whole issue between him and Noboru screwing up on minor issues before this he watched as Noboru was detained and sent back up to the ship as he disobeyed direct orders which could have jeopardized the entire rescue op. After biting his lip and doing his best to help with the rescue op he was relieved when all the units of the other team were recovered even if they weren't alive. He was furious with the mission as a whole and had quite a bit to say to his superiors should they inquire into his actions.

After serving faithfully to the UOC and fighting in several skirmishes against roving pirates in the year YE 32 he found himself in the Tange system in YE33. Fighting with other UOCPF on the surface, he managed to maintain a small group of soldiers and civilians from being killed or captured. Upon hearing of the 4th fleets intention in their rescue mission, Lolion and the few remaining UOCPF soldiers regrouped and moved to Hizagari space port for evacuation. He assisted the Nepleslians in defending the refugees and boarded on of the last transport ships off the planet per orders from the unit behind.

Hearing of the fate of the marines left behind he deciding his main focus was seeking revenge against the Mishhuvurthyar for destroying the home he had helped protect, and for the soldiers who gave their life so that he and others could still live. He opted out of resettlement and since the UOCPF had disbanded headed back to Yamatai to look for work. While on his travels he heard of Nishitama and the crisis it was facing. He was curious about the terrorist cell and decided to head there to assist the local authorities as well as do some digging.

Once arrived he was quickly ushered into a secure bunker for the atmosphere ventilation. Not at all comfortable with being stuck in one place with a war going on outside he stole a survival suit and escaped through the entrance while the security guard was busy “assisting” another citizen. Lolion moved towards the sound of fighting and assisted a unknown security force with taking down several older model Mindy power armors. After a very brief gun point introduction he explained who he was and was drafted to help secure the YINN building and allow the SAoY to escort the hostages in the building to safety.

Once fighting had gotten underway and the YINN building started to list, Lolion exfiltrated the building to get to safety since he was not in a power armor. while outside he was still able to provide precision fire against enemy PA's that were attacking the shuttles evacuating the survivors. Moving back towards the building he silenced one of the last enemies and saved a falling survivor after an explosion caused the building to lurch to one side causing several survivors to fall out of the building. once gravity had been completly turned off he assisted getting the remaining survivors onto a shuttle that came down to pick them up and they soon were safely on their way out of the area.

The shuttles moved towards open space and docked with the newly arrived YSS Sakura II. Having boarded the YSS Sakura II, he took up the task of leading the survivors from the YINN building to the medical bay aboard the ship to be checked out for injuries. After assisting treating wounded civilians while the brief battle in space he was presented with an opportunity to join again with the Star Army and chose to do so. After a pretty wild Christmas party he was summoned to the ward room for a new mission to assault a camp outside of a possible ruin to excavate. Having contributed to the plan a little bit he is now in the power armor bay getting his gear ready for the mission.


Fighting: Lolion received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. He is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons he is trained in include energy based weaponry, Chemical based weaponry, knives, and power armor. He excels at ranged based combat and small group tactics. On top of the training that he received training with the SAoY, he is also a natural marksman and after shocking his dad by making a bulls eye at 200m away after picking up a rifle for the first time, his father taught him how to shoot more accurately at long ranges. His father was also a Sniper in the Grand Star Army.

Technology Operation: Lolion is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army star ships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. As much as he understand how to use technology and can use it with a fair amount of ease he prefers to do things by hand more often than not because of his enjoyment in learning how things work and tinkering.

Communication: Lolion is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, star ships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in English. He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. he is new to telepathy because of his body transfer happening only a while ago but is quickly catching on.

Mathematics: Lolion received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry from the training facilities at the base he trained at.

Maintenance and Repair: Once again most of his abilities come from his fathers training but was bolstered by his job at the mechanics shop on his home world. This is a general knowledge and by no means is he on par with a regular Technician of the SAoY but if forced to do maintenance he can fix most minor problems and some land based vehicles. He also likes to tinker with smaller objects in his spare time.

Survival and Military: Most of what he learned with survival was though his father and hunting wild game on his home planet but a good majority of his group tactics are from the training he received at the military base. He excels at desert based operations and survival and small group based tactics as well.

Demolition: Having grown up on a fairly arid planet with lots of space and free time to burn (literally) he normally entertained himself by using home made explosives or buying ones from the store in town. They weren’t exactly large but the knowledge he gained form this helped him get training for demo in the Star Army of Yamatai. From his training at the base he was stationed at he learned safe operation and use of all common and advanced explosives and training in dismantling and disarming explosives as well.

List of Personal Possessions



Basic two-story house on Nishitama


Civilian Clothing

  • 2 khaki Cargo Pants
  • 1 pair desert camo cargo pants
  • 2 Black T shirts
  • 1 Desert camo shirt
  • 1 pair Military style boots Desert tan color
  • 1 black Boonie style hat
  • 1 Desert camo pattern bonnie style hat
  • 1 Desert Camo Cloak
  • 1 pair black fingerless gloves.


  • Styrling Longbolt Sniper Rifle
    • 6 per magazine, 1 in chamber (4 Magazines 1 HE Magazines)
    • High powered scope
    • Rifle sling with two ammo pouches
  • GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle
    • 2 magazines
  • Zen Armaments 10mm Submachine Pistol
    • 25-round Magazines (9)
    • 1 SMG slings
  • Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol
    • 10 round magazines (10)
    • 1 “Drop” holster
  • Zen Armaments 10mm Covert Ops Pistol
    • 10 round single-stack box magazine (5)
    • 1 suppressor
    • 1 tactical holster with spare magazine pouch on side
  • 1 Combat Knife, (Nicknamed Raptor's Claw): details below
    • Black Ballistic Mesh sheath with loop and clips for belt attachment as well as straps for ankle concealment (for the knife)
  • Classification
  • Type: Combat Knife
  • Size: 23cm
  • Mass: 200g
  • Components
    • Molecular Knit
    • Monomolecular Edge
  • Total Cost: 250ks
  • Description

The Raptor's Claw is a Combat knife. The blade is made of Durandium single edged and shaped like a traditional combat knife; the weapon is well weighted and balanced. Because of the material and construction it is very sturdy and easy to use. It doubles as a survival knife and replaces the standard issue knife provided for him. Its fairly easy to conceal by carrying the sheath at the small of the back or to have it at the ankle with the hilt towards the ground and secured by a strap. Its main use is as a close combat weapon and a survival tool as well.

  • Equipment Wish List
  • 1 Styrling Ripshot
    • 30 round high capacity magazines (10)
    • Red Dot Sight
  • 1 Infantry Assault Weapon (IAW)
    • Replacement Barrel
    • 4x Infrared Optical Sight
    • Sound Suppressor
  • 1 Styrling Shot 12

Accessory Items

Other Gear


Award Name Description Awarded by
Combat Lifesaver assisting in the recovery of Survivors after the Battle of Jiyuu. Taisa Kage Yaichiro
Service assisting in the recovery of Survivors after the Battle of Jiyuu. Taisa Kage Yaichiro

Current funds & fund tracking

(1) -- Peacekeeper Card
Description Income Expenses
Pistol 500 Ks
Extra magazines (8) 200 Ks
Civilian clothes 150 Ks
Comabt Knife w/ sheath 350 Ks
Bonus from Yaichiro 2000Ks
Purchase of weapons and
ammo from Leroy Reglo 3000 Ks
Bonus from Yaichiro 10,000Ks
Total 10800 Ks
Description Income Expenses
New Money card 2000Hs
Bonus 125Hs
Total 2125 Hs

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