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“C'mon! What do you want from me!? What is your goddamned beef with me? Why have you tried to target the people I love? I don't know, maybe I don't want an answer. But for all the shit you've given me - you've gotten something in return! Isn't this what you wanted? Is this how you envisioned your stupid 'Grand Plan'? I think not! Your plan was doomed from the beginning because of one. Simple. Fact:” “You have to deal with ME!

- YE 34, Luca Pavone declaring his intentions towards Shimada Chisato before killing her and avenging the deaths of Power Armour Ninja and Naoko Aihara.

Luca Pavone

Luca Pavone is a NPC controlled by GM Luca who appears in the ISC Phoenix plot.

This character may not be adopted.
Luca Pavone
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Organization: ISC Phoenix
Occupation: Badass
Rank: Joker
Current Placement: ISC Phoenix 2
Voice Sample Troy Baker as Action Bastard

Character Description

Luca has has a lightly toned, muscular build with olive skin. His face reveals a pair of brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, thin lips and a large nose. His black-brown hair is close cropped, but frumpy and spiked up at the front and back with considerably long sideburns running down the sides of his head.

He was given severe injuries near the end of YE 34 after the Delsauria Incident, most notably consisting of his right eye being blinded by muzzle flash and the eye and iris slowly regenerating into a strange neon orange colour rather than natural brown. The skin closest to his right eye is somewhat scarred - and hasn't quite regenerated fully despite his Yamataian biology.

In early YE 35, Luca realised that his body was dying and that he needed to swap over - he nearly collapsed a few times in the worst of times. A ROM construct of Dr. Aiesu Kalopsia (Ayetseu Karoupshea) L'manel who diagnosed him and gave him medicine to stave it off offered to give him access to a new body supplied by Lazarus, but Luca stuck to his guns and got a body transfer to a Minkan body made to exactly replicate his previous self's appearance with the aid of former partner Jimothi Trakk in YE 36. Oddly, Luca kept the orange right eye and some of the scars because they 'looked cool'.

He walked with a casual swagger, and used to have a grin permanently pasted to his face, now replaced by a look of stern determination and defiance in the face of whatever the universe can throw at him and his crew.

History and Relationship Notes

Luca Pavone, prior to the Delsauria Incident in YE34

Luca Pavone was originally a soldier on the YSS Goban, who after a tumultuous first couple of missions, grew from a kid into a man. Afterwards, he was discharged with honours and became an 'odd jobber for fun and profit'. He also garnered a crew of loyal followers which he respects as his equals and brothers and sisters in arms.

Things got serious when one particular job had him and the crew divert an intergalactic catastrophe. The events of which changed his life forever, and he grew from a man into a legend. He was thrust into the intergalactic spotlight as a celebrity mercenary, and he was riding the wave of success. Helping those that need help, blasting the NMX and crime syndicates into a fine paste, pleasing as many women as he can and being a freewheeling do-gooder with a cheeky streak a mile wide.

After the Delsauria Incident and the disbanding of the ISC Phoenix, his attitude took a change for the worse as he went into hiding to recuperate and to reevaluate his options and learn deal with his daughter, vitalia_pavone. He chose poorly, and fell into a spiral of senseless killing against those he perceived as his enemies, mostly criminal syndicates around Nepleslian space. He had sense knocked into him by Aerin Tatst one evening, and Luca resolved to take up the heroic mantle yet again, in spite of his problems and his wondering whether or not his heroism was necessary in the universe any more.

He decided to go ahead and bring his brand of justice and heroism back into the universe, but resolved never to let himself get caught in his own hype without being able to live up to it, since it nearly killed him on Delsauria. He put the ISC Phoenix team back together with some new faces, and went out into the wide universe again.

When it comes to knuckle down, he can lose the façade of fame he's garnered and fight unpredictably, chaotically and recklessly. People who've seen him fight note that he never stops moving even when he isn't going anywhere, and he never shuts up. Whether this is to trash talk his enemy, or part of some greater psychological mind game is unknown. He has also been known to 'defy the laws of physics' - presumably to psych out his opposition. Even though his attitude has changed for the more serious, he still maintains this style for the sake of spectacle tempered with efficiency.

He has a habit of rubbing shoulders with powerful people, including CEOs, the Media, Generals, and Rulers. Most of the time, they invite him to come along to events just to have him be there, or sometimes invited to dinner or teatime together. Luca doesn't quite understand why this keeps happening, but if someone's paying for his lunch and filling his ranks and winning him influence, he can't really complain. The trait has helped him recruit his crew throughout the years too.

“Mind over matter? Well, what's mind? Nevermind. What's matter? Doesn't matter.”

Luca in YE 35, performing a Phoenix Punch

Music, Videos, Sounds & Themes

These are all OOC materials to use at your leisure. Think of it as an inspiration playlist.

Introduction Remastered Apogee Intro
“IT'S SHOWTIME!” Hybrid - Just for Today
“It's showtime.” Hybrid - Just for Today (Beatless Remix)
PHOENIX PUNCH!! vicsanmusic - Shatterhand Medley
Air Ballet Raiden Project - Repeated Tragedy
Up in the Sky Daft Punk - Superheroes
Let's get Cheeky The Big O - Perverse
“Well I never…” Hoshi no Kirby - Glutton
Smile for the Crowd F-Zero GX - James McCloud's Theme
A Mountain from a Molehill Yello - Pinball Cha Cha
Buildin' Something! Fanfare Ciocarlia - Golden Days
The Universe is in Danger Turrican 3 - Intro Theme
A Team Effort Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - Show Time
Going In Hot Newtype Destroyer - SONIC BLASTER (Soldier Blade - Op. 1)
Spotted Mega Man X3 - Opening Stage (Genesis Remix)
Orbital Reentry Raiden Project - Flap Toward the Hope
Tension Rises Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower (Wolfentstein TNO Version)
Swing Into Action Bionic Commando - Area 1 (SNES Remix)
Guns Ablaze Lightning Bolt - Assassins
Cold Snap Omega Five - The glacial fortress
Quantity is a Quality Serious Sam 3/Damjan Mravunac - Hero
The Bigger They Are… Serious Sam 3/Damjan Mravunac - Boss Fight (Strings)
Not Dead Yet Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Rex Colt
Verbal Beatdown JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Character Select
Smooth Escape! James Bond 007: Nightfire - Atlantis
You said you wouldn't Andrew W.K. - Shuuchishin
Fields of White Donna Burke - Heavens Divide
Contemplate The Flaming Lips - All we have is now
All's said and done Raiden Trad - Name Entry
Nobody's Left Elegia - New Order
Everything's Calm The Big O - Brick Ballades (Houston Street)
Ugly Truths Corpse Party - BGM 07
Uncanny Reality Corpse Party - BGM 01
Bigger than I thought, but… Silence
I can handle it. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis
I can't handle it. KILL la KILL - Final Battle
Eerie Calm… Lightning Bolt - Infinity Farm

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade, Italian, Yamatai-Go and some Lorath.
  • Fighting: Legendary in hand to hand and firearms combat, capable of uncannily well-aimed shots without looking at his targets and 'adrenaline rushes'. Prefers revolvers, shotguns and grenade launchers. A decent and unconventional gunsmith too.
  • Physical: Athletic and strong, capable of running with gear for long periods and ignoring tremendous pain and injury. It also helps in 'other' departments.
  • Vehicles (Motorcycles): Loves his motorcycles, and enjoys his stunt jumps and maintaining them.
  • Fearlessness: Try scaring him, he'll laugh at you trying to scare him. He refuses to let fear cloud his judgement at any time.
  • Leadership: Can deliver orders, examine enemy tactics and lay down plans and schemes when he needs to. He also manages an in-house brand of sponsored merchandise.
  • Rogue: (Seduction, Sneaking): He's smoother than than smooth to the ladies, and sneaky when it counts.

Mini Skills

These do not represent mastery or competence of each field or entirely useful skills. Just extra things that he happens to know about or is working on and don't have the chops to be considered primary skills.

  • Video Games: He's got a good 7.2:1 KDR1) with NSS DeathWish.
  • Engineering: He's got access to “Machining for Dummies”, “Electronics and Gadgeteering Weekly”, a workbench of tools and a creative mind. He has a lot to learn. His first good invention with it was the The Grapple Stunner with the the help of Seiren Isbala.
  • Domestic: He knows how to make a good medium-rare steak, a good all around chef with hearty meals, and good housekeeping skills since he cleans up after his crew.
  • Mathematics?: Reveres the number 72. Swears that its “Lucky”.
  • Chemicals?: Responsible for discovering what he calls 'Grey-Blue/Grey-Pink Kaserine', a sub-variety of Kaserine made for infiltration rather than pleasure.


(Noteworthy Inventory listed here)

Weaponry and Gear

  • The Grapple Stunner - Iconic Gear
  • Legend Jacket - Iconic Gear
  • HHG .460 Deidre Special - Iconic Gear - Black finish with Francian Hellwood grips.
    • A gift commissioned by Zeta Five. Inscribed down the side is 'For Pride and Profit.'
  • Styrling 12-Shot, modified to take 3+1 23mm shells
    • Originally made for 12 gauge shells, he purchased a conversion kit to turn it into a mightier piece of equipment, firing enormous 23mm shells or slug shots.
    • Heavily modified, starting by sticking a matchstick somewhere into the mechanisms to overclock its rate of fire into 600 rounds a minute, at the cost of having it only fire on full auto only. In addition, he regularly stocks 40 round magazines, iron sights with light guides and a folding stock.
    • Kept in a flaregun configuration at all times and kept by his side.
  • Phantom Blades, a gift from Zeta Five.

More ammunition than you can shake a cat's panties at.

Other Gear

Property and Ships

Trophies and Memorabilia

  • A pair of Aerin Tatst's Panties
  • Hanako's Star Army Cap, Type 32, autographed by her
  • Hanako's Business Card, autographed by her
  • Prototype Phoenix Man! action figure set
  • Jack Miller's Zen Arms .45 Pistol, signed by the man himself
  • One of De'ala-Uxez Adalheidis Tur'listia's Earrings (Though, to be fair, Luca was the one being conquested here.)

Other Items

  • Games Console
  • A copy of NSS DeathWish & YSS ShiKaze, with DLC included
  • A Personal Communicator/Radio System
    • Chat Handle: UltimateBadass
  • Leftover medicine from when his body was dying.
Kill:Death Ratio

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