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Lucas Springstein

Lucas Springstein is a player character played by Bman142.

Lucas Springstein
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Independant
Occupation: Ex-Science Teacher
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: The Wayward

Physical Description

Lucas Springstein, a man in his mid 20's, he stands at 5โ€œ11' with a very muscular body. He has peircing blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that he wears split on the right brushed left. Springstein has a large scar down the side of leg from an incident with his ex-wife.


A very boisterous man, Springstein is very out putting and loud. He always ways in on an argument and can never be pursuaded against things, especcially the chemical sciences. He joined The Wayward with the goal of furthering his knowledge of the chemical, biological and astronomical sciences.


Born in YE 16 in Geshrinopolis, Lucas Springstein was always fascinated by the sciences. As a young child he could often be seen mixing various things from his fathers shed or in the kitchen. By age 10, his mother had managed to channel some of that fascination into a skill of cooking.

After Graduating from high school and university, he became a science and home economics teacher, in the hope of spreading his fascination to the next generation. While working at one of the schools in his home town, his parents were killed in a hostage situation gone wrong. After that day, Lucas began going to the gym daily, working to make sure he protect the people he cared about, namely his then wife.

A few months after his parents death, Lucas' wife attempted to torture and kill him, resulting in a nasty scar down his leg. He was able to push her away and subdue her before getting divorced.

After a few more months of teaching science at his local high school, while he was walking past his local church, Springstein had a sudden revelation that he wanted to do more to help people than just pass scientific interest to the next generation. He wanted to expand his knowledge base and use that to save people in need. He quit his job and began freelancing as a ship board scientist.

Skills Learned

Lucas Springstein has the following notable skills:

  • Medical and Science - as a science teacher, Springstein became very accustomed to the sciences and medicine
  • Entertainment - Keeping a room of students entertained is an art form, one Springstein has down pact
  • Leadership - Keeping people in order, as a teacher that was his primary job
  • Communications - As a teacher, Keeping in touch with parents and students was always a main part of the job for Springstein

Social Connections


Mother - Amanda Springstein (Deceased) Farther - Nathan Springstein (Deceased) Ex-Wife - Julie (Incarcerated)

Inventory & Finance

Lucas Springstein has:

  • Generic House hold items
  • Knife

Lucas Springstein currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case Bman142 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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