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Lucii Fuure

Lucii Fuure is a player character played by SirSkully.

Lucii Fuure
Species & Gender: Female Iromakuanhe(Cohronl)
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry (Autorifleman)
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Sakura II

Physical Description

Lucii stands at 5’11” with a rather uncharacteristically masculine build for a female Iroma and an odd colour of skin for a Cohronl due to some Somatic Tuning she had done, she prides herself on the strength held within her well-muscled and well-endowed figure – with strong calves and powerful thighs that lead up to a toned, round rear before transitioning into Lucii’s core. While not having the most dramatic hourglass figure there is still a rather pleasing taper inwards from her hips to her powerful abdomen before bowing out with the rather eye-catching, matronly curve of her voluptuous chest until her body transitions back into taut muscles – with powerful shoulders and arms to match.

Lucii’s general appearance is rather fitting for her stature and build, a reasonably strong jaw frames her pale blue features with an almond shaped, seafoam green eye on either side of a surprisingly delicate button nose above her somewhat thin-lipped mouth – her black hair has a few odd shades of dark brown that occasionally show and is kept in a bob-style haircut that sweeps to the right and is usually held in place by a bobby pin or two, with Lucii’s short horns only just managing to noticeably poke out from her dark hair, similarly her ears are topped with short knife-tips that provide a slight boost to her hearing.


Lucii can usually be described as a mother bear with a bit of a cocky streak, she is rather protective of those she is fond of yet won’t shy away from an opportunity to be a bit of a friendly bully – never meaning anything too serious behind the playful teasing but rather using it to show affection.

When faced with adversity she will buckle down and push hard through the trouble until it has been dealt with and there is a more appropriate opportunity to let the emotions it caused flow free, Lucii relishes the opportunity to hear out what her friends have to say and has a rather devilish tendency to hug people tight to her large chest from time to time – on the flip side of this she prefers to deal with personal problems by herself rather than burden others with her own issues or troubles.

In-between missions she can often be found messing around with her gun, working out to keep her intense figure in shape or just lazing around with no real objective in mind – partial to napping in the rec room if a mission was particularly taxing, don’t dare wake her though or Lucii will drag you into her powerful arms and trap you there as she falls back into a slumber.


Lucii was born aboard a Cohronl starship in the year YE 18 to a rather middle-class family who were handy with a wrench and in charge of making sure the ships' point defence turrets stayed functional, she always was a warm individual with a playful streak – despite what some who don’t know her might assume from the muscles Lucii began packing on as she hit adolescence and spliced a little something something into her genes via Somatic Tuning to change both her skin's pigment and the structure of her muscleculture, but there was this lingering thought in her mind that simply refused to leave. Lucii loved her family and was fiercely protective of her little brother despite the bit of friendly bullying she often showed him but never really felt like she had a specific purpose in life, so she began saving up and making plans, maybe she'd find out elsewhere - because everything here felt the same day in and day out.

What was it like to meet new people? To live in a place where people didn’t know every little detail about everyone else on the ship, so Lucii packed her bags and began making her way closer to the core of the Yamatai Star Empire – using the money she had been saving up alongside the occasional odd job to keep her comfy until the Iroma started getting another idea in her head, apparently the army was a good way to meet lots of new, assumedly decent people so she made her way to a nearby recruitment center and signed up.

Enthusiasm was one of the things that helped drive Lucii through the torturous training, her already rather impressive physique became even more so until she came out the other side as a cornflower-blue panelled Autorifleman in the Star Army of Yamatai – with her ports being adapted to be compatible with Yamataian technology.

Social Connections

Laezlo Fuure (Father) Sincuba Fuure (Mother) Datenn Fuure (Younger brother)

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills Fighting: Lucii is trained to be SAOY infantry and as such is proficient with most of the weapons used by them but she has a certain fondness for her modified Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30 and custom-ordered club that she doesn’t like other people touching without her permission. Technology Operation: Lucii is well versed in the usage of most terminals and computational systems used by the SAoY, usually able to make a computer do what she needs it to do if she tries hard enough. Repair and Maintenance: In addition to being trained as Infantry, Lucii is also trained as an armourer given her interest in weapon and armour maintenance and modification. Physical:Lucii’s frame with its somewhat un-iroma frame isn’t simply for show, powerful muscles made possible through gene-modding and intense training make her a powerhouse of an individual who can move faster than you’d think and has enough stamina to keep it up for extended periods of time.

Inventory and Finances

Star Army Standard Issue Items Custom removable rig for Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30, essentially two Ke-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shields mounted to the front of a chainsaw-grip for the Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30 Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30 Custom Kanabo with a Zesuaiaum head, spikes and a wooden handle GPEB


Lucii's Mindy

OOC Information

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