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Louis 'Lucien' McGarland

Louis 'Lucien' McGarland
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 186.2 cm
Weight: 79.1 kg
Organization Origin Industries
Occupation Test Pilot
Current Placement OIF Atuan III
Theme Song Super Robot Wars - Rushing Dandy

Lucien in Role-play

Lucien is played by Luca

Current Events

Lucien is currently involved in the OIF Atuan III as part of the Test Pilot team.


Lucien has a very stocky, muscular and tanned build. Some people have sworn he was made of Iron. On his face is a full beard that's trimmed into a triangle down from the face, blue eyes and black hair that has been left to grow to neck-length.

He has an unsettling Stare, a large nose and his casual clothes often dirty, flawed or crumpled in some way.


Lucien is very suspicious and slow to jest, but once you forge a friendship with him, he can be a great partner. He is slow to forget friends and slower to forget enemies. He has quite a good sense of self and the Clan that he is bound to. He takes great pride in his Clan, and will strive to protect it.

His forays and adventures into space as a mercenary, an actor, a frame pilot and a voice actor have made his clan proud. They have offered their support to him finding success in each of his endeavours. However, as time went on and he started becoming more caught up in the loss of his filming crew, corporate intrigue and betrayal, he became noticeably sour. His hiatus from Frame Piloting to be the voice of his own character from frame_team_show. He's now back in the pilot's seat to do some 'corporate security'.

  • Likes: Adventure, Beer, Girls, Cooking, Scottish Things.
  • Dislikes: Anything against his Clan, Dishonesty.
  • Goals: Money, Fame and plenty of Treasure for his Clan, serve Origin and pilot the Frames
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Gun totin', Drinking, Shouting β€œOCH AYE!!” among other things.


Born as Louis McGarland, he was bought up by a caring family, who were once mercenaries in their prime. His parents have a hierarchy similar to a Scottish Clan, he even has his own set of tartan. Shortly after graduating from a local school with an all-around good report, Louis left home at 18 to go and forge himself a reputation as a Mercenary, like his parents did. During which, he changed his name to Lucien, after a heroic member who lived a long time ago within the Clan. After his first job, he saw an advertisement for a job on the ISC Osiris. β€œAch, wot do I have to lose?” Were his words as he made his way to the ship.

β€œQuite a bit,” was his response to his initial question as he came back, battered and confused by the ordeals on the Osiris (and a lazy captain). He's recently been looking around for employment, and has found recent developments in the acting sector. Last that was heard is that he's been working on a Yamataian TV Soap Opera. When he was finished with that, after filming the action-packed final episode, he found that his mercenary skills were calling back to him, and edging him to go on the next big high. He was able to do all of his own stunts!

Atuan II

The ability to do one's own stunts was a godsend, as he was due to do a scene on Morant amongst the old HiGA buildings with his team when the Mishhu attacked and took no prisoners. Finding an opportunity in the form of a frame with a careless pilot, he wandered over to it he took the frame in plain sight. The previous owner was killed in the dragnet, and little did the Scotsman know that he had just gotten involved with the OIF Atuan, a Frame Testing team for Origin Industries. He was given some severe scrutiny over the mysterious circumstances in which the previous pilot died, but he was eventually acquitted and given a job offer to work with the team.

As time went on, he grew more confident with making connections with the Atuan team, he was given one job after the other, but he was beginning to wonder how much his, and indeed, the Atuan's employers were getting their jollies off of screwing the team over. In particular was an incident involving a car chase, and another involving a runaway frame with an NMX pilot.

He and his comrades were then betrayed by the Armour Works' treacherous leader, and the Atuan II was thrust into the worst imaginable situation - stranded in space in a dying ship, left for dead and hounded by all authorities. They were able to exact their revenge and clear their name, but the damage had been done to Origin's trustworthiness. Lucien took the time off to voice act for a kid's cartoon.

Atuan III

One day, he and his co-worker Taela Kaila were in the booths one day when they got a message from Command. The Frame Team was back in action. He was only too happy to put the suit back on and return to his a Frame of his own that he could paint black, red and gold.


Fighting / Physical

Lucien has never left home without his guns or his knife. He has practised with them weekly on a firing range to keep his skills sharp. He is versed in knifeplay too, being able to throw knives and attack his foes. He's also a good shot in a pub-brawl too.

Lucien has a very well built body from a few of years of living on the road. He has a rugged appearance to show it off. Lucien can sprint with a load on his back and for an un-enhanced Nepleslian, he is very strong. He can also tumble and somersault, he learnt how by having his friends teach him on a Trampoline and later on using the local Gymnasium.

Frame Piloting Ace

As a member of the Origin Frame Test team, it's his job to know how an Origin made frame works, know its limits, and know how to supersede those limits when the chips are down. He knows how they work on a combat level on ground, air and space, and how they work on a mechanical level so he can assess the damage and repair it. He is experienced in using all a manner of frame-sized weaponry against other frames and spaceships.

Surprisingly, he started with no prior experience and grew into his own style, able to 'tank' damage and remain functional - averting a wear-down failure, falling only once there is no more of the frame left to destroy. He has a particular fondness for Frame-sized longswords made of solid metal rather than a chain-edge.


Lucien is able to cook basic meals which can cater for himself and others, which are mainly meat dishes with some vegetables and if he's got the time and resources, gravy. He can also cook rice and a few Yamataian Dishes, but nothing too complicated.


When his lips have been loosened by beer or by the company of others, Lucien will tell people tall stories and is able to do improvised acting. He can also do this to distract foes and enthral people. His acting skills managed to land him a job on a small soap opera in Yamatai.

His most recent gig between the OIF Atuan II and OIF Atuan III was being a voice actor for Ori-V-Frame as the character based off of his exploits in the Frame Team.


Lucien learned how to make Solid-Ammo firearms, a valuable lesson which was taught by his parents and to a lesser extent, his friends. He's been making his own ammo to put into his pistols. In addition, he was taught the basics of frame maintenance so he can keep his frame together and in the worst of situations.


Lucien is an accomplished driver of cars and motorcycles. If he doesn't know how to drive something, just show him what makes it move and he'll figure out the rest.

He is also a Frame Pilot, going from scared civilian to ace-level frame pilot and providing the Origin test team with valuable usability data.


Normal Clothing

  • White Longsleeve Undershirt
  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Black Sunglasses
  • Denim Jeans
  • Gunslinger's Belt containing most of Luicen's Ammo and a pair of leather holsters for his guns
  • Black Ankle-length bikers boots
  • Black fingerless Gunslinger's gloves

Formal Clothing

  • Formal Jacket with undershirt and tie
  • Sash with McGarland Tartan
  • Kilt with McGarland Tartan
  • Elaborate Leather Sporran
  • Scotsman's Shoes and Socks
  • Tam 'O Shanter (Scottish Hat)


  • 2 Zen Armaments Liberators with 90 rounds of homemade ammo.
  • 1 Sgian dubh (A type of knife handed down by Clans)

Other Items

  • 1 Set of bagpipes (Luicen is learning how to play, he can't play very well at the moment)
  • 1 Gas Lighter

Current Money

2950 -50Starting money, minus 2 Liberators


  • Handiness: Right Handed
  • Favourite Food: Haggis
  • Favourite Drink (non-alcoholic): Beer
  • Favourite Drink (alcoholic): Whiskey

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