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Lui'yene Ui'awyen

Lui'yene Ui'awyen is a NPC controlled by GM Kyle who appears in the SNV Gam'trosha plot.

Lui'yene Ui'awyen
Species: Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Organization: Netrunu'marol
Occupation: Assassin/Saboteur
Rank: Cell Hunter
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Character Description

Lui'yene is a seven foot tall, one hundred and eighty pound, Laibe. He has purple eyes, blue fur, along with a red tail with a light yellow tip. He's abrasiveness, cruel, and outspoken. He loves taunting people and also enjoys the thrill of the hunt and toying with his pray. He's got a hatred for the Daur and My'leke, viewing them as nothing but slave masters and also as people whom he needs to kill to stay alive.

He wears a blood red body suit, with a serpents insignia on the right. In open combat, he favors twin Seta'sis Sword in order to deal quick and easy death to those who either attack him, or those who get in his way.

History and Relationship Notes

Lui'yene has been apart of the Netrunu'marol since he was a child, born and raised to be an assassin and surpassing his father in both skill and cunning. He's known outside of the organization as the Bloody Serpeant, due to his skilled swordsmanship skills, and his ability to evade detection.

He was raised to hate the Daur and My'leke, and trained in the arts of swordsmanship and bomb planting, he is considered to be a deadly assassin to his organization. This is began dreadfully apparent to the Kingdom when, in ER 755, he was sent on a mission to assassinate a politician; only to go much further and kill the politicians entire family and half of their supporters who were at a rally.

Over the years since his birth, he's grown quite cynical in his viewpoint of the Daur and My'leke, but he's also grown to enjoy toying with people he fights and even going as far as taunting them in an effort to get them to come to him so he can kill them. However, he has a sort of perverse cruelty when it comes to fighting against Kits, where he so enjoys playing with them to tire them out or to cause them to make a mistake that can doom them.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Tinacen (Language)
  • Fighting
  • Demolitions
  • Knowledge
  • Rogue
  • Leadership
  • Physical


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