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Lumuham Lrnec'Cdyn "Obelisk" Fyunnen

:!: Not Available For Adoption - Character Deceased :!:

General Information

Species: Lorath Matriarchy Gender: Female Age: 38 (Equivalent to 19 human years) Family (or Creators): Fyunnen (She feels her house is her family.) Employer: House Fyunnen and the Lorath Matriarchy Occupation: Princess Rank: Princess Current Assignment: Training under Fate to take over the Fyunnen household.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'10β€œ Mass: 235 lbs or 110 kg Bra Size 26 D cup Build and Skin Color: Imposing, while still holding a feminine grace that many take a liking too. White skin. Facial Features and Eye Color: A confident grin on her heart shaped face, her eyes a crimson red color, to match her hair. Hair color and Style: Her hair is done into dozens of tight tiny braids, which falls close to the middle of her legs. Each braid is died crimson red, to give homage to her house. Distinguishing Features: Her braids and a long scar that runs from her left ear, to her collar bone, from her sister.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: From a look at her face and expression, one would think obelisk to be cocky, to full of herself. But the look belies her true self. She is a rather helping and encouraging woman who constantly wants to better not only herself, but her people as well. She is a bit on the shy side though, and at times will settle to the back of the room unnoticed, due to how she was raised.

When people get to know her better then can also tell that she seems almost scared to intimidate people, becoming mortified if someone starts to shake before her. She is rather warm and inviting to most people, though she carries her houses aggression and drive to protect those who can not.

Likes: Learning, Teaching, Sleeping, Fate, Telling Stories, having fun with her close friends. Dislikes: Ignorant people, people who refuse help, Fate, being tired, intimidating people when she doesn't want too, the Mishhu Goals: To make Fate proud and to be able to take over ruling her house.


Ever since she was a child, she was trained the same as her sister Faith, but always pushed to the back. She was the second born out of the two, so that meant her sister was pushed into the lime-light, and she was left out of most things. But now, the tides have changed. With her sister's sudden dissapearance, Obelisk has become the new heir to the house throne, and pushed now into her sister's place. Since then, nothing has really changed, aside from the new attention (which she doesn't really like). She has continued her training with Fate, and is as usual, getting better and better every day.

Even as she was given over to Fate to be trained in full, she still seems to fall back to the back of the scene, often going unnoticed by many when she falls silent. Recently the Matriarchy has decided to send Obelisk into a program to begin integrating Lorath into the Fifth fleet operations, to lead her people into a new age.



Obelisk, like all others of her house, is beyond proficent in fighting. She has taken after her trainer with hand-to-hand combat, and perfers to fight with her hands before a weapon. But the need for weaponry drove her to a more, sword and shield style.


In her free time, Obelisk reads the stories of her people, and has become a loremaster of sorts. When given the chance, she loves to sit around and tell stories of the past, of great battles, or other accomplishments. She has also began to pick up dancing, but has yet to become good at all at it.

Survival and Military

Obelisk has had a good deal of practice surviving on her own during Fate's β€œcamping trips.” She has almost always found her own way home, or has survived until someone came to get her. Again, she gains her skills in tactics and other fields of the Military from Fate, who has schooled both herself and her sister.


Obleisk has little trouble leading her people. She is rather skilled in battlefield knowledge from her years of just watching from the back, and knows how to appeal to her household.

Art and Vocations

In what little time she has, Obelisk enjoys to paint. She is skilled in the art, but nothing spectacular. Yet, those who see her paintings claim she is getting better and better with every single one.


As is expected of her, Obelisk has studied deeply on the laws of her people, as well as thier history. She takes pride in her knowledge of the history of her people, and often times acts almost as a loremaster.


Obelisk has always been a bit of a neat freak. Not as badly as most, she does tend to keep her living area in a fairly good shape, which leaves little for her slaves to take care of. She is also a bit of a cook, and enjoys cooking on the rare chances she gets.

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