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Character is being reworked, and is still in progress

Lunar Llewellyn

Lunar Llewellyn
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'3โ€œ
Weight: 106 lbs
Bra Size: C
Organization None
Rank None
Occupation None
Residence Funky City
Current Placement -

Lunar In Roleplay

Lunar is a Player Character played by Kyoki. She is newly assigned to the -assignment-.


  • Evren Llewellyn-Father-deceased
  • Terra Llewellyn-Mother-45
  • Cyrus Llewellyn-Brother-24

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: A fairly average build. She's not particularly muscular nor is she thin. She's merely tone, with a slightly tan-ish skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: A thin and semi-heart shaped face, with large bright green eyes and a petite nose.

Hair Color and Style: Medium length dark brown hair with a red tint. If flows straight down to her mid-back. She occasionally does something different, but it's usually simple, just kept down.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Lunar is almost always calm and collected, regardless of the situation. Yet despite her outward showing, she is quite adventurous.

In social interactions, she speaks before thinking of the other's feelings. Overall, she is rather naive of how most people work, personality and feelings wise, becoming confused or just being oblivious in more intimate moments.

She is rather stubborn in that she doesn't want help if at all possible. Even when she knows she can't, she still tries to do it.

Quirks: Lunar has a hand puppet named Rhosyn. She (the puppet), to Lunar, is seen as her closest friend, and as an actual other person. Rhosyn is always with Lunar. If the puppet is lost, misplaced, destroyed, etc. Lunar will goโ€ฆ a bit nuts. The Nepleslian will believe everyone conspired against her to steal away the puppet, and will be a bit psychotic, possibly going as far as harming someone else. The puppet itself is talkative and outgoing, generally the one speaking for the two. Occasionally, Rhosyn and Lunar will argue, but they definitely best friends.

Likes: Fancy foods, adventure Dislikes: Bad weather (namely thunder and lightning), girly stuff (pink, frilly, that kind of stuff) Goals: To carve her own excitement and adventure in life.



Lunar grew up far far away from any large cities on Rok'Veru. Her family was somewhat like nomads, living self-sufficient off the lands, hunting and gathering, and traveled aimlessly. As they traveled, Lunar was taught the skills of the 'trade,' hunting, tracking, and the like from the elders in her family. She was taught how to stalk prey, and, most importantly, how to kill, whether it be with a knife or a rifle. Time passed and the girl became a young woman, meanwhile honing her skills. At 16, her father passed away. Though saddening, this caused her to come to a realization: to carve her own story. Her father had helped guide her with skills she'd need. It was up to her to live out the rest of her life. With that mindset, she left behind the wilderness of Rok'Veru and her family, and transfered over to Funky City on Nepleslia.


Fighting (Unarmed, Knives, Firearms)

Growing up in the wilderness, Lunar was trained by her family, as well as through experience, how to fight without and with a weapon when up close and personal. She translated what she learned mostly against how to kill the beasts of the wild, and translated all of that knowledge for sole purpose of fighting another human, in addition to what little she learned about fighting other humans. Of course, with hunting experience, comes use of firearms. She is a darn good shot with a rifle, though her skills with other firearms isn't anywhere near as proficient.

Survival and Military (Tracking/Hunting, Spotting, Sustaining)

As a hunter she learned how to track down animals. It was one of the most important skills of the trade. This also led to training her eyes to focus in on a target and to the honing of her eye sight. Also, she learned how to live off the land, being able to find edible food and drinkable water.

Maintenance and Repair (Knives, Firearms)

With few other people around when she was growing up, Lunar had to learn how to take care of her weapons. This meant keeping a knife honed and sharpened, as well as, at the very least, to keep a gun in working condition.

Domestic (Cooking, Laundry)

She can cook basic meals from what she hunts and gathers. She can also take care of the clothes she wares, since they'd need a washing after a long hike through a muddy forest.

Medical and Science

Hunting and hiking through a dangerous forest would obviously lead to some cuts and wounds. Lunar is able to provide minor first aid, enough to splint an arm or slow the bleeding enough so she could get some better medical treatment.


A hunter, Lunar has become quite adept at climbing, as well as being able to run and swim for an decently fast but for a long distance.


Though she doesn't realize, Lunar is quite the ventriloquist. Unfortunately, she can only use this subconsciously for her hand puppet, Rhosyn.



  • 5 Tanktops
  • 1 Pair Jeans
  • 1 Pair Cargo Pants
  • 2 Pairs Fatigues
  • 1 Cycling Shorts
  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Pair Boots
  • 1 Pair Sneakers

Weather Gear

  • 1 Jacket
  • 1 Vest
  • 1 Boonie Hat


  • 4 Camisole
  • 3 Sports Bra, black
  • 4 Boyshorts, black
  • 3 Pairs Panties
  • 6 Pairs Socks



    • Full Suppression Kit
    • HD Zoom Scope, 1-15ร—50 Zoom
    • Recoiling Barrel Replacement
    • Steenplast body kit
    • Black Steenplast Rifle Case, foam lining, holds 5 clips
    • (4) Box of 45 Standard Rounds
  • Knife
    • Monomolecular Edge
    • Molecular Knit
    • Retractable


  • Electronic Money Card


  • A simple hand puppet, Rhosyn.


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
2265 DA 3735 Longbolt and Accessories
2015 DA 250 Knife
619 DA 1396 Clothing and Miscellaneous

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